Taking the Guilt Out Of Making Money As a Business Owner

Money is such a huge topic for all of us, and often tied up with a lot of emotion. There’s a lot to unpick when it comes to money, and journalling is one of the best ways to do that.

Most of us have stories and blocks when it comes to money. 

We think that making a certain amount of money means we’ll be greedy, or snobby, or become un-relatable. We might fear judgements of friends and family members, or we might subconsciously find it wrong to out-earn our mentors. Maybe you believe that you have to choose between good income or a great relationship, being a good parent or a successful entrepreneur. The truth is that most of these beliefs and judgements are based on mindset, not fact.

Personally my story has always been that it is greedy to ask for more than I “need”, and that making more money is bad for the environment. After years of working on these blocks I’m now more and more comfortable with claiming big goals. And I also recognise that the money I want to make isn’t just for me personally, it’s about the impact I want to have in the way I spend it, the way I invest it, and the way it allows me to support and invest in others.

Journalling will help you first to pinpoint the stories going on, to figure out where they came from in the first place, and to start rewriting those stories into what you want and choose to believe instead. In time, journalling on this stuff (and especially then talking it through with trusted friends and mentors) can make a huge difference.

Journalling is also the perfect tool for setting aligned money goals for your business. Whether that’s how much you want to earn in a year or a month, or what you hope to achieve in a specific launch.

Here are some journal prompts.  Choose a prompt based on what feels good to you in this moment. Challenge yourself to use a different prompt each day. Or if you find that one is really juicy and useful to you, don’t be afraid to use it more than once.

As always, remember to take what works for you and leave the rest.

  1. If I’m radically honest with myself, this is how much money I want to make… It can be very hard to be honest with yourself about how much money you want to make, so you may need to repeat this exercise several times before you fully allow yourself to go there. That’s ok!
  2. [Part 1 ] Here are some of the negative beliefs I have about people who make the amount of money I want to make… Diving into your negative beliefs about what it means to make the money you want can be very enlightening.
    [Part 2] Now go through your list of negative money beliefs and rewrite the most prominent ones. e.g. ‘People with money are snobs’ could become ‘I will be the same person no matter how much money I earn’. When writing these out, some may resonate with you more and give you “feeling” in your body. Make a note of those and you can use them as affirmations or mantras in times when you wobble or waver.
  3. Here are all the ways in which me making more money will benefit myself, my family, my community, the world and other people… There are so many ways in which you making more money is a good thing! You might need to do this exercise more than once to truly believe it, but it can be a great motivator to go out there and make the money.

Alongside your journalling, try reading, writing out or listening to the following affirmations as part of your daily routine, and see how it makes you feel. Some may resonate with you more than others and that’s ok. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

1. Money keeps coming to me easily and effortlessly. Wealth keeps flowing to me.

2. I am at peace with making and having a lot of money.

3. I can make more money exactly ass I am. I am already good enough to make the money I desire to make.

4. I am a good custodian of money. Money is safe in my hands.

5. It is safe for me to make money from things that come naturally to me. I make the most money by being true to myself.

6. My self-worth is not defined by how much money I make or how much I charge.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into these processes or need some help implementing them, my course, Journaling for Business Owners, can do exactly that!  It can offer support for your journaling and lots more, including: busting through resistance to journalling, how to do it in a way that will boost your business and make you money and creating daily rituals that work for you. Click here to join or find out more!