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Does this sound like you?

💭 You’ve had enough of letting the sensitive, thoughtful and fearful parts of your personality hold you back. You’re ready to take ownership of all the wonderful things those parts of you can do for your business (and the world), and you're called to create something truly impactful.

💭 Part of you is afraid that in scaling up means sacrificing your wellbeing, or pushing hard with marketing strategies that don't fit. Or maybe, deep down, you don't “deserve” to have it easier?

💭 And, at the same time, you're done with letting people-pleasing or fear get in the way of charging what you want to charge, saying what you want to say & working in the way you want to work. You're ready to face that fear in the name of the life and business you're meant to create.

If you nodded your head to one or more of these, then I get it.
That was me too, and my clients

But imagine, after being supported to radically trust in yourself through this program, you could…

✨ …grow your impact & effortlessly attract clients that are your perfect-fit – clients who love to hear what you have to say, ready to do the work, respect your boundaries, and gladly pay your prices. 

✨ …reach new income levels, having your first 5-figure launch, or 2x what you're currently charging, simply by creating more aligned and totally unique offers and services? 

✨ …feel more secure, centered, and excited in your business… by utilising a business model that works with (not against) your unique magic, for your audience size, for your income goals, for your life?

✨ …play BIG on your own terms? Working less than you currently do, trusting your need & desire to rest, empowering yourself to be bolder & speak your truth in your content, & more.

…all by owning who you are as a sensitive business owner (to magnetise your right people to you). 

Through this work, you’ll embody your power, authority and – quite frankly – magic as a sensitive and driven business owner.

(by balancing both your conscious feelings and goals, and clearing the subconscious patterns and behaviours that get in the way)

  • Refine your messaging and the transformation you offer to people… while feeling more confident than ever before in the power of your work
  • Design a business structure that supports your life & financial goals… while finally owning your ambitions, unapologetically
  • Launch new & aligned offers with confidence, in your way… while knowing your worth as a human being (independent of any results)

You'll be supported to do & be all of this in my 6 month group program….


6 Months of group coaching, training, mindset transformation & intimate, supportive community for sensitive + ambitious entrepreneurs
(who want to scale their business from a place of radical self-trust)

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HIGH TOUCH GROUP COACHING: Weekly group calls (held at alternating times to support various time zones) where you'll be able to ask questions & receive coaching based on where you're at, plus benefit from the powerful questions and shares from others in the group.

MONTHLY 1:1 TIME WITH ME: My REST & Risers love this opportunity to send me text and voice notes on Voxer at least once a month. You'll be able to get some 1:1 coaching during this time, and these days are super powerful for busting through blocks & getting back to momentum.

WEEKLY CHECK-INS: Weekly chance to track progress (for yourself & to keep me up to date) and to identify how you're feeling & where you need support – to keep that powerful momentum up.

IN-BETWEEN SUPPORT & STRATEGIC FEEDBACK: I check in with the Facebook group almost every weekday to give feedback on your strategic plans, your website copy, or just to help you bust through blocks & tricky feelings in between calls.

INTIMATE COMMUNITY: An intimate, close group of sensitive business owners – who really understand you – who'll become your biggest champions, support network & friends. You'll have me, and your REST & Rise siblings, on your side and in your corner, always.


STRATEGIC TRAINING LIBRARY: This programme is not a step-by-step course, but it does come with my 5 pillars of REST training library for you to draw on as you go about creating a fulfilling, impactful and profitable business – one that suits you perfectly. Use what you need & leave the rest, or pick a route to guide you with one of my special roadmaps. Includes video, audio and text-based training, plus fillable Google docs.

✨ ALIGNED OFFERS: learn to create offers that feel good to you, appeal to your clients, & are much easier to sell (without the overwhelm or “sales dread”!)

✨ SOULFUL SUSTAINABILITY & YOUR BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM: build in the structure, offers & pricing you need to grow, support your income goals and audience size.

✨ POSSIBILITY PATHWAYS: These roadmaps will guide you through key processes including: getting a return on investment in R&R asap, launching, receiving during the “rest” phase & more

✨ THE MANIFESTATION EXPERIMENT: a deceptively simple exercise I've used to manifest results in my business (that'll bring your blocks and fears to the surface!)

✨ REST: RADICAL ENTREPRENEURIAL SELF-TRUST: connect with yourself, learn to use your intuition as a business tool & trust that you are a leader.

✨ JOURNAL PROMPT & AFFIRMATIONS LIBRARY: gain the confidence to show up in your business and make more money with prompts that help you unpack the things that are limiting you. 


MONTHLY MINDSET GROUP CALLS (& RECORDINGS): Talking through what's going on & working on the strategy side of things is massive, but so is what is going on subconsciously. These (optional) group mindset sessions will take you through a number of different healing and expanding modalities to bust through limiting beliefs and make big things happen.

MINDSET TECHNIQUES: I have a growing library of techniques, prompts & visualisations to help you go beyond the strategy & actually put it into action. This is a chance to dig deep, clear the way both consciously and subconsciously, and take radical responsibility for your own ambitions and success.


 YOU GET EVERYTHING: As well as the trainings exclusive to REST & Rise (see above), you also get access to all of my courses & programmes, worth around £3500/ $4585 if you were to buy them separately. Don't worry about finding time to go through them all, as you'll get lifetime access to these after you've been a part of REST & Rise for 6 months. Use them as and when you need to in your business, or following the “Possibility Pathways” that come with REST & Rise.




✨ & MORE!

It's about so much more than learning from trainings (though that's part of it)
It's the practical and the mindset tools you need to make this possible.
It's the digging into the stories, the feelings, the true desires.
It's being surrounded by likeminded people who “get it”.

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Access private recordings of the live coaching calls & trainings so you never have to worry about missing one, or re-listen for a quick boost whenever you need to get back on track.

There's also a private podcast feed available for each of the individual courses you get access to as part of REST & Rise. So if you prefer to listen on the go, this will make it so much easier for you to actually go through the lessons.


 Get 1:1 contact time with me over Voxer at least once a month. Which means as well as weekly group support, you get a chance to chat with me 1:1 about whatever you need to move forward with. 

My current REST & Risers love this bonus! And my clients have found this way of exploring their ideas and feelings so powerful.

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got questions? view the faq below


Take responsibility for your own success, and quit trying to force yourself into following business blueprints or magic formulas that just aren’t working.

Instead… unlearn all of the things that are keeping you frustrated and exhausted & replace them with a plan that gets you taking action.

Some examples what success might look like for you (from previous clients I've worked with including 1:1 and REST & Rise):

  • Reach increased levels of income in their business by launching brand new offers and programmes (including a £10,000+ launch!). They’ve even found selling to be easier and less work than with their past (cheaper!) offers.  
  • Create offers in a way that's totally unique to them, ignore what everyone else is doing – and reach new levels of fulfilment in their business. 
  • Charge the prices they want, moving past the guilt of what they think they ‘should' charge, and challenging the scarcity mindset of charging only what ‘people would be willing to pay'.
  • Own their messaging and who they're speaking to – helping them differentiate themselves and stand out from other businesses.
  • Have their best financial month in business, attracting ideal clients and working in a way that honours rest and wellbeing.
  • Find focus and momentum as they develop, create and launch in a way that feels good to them.
  • Adjust their business to better fit their values and align with how they love to work.
  • Get fully booked with 1:1 clients 3 months in advance.
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I've been able to successfully bring in new services, and hit new income levels in my business too. I had my biggest monthly income to date, got fully booked with 1:1 clients 3 months in advance, and had a £13k launch of my new programme that Ruth played a big part in helping me to develop.

Lucy Green | Business Coach

“Go. For. It! You won't regret it! Of course the work has to come from you, but R&R provides the best environment to grow in and if you want to build a business that will nourish and support you, I don't know if there's another programme that encourages you being you – and using that as your superpower – as much as R&R.”

Alana Holloway | The Chronic Illness Coach


I've been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years, I found I'd built something I didn't want.

It looked successful from the outside, but the truth is…

  • I spent years beating myself up about my inability to figure out how to work with, instead of against, my sensitive nature. (Which I now know wasn't my fault.)

  • I was stuck in this unfulfilling, exhausting work, frustrated but afraid to allow myself to want more.

  • I was ignoring some of my most basic needs – for rest, self-reflection, intentional solitude and deep support…

  • I didn't believe what was possible for me (or accept my desire to go bigger)

None of this was aligned to my core value of personal freedom (and, honestly, it was eating away at me).

I now know that business can be the most RADICAL vehicle for self-actualisation and expression.

I've come to think of my business as a way to dig deep into who I am and figure out how to live in alignment with that. Trusting myself includes all areas of my life, not just my business & the money I want to make.

Here’s some help deciding whether REST & Rise is for you…


  • You're a service-based online business owner – if you work as a coach, mentor, course creator, therapist, freelancer…this includes you!
  • You're already working with clients or selling services/digital products and have built up some momentum in your business (even if not consistently).
  • You want to grow in way that's sustainable – you're quietly ambitious and want more but not at the cost of your wellbeing or values.
  • You want to work towards your OWN version of success, nobody else's.
  • You're tired of feeling stuck and exhausted, working in a way that's designed for someone else. You want to sell in a way that FEELS GOOD and do the work that truly excites you. 
  • You're ready to dig deep into the mindset work and unpick your thoughts and feelings with RADICAL HONESTY


  • You're brand new, looking for handholding around getting your website up and running etc.
  • You want a purely practical business blueprint or formula and you're not willing to dig into the mindset stuff. You've tried programmes and courses before in the hope of finding the one ‘magic' thing that will do the work for you. There is no magic thing.
  • You're not ready to take responsibility over your own success.
  • You're a physical or product-based business owner and you don't also offer a digital product or sell a service of some kind online.
  • You're content with where your business is at and not looking to scale or grow right now.


During my time working with Ruth I've found my focus, developed and launched stuff in a way that feels good to me and found some real momentum. I‘ve loved working with Ruth

Jo Hooper | Work Mentor at Mad and Sad Club

Financially [joining Rise] was a stretch. Since then I have better systems for working… October was financially my best month in my business.  I also called in my ideal clients and set up my email welcome sequence which I've been putting off for months.

Nicola Headley | Fertility Coach

Ruth is quiet and she is also fierce. She exudes a calm confidence and doesn't hold back from challenging you when she knows it will move you on. She totally embodies what she shares with others and you can tell. I highly recommend working with her

Lisa Harmer | Ecopsychotherapist


Here are your options…

for 6 months of support to grow your business (note that value & prices are listed in GBP, but you can scroll down for a USD payment option if you prefer)

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Limited spaces
 to keep the group intimate


  • 6 months inside REST & Rise
  • Access to the full REST & Rise “Library” (all of Ruth's programmes + R&R exclusives)
  • lifetime access to non-exclusive courses
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • monthly 1:1 Voxer office hours
  • monthly group transformation calls
  • weekly progress check-ins
  • FB group for support & practical feedback
  • mindset techniques & prompts library 
  • private podcast feed for all trainings
  • [FULL PAY BONUS] 1:1 day of Voxer with Ruth (worth $555)
  • $500 Discount when you start now or pay your deposit to start November 2022 – January 2023
  • Bonus Before You Start: Access to the brand new live Aligned Offers course from November 2022


or 6x $690

All payment plans are for 6 months of group coaching



Limited discount for one client only. Everything you get with the standard option PLUS…

Voxer access for 6 months – chat to me by voice & text messages whenever you need to and I will respond on weekdays

(Having Voxer coaching has been game changing for my own momentum)

This is me literally in your back pocket for 6 months – the best value way to work with me 1:1 at this time

$5555 $4900
(or 6x $850)

Apply for REST & Rise

apply now to start between November 2022 – January 2023 at a $500 discount


REST & Rise is for those who already have some sort of online presence. Ideally, you should be earning some money (it may not yet be consistent), have some momentum, be selling services or digital products online & be ready for growth (in a way that suits you).

If that's you, even if it's not yet consistent, then you could be a good fit for REST & Rise. Equally, you'll be a good fit for R&R if you have a more established business that you are looking to grow and scale with grace & ease.

It's for you if…

  • You want to create a big impact
  • You desire to be well paid for it
  • You don't want to sacrifice your wellbeing and happiness
  • You desire a more predictable pattern of clients & income
  • You're ambitious, in your own way

(PS. It's not just for introverts. Sensitivity looks different for all us. We feel our feelings deeply and are usually questioners and thinkers, whether we are loud or quiet, extrovert or introvert, outgoing or shy.)

Not sure if you qualify?

REST & Rise can support business owners at various stages but it won't cover absolute basics like how to set up a website, making a traditional business plan etc. You should have some foundations already and be ready to go DEEP.

Don't quite fit that, or not sure if you do?

That's totally ok. Click here to fill in a quick form to tell me about you & we can chat.

You can apply now to start any time between now and January 2023. You'll start your payments now to benefit from the current discount & bonuses.

Just before you start, you will receive some content to work through. Plus we have a detailed client intake form to help understand where your are, plus preliminary work to get you off to a powerful start once we get going.

This programme is about getting the support you need, however you need it – it's designed to work alongside the stuff you're already working on in your business. I recommend setting aside 3+ hours a week to attend the calls and to dive into the Library.

(That said, don't feel like you need to ‘keep up' or make every call or training. Use what you need, and leave the rest.)

Calls are scheduled in at multiple times to suit different time zones and schedules:

  • Regular weekly calls take place at alternating times every 2 weeks to accommodate all time zones:
    • Tuesdays at 10am UK time/ 7pm sydney (from January this will be 9am UK time)
    • or 5pm uk time/ 12pm eastern
  • Bonus transformation sessions happen once, again at alternating times: either at 9am or 1.30pm uk time
  • Some months we may have an “integration week” with no calls (this usually happens if there's a 5 week month)

It's totally normal (and expected) that you'll miss some calls over the 6 months. You'll be invited to submit questions in advance, and there will be recordings, so you can participate even if you can't be there live.

REST & Rise is all about you accessing the support you ACTUALLY need, not in making you feel behind or overwhelmed. There is SO much to this programme; the calls are just one branch of the support, community and training that’s here for you.


I'll still honour the pay in full bonus if you pay it off within 3 months. See it as an extra incentive to make your investment back, quickly 😉 

That said, the payment plan doesn't add on a hefty fee, so if you need it make the most of it (I have certainly taken advantage of many payment plans in the past)

This programme won't be for everyone, and you might not be at the right stage to invest this amount. But if it IS doable (and safe) financially for you, but still feels like a scary amount? Try asking yourself, ‘What do I have to gain here?' and looking at the investment from a different angle. It's always going to feel uncomfortable taking a chance on yourself in this way – but as business owners our decisions should be based on where we're going rather than just where we're at currently.

Try putting your magician's hat on and asking what this could make possible in your business? How can you put a plan in motion to make this money back (& more)?

(PS. You'll also get access to my “quick start possibility pathway” to get you on track to make back your initial investment in REST & Rise within the first few weeks)

REST & Rise is a high touch programme offering a lot of support and training to help you scale your business. Please consider your investment carefully as no refunds will be given.

This is an intimate group with hands on support. There are between 5-15 people in the REST & Rise group at any one time. The way it is structured means that you'll be added to the current group and some people may finish and new people may start within the time you're inside the programme.

It depends! If the course you're on does not involve hands on support, does not cover the mindset & feelings side of things, or is in a completely different area but you still want to work on your business, then you will still very much benefit from the group coaching inside REST & Rise. (Plus you also get lifetime access to most of my programmes after being inside) 

REST & Rise is not the same as a course, it's hands on support , so ask yourself whether this support would still be helpful to you even if you're doing another course. If you're not sure, send me a message or book a call with me.

That's totally ok. Click here to fill in a quick form to tell me about you or click here to book a time to chat.

Or use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

Join today to grow & run your business in a way that truly honours the sensitive entrepreneur you are

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Limited spaces
 to keep the group intimate