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support for sensitive + ambitious humans who want to increase their income, deepen their message & grow on their terms


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You're already a capable, brilliant business owner, but lately you're wondering, ‘am I ready for more?'

💭 The next level of your ambitions feels like a leap too far….

💭 Underneath it all you’re afraid that growing your business means risking where you’re at now… that in order to scale up you’ll have to sacrifice your wellbeing or compromise on your values to get there. 

💭 Or maybe you're finding it isn't all that fulfilling anymore? Maybe in building your business to where it's at now you haven't let your own personality shine through.

💭 You're pushing hard with marketing strategies that don't fit and selling offers that don't work with your audience size – and it's frustrating and exhausting. 

What if you could scale your business in a way that's true to who you are as a person?

Someone who is sensitive, values-driven, empathetic, someone who cares about their clients (and cannot detach feelings from business)

✨ Imagine what it would feel like to grow your impact & effortlessly attract clients that are your perfect fit – clients who love to hear what you have to say, clients who are ready to do the work, clients who respect your boundaries and – crucially – pay your prices – simply by sharing & expressing your essence.

✨ How would it feel to sell in a way that works for you, reaching new income levels simply by launching more aligned and totally unique offers? 

✨ Imagine what it would be like to feel more secure, centred and excited in your business… by utilising a business model that works for your audience size and with (not against) your unique magic.

✨ What if you could play BIG on your own terms? What if you could double what you're currently charging (and clients don't bat an eyelid), or you could work less than you do (without sacrificing income), or you could have your first 5-figure launch (without doing aaall the things), and, when you decide you want to take a break, or you need to rest, you can do it (without guilt)

The most crucial step in achieving all of this & more is… self-trust

I know you've doubted yourself & tried to grow your business based on somebody else's formula before…

…but when we trust external advice over our own instincts, we're bound to struggle instead of flourish.

⤫ Trying to build our businesses with models that aren't suited to our audience size leaves us frustrated and discouraged – offers don't sell and we can't meet our income goals. Finding clients feels like a constant push or we struggle with dramatically inconsistent workloads from month to month.

⤫ By pretending to be someone we're not, we attract clients that aren't a great fit, making the work seem harder than it should do.

⤫ We get exhausted and start second-guessing our decisions – slowing momentum and growth. 

⤫ If we chase the things we think we “should” want instead of listening to and trusting ourselves, we end up building something that just isn't right, that we never wanted in the first place. Work becomes unfulfilling and disappointing.

⤫ Stifling our unique essence in order to fit in with what's expected means we deny ourselves (and the world) the true impact of our magical potential.

Being a sensitive person means feeling ALL the feelings…

…and I know how much of a rollercoaster that can be when it comes to running a business.

It's so easy to assume you're doing it wrong when you've followed all the advice, but it still seems like a struggle – like you're fighting against yourself all the way.

But I want you to know it is possible to sell (successfully – and make good money) with compassion and integrity as your foundation. It's only natural to care deeply about your audience and want to protect them, and you don't have to compromise that to make the money you need, want, and deserve.

It's also so possible (and for us, essential), to connect with ourselves and who we are, and bring all of that magic to our business. We get to define our own version of success. We get to aim for what's true for us and we don't have to hide ourselves away to do it.

If doing things YOUR way, rather than the ‘traditional' way, feels scary, that's okay.

It takes support and time to unlearn the things we've been taught about how work, business, and leadership ‘should' look. Just know that it's worth it when you get there, because having a business that feels undeniably YOU, that’s seriously profitable, that stretches you in a way that's exciting instead of exhausting – is what it's all about.  

It's deceptively simple but… I believe in – and I've seen, first hand – the importance of DEEP self-trust when it comes to reaching (and exceeding!) your next level.

It's the difference between playing small and expanding what you think is possible for yourself. In my own work I've learned to tune out the doubts and go after what matters most to me – selling and launching in my own way, and building a 6 figure business working with the most incredible humans. It's pure MAGIC for growing your income – helping you to SCALE and GROW right past the blocks that have been keeping you stuck where you are (I've even seen clients have £10k+ launches!).

With more confidence in our own unique message and trust in the value we hold, the possibilities and opportunities are truly limitless 💫

We can scale our businesses in way that's true to our ambition, and we can grow our INCOME and IMPACT – without sacrificing our fulfilment, health or wellbeing to do it. 

But it's hard to do alone. My secret to building a (successful, profitable) business that's totally on your own terms? Surround yourself with the right people. Being fully seen and heard as the sublimely sensitive entrepreneur you are is the key to scaling your business for the future, not just tomorrow, without burning out along the way.

Because trusting in yourself is a radical act, and you deserve the support you need to show up as the imperfect, unique and brilliant business owner that you are. 

And you don't have to figure this all out alone…

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hi, I'm ruth – coach & mentor to quietly ambitious humans – & I struggled for a long time to do this my way

Although I've been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years, I found I'd built something I didn't want.

It looked successful from the outside, but the truth is…

  • I spent years beating myself up about my inability to figure out how to work with not against my sensitive nature, but I now realise it is not my fault.
  • I was stuck in this unfulfilling, exhausting work, frustrated but afraid to allow myself to want more.
  • I was ignoring some of my most basic needs – for rest, self-reflection, intentional solitude and deep support…
  • I didn't believe what was possible for me.

None of this was aligned to my core value of personal freedom (and, honestly, it was eating away at me).

I now know that business can be the most RADICAL vehicle for self-actualisation and expression. In my own work, I've come to think of my business as a way to dig deep into who I am and figure out how to live in alignment with that. It's given me a sense of quiet confidence in all areas of my life (even helping with my social anxiety) and a strong core of self-trust.

When we embrace who we are and honour that through our business, we build something truly sustainable – for ourselves, and for the good we hope to do in the world.

I want you to believe that it's ALL possible for you. You can run a business that's incredibly fulfilling and that honours who you are – and you can make good, scalable, sustainable income doing it.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

By leaning into my unique magic & personality, I've built a business on my terms that:

✨ Fulfils and excites me. I create and launch (and sell!) the offers that I want, in a way that feels good to me. I don't follow anyone else's blueprint for success or ‘rules' for business, and I don't use pushy sales tactics like ‘persuasion' or ‘triggering'. 

✨ Has grown my income massively – enough to put down a deposit on a house, pay for my wedding, and even take a paid maternity leave (I actually made money alongside this!).

✨ Puts me in control of my earning potential. By getting to grips with my finances I'm able to adapt and scale to meet income goals with confidence. 

✨ Lets me rest when I need to. My mental and physical wellbeing can come first, and my business supports me in caring for myself. I'm even able to outsource the tasks I don't love.

✨ Has expanded what I thought was possible for me, allowing me to go after the things I truly want with clarity and self-awareness. 

✨ Allows me to make incredible connections, meet the best humans, and have some amazingly fulfilling conversations. 

✨ Offers me freedom and security at the same time.

[since Rise I am feeling] so much more confident about doing things my way, about trying things and not being so worried if they don't work out, and about asking for help (which doesn't come naturally to me)… Your style is so nurturing and non-judgemental, and I love the community you created in the programme too. Do it right now! It's been the best thing I've done so far for my business and I'm devastated that it's flown by so quickly

Julia Davies | The Quiet Rebel Club

Ruth is quiet and she is also fierce. She exudes a calm confidence and doesn't hold back from challenging you when she knows it will move you on. She totally embodies what she shares with others and you can tell. I highly recommend working with her

Lisa Harmer | Ecopsychotherapist

Let me introduce the framework that has allowed me to build a fulfilling, financially healthy business as a sensitive human…

the sensitive cycle of business growth & R-E-S-T
(REST = “Radical Entrepreneurial Self-Trust”)

There is no “magic bullet” or One True Blueprint to make this work as a sensitive business owner, but there is a way to set yourself up for success.

The Sensitive Cycle of Growth is, what I believe, all sensitive service-based business owners must continuously work through in order to build a business that truly works for them.

This isn’t another business blueprint – it’s a rhythm, a journey, a continual learning process that will take you to where you desire and deserve to go. Although I have developed unique strategies that tap into each stage of the cycle, the way each of you experience it will be different (and brilliantly, imperfectly unique – just like you).

Ultimately, though, it's what leads to you (a) figuring out your unique path and (b) actually trusting yourself to follow it through.

I call it R-E-S-T:
(oh, and actual rest too of course!)

How do you actually build that self-trust muscle? By the mindset & the imperfect action-taking, and I have a whole training library to support you with different ways to do that. It's all based on my own tried and tested experience and is designed to help you GROW your business while honouring your fulfilment, energy, and impact.

Do you need to follow this step-by-step? Absolutely not. That's not what it's here for, it isn't a “step by step blueprint” & there is no One Right Way to do business, period. Think of this more as a library (with a few different roadmaps to follow) vs a programme/ course. Some lessons may not apply & every Riser's business is different.

Click here to read more about what each area covers...


The first pillar is all about the importance of connecting to yourself, applying that to your business & deeply caring for yourself as a business owner (and why this is so essential). Examples of what's included:

  • Listening to Yourself & Using Your Intuition As A Business Tool
  • Trusting Yourself & Knowing You Are A Leader
  • Caring For Yourself & the Ongoing Mindset Work


Pillar 2 is about building in the sustainability you need to scale & grow without burning out. I'll show you how to put the smart business foundations in place to build for the future, not just tomorrow. Example topics included:

  • Your Business Ecosystem
  • Feeling Safe (Especially With Money)
  • Radical Prioritisation


Unearthing your magic is essential for shaping a business with personality and integrity. I'll share lessons for how to develop radically unique messaging, and you'll create a signature offer that honours your values, attracts the right clients and is in sync with your business model. Includes:

  • Be The Right Person for Your Right People
  • Your Unique Message & Model
  • Creating Your Aligned Offer


Learn how to make your marketing work for you, free from the constant rollercoaster of visibility. I'll show you how to connect with your ideal clients through your content in a way that's gentle, authentic, and that works for your personality – giving you a chance to build some momentum in this area. Includes:

  • Gentle Visibility
  • Your Community of Right People
  • Writing Connected Content


It's all about making the sales – & also sooo much more that that! It also covers owning your ambition, giving yourself permission to get super clear on the impact & income you really want in your business, & figuring how to get there. Includes:

  • Launching Your Way
  • The Next Level of Your Ambition
  • Ease, Alignment & Flow

Ultimately, Radical Entrepreneurial Self-Trust is about learning to do it your way, truly owning what you want, and putting your work out there imperfectly. 

Like I said, this framework & training library is NOT a step-by-step course. It's there to support you however you need. And the real magic comes with being radically supported in the community & group calls.


REST & Rise:

3 or 6 Months Of Group Coaching, Strategic Training, & Intimate, Supportive Community For Sensitive + Ambitious Business Owners

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got questions? view the faq below

‣ HIGH TOUCH 1:1 & GROUP COACHING: Weekly group calls (with different times to choose from), regular 1:1 Voxer office hours with me. You'll be able to ask questions based on where you're at and what you need. Plus weekly check-ins to track progress and identify where you need support.

‣ BONUS BOOKABLE 1:1 SESSION WITH ME: You'll have the opportunity to book in a bonus 45-minute 1:1 Voxer session with me during our time together. These are totally optional but are designed to get you taking action.

‣ MONTHLY MINDSET GROUP CALLS (& RECORDINGS): Talking through what's going on & working on the strategy side of things is massive, but so is what is going on subconsciously. These (optional) group mindset sessions will take you through a number of different healing and expanding modalities to bust through limiting beliefs and make big things happen.

‣ STRATEGIC TRAINING LIBRARY: This programme is not a step-by-step course, but it does come with my 5 pillars of REST training library for you to draw on as you go about creating a fulfilling, impactful and profitable business – one that suits you perfectly. Use what you need & leave the rest, or pick a route to guide you with one of my special roadmaps. Includes video, audio and text-based training, plus fillable Google docs.

‣ MINDSET TECHNIQUES: I have a growing library of techniques, prompts & visualisations to help you go beyond the strategy & actually put it into action. This is a chance to dig deep, get radically honest and take responsibility for your own ambitions and success.

‣ INTIMATE COMMUNITY: An intimate, close group of sensitive business owners, who'll become your biggest champions and support network. Plus an exclusive FB group – including regular contact and input from me, plus support and friendship from people who really understand you.  

‣ ME, & YOUR REST & RISE SIBLINGS, ON YOUR SIDE & IN YOUR CORNER, ALWAYS: Throughout our 6 months of focused, supported work in your business.

It's about so much more than learning from trainings (though that's part of it)
It's the practical and the mindset tools you need to make this possible.
It's the digging into the stories, the feelings, the true desires.
It's being surrounded by likeminded people who “get it”.



Get 1:1 contact time with me over Voxer at least once a month. My current REST & Risers love this bonus! And my clients have found this way of exploring their ideas and feelings so powerful!


Access private recordings of the live coaching calls & trainings so you never have to worry about missing one, or re-listen for a quick boost whenever you need to get back on track.


Enjoy guided journalling sessions, visualisation and mindset sessions to support you in digging deep, and learn from special expert trainings

Success looks different for all of us…

I believe in taking responsibility for our own success, not in following business blueprints or magic formulas. And more than that – I know you don't need to be told what to do. In fact, this programme is designed to help you dig deep, get radically honest with yourself, and be supported as you do things YOUR way. 

I'd love to help you unlearn all of the things that are keeping you frustrated and exhausted, and figure out new ways to work. This programme is not about getting overwhelmed or putting yourself under pressure to do ALL the things or ‘keep up'. It's about meeting you where you're at now, and getting you the support you need, as you need it – everyone’s path will look different. 

Over the 6 months you're free to take the things that help and leave the rest (in fact, I encourage it!). I’ve also created roadmaps to help you navigate the content you need free from overwhelm, and to get you launching your offer with focus and momentum in the first 1-3 months.

REST & Rise is for you if:

  • You're a service-based online business owner – if you work as a coach, mentor, course creator, therapist, freelancer…this includes you!
  • You're already working with clients or selling services/digital products and have built up some momentum in your business (even if not consistently).
  • You want to grow in way that's sustainable – you're quietly ambitious and want more but not at the cost of your wellbeing or values.
  • You want to work towards your OWN version of success, nobody else's.
  • You're tired of feeling stuck and exhausted, working in a way that's designed for someone else. You want to sell in a way that FEELS GOOD and do the work that truly excites you. 
  • You're ready to dig deep into the mindset work and unpick your thoughts and feelings with RADICAL HONESTY

REST & Rise is not for you if:

  • You're brand look, looking for handholding around getting your website up and running etc.
  • You want a purely practical business blueprint or formula and you're not willing to dig into the mindset stuff. You've tried programmes and courses before in the hope of finding the one ‘magic' thing that will do the work for you. There is no magic thing.
  • You're not ready to take responsibility over your own success.
  • You're a physical or product-based business owner and you don't also offer a digital product or sell a service of some kind online.
  • You're content with where your business is at and not looking to scale or grow right now.

Some of the incredible things I've seen my clients do:

  • Reach increased levels of income in their business by launching brand new offers and programmes (including a £10,000+ launch!). They’ve even found selling to be easier and less work than with their past (cheaper!) offers.  
  • Create offers in a way that's totally unique to them, ignore what everyone else is doing – and reach new levels of fulfilment in their business. 
  • Charge the prices they want, moving past the guilt of what they think they ‘should' charge, and challenging the scarcity mindset of charging only what ‘people would be willing to pay'.
  • Own their messaging and who they're speaking to – helping them differentiate themselves and stand out from other businesses.
  • Have their best financial month in business, attracting ideal clients and working in a way that honours rest and wellbeing.
  • Find focus and momentum as they develop, create and launch in a way that feels good to them.
  • Adjust their business to better fit their values and align with how they love to work.
  • Get fully booked with 1:1 clients 3 months in advance.

What my clients are saying

Ruth is nurturing, honest and thoughtful. Working with her in the Rise programme has been so packed full of value and support. The trainings, the group mentoring calls and all the extras have been so valuable. During my time working with Ruth I've found my focus, developed and launched stuff in a way that feels good to me and found some real momentum.

I've loved working with Ruth 🙂

Jo Hooper | Work Mentor at Mad and Sad Club

For anyone who is struggling to bring all of themselves to their business and wants to really get to grips with what they want and how they love to work, I'd recommend working with Ruth… I've been able to successfully bring in new services, and hit new income levels in my business too. I had my biggest monthly income to date, got fully booked with 1:1 clients 3 months in advance, and had a £13k launch of my new programme that Ruth played a big part in helping me to develop.

Lucy Green | Business Coach, Development Consultant

Financially [joining Rise] was a stretch. Since being part of Rise I feel like I have better systems for working… October was financially my best month in my business.  I also called in my ideal clients and set up my email welcome sequence which I've been putting off for months. I really like your way of working, your values, your work priorities.  I feel reassurance from you that what I'm doing is good and working – this is really important for me.

Nicola Headley | Fertility Coach


Before Rise I was ready to step into my business in a different way… Since being part of Rise I am feeling very different. Still a way to go but really delighted with the steps (and earnings) I've made so far… truly so supportive and feel as though it creates a really good momentum. I've never worked so consistently in my business and I'm doing my Yoga Teacher Training simultaneously, so that's pretty astounding.

Holly | Inclusive + Holistic Coach at Re:set School

I love the way you combine really practical support with quite a deeply intuitive approach… you seem to know exactly what people are needing but conveyed in a really grounded, accessible way. And I've really enjoyed connecting with the others in the group and seeing their businesses grow… You have helped me gain confidence in a really authentic way that feels grounded and not short lived… thank you x

Sarah Gray | Herbalist

Ruth’s approach is a wonderful mix of practicality and deeper-dive questions that give a really balanced approach. The space she creates feels so safe and welcoming and accepting of whatever it might be that each member has to bring to the table each week.

Kat Cuthbert | Planning & Wellbeing Mentor at Books of Notes

I've gained clarity in ways I hadn't considered when we started and my focus looks like being in radically different directions to where I thought I was heading. And the accountability document was really helpful.

Nicola Fisher | A Gentler Pace

Here are your options…

for 3 or 6 months of support to grow your business (note that value & prices are listed in GBP, but you can scroll down for a USD payment option if you prefer)

Limited spaces available. Applications open now.

New Option: Join for 3 OR 6 months.

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3 months

  • 3 months of unique and hands on support in your business with an intimate group of business owners
  • 1x bonus bookable 1:1 session with Ruth (£444 value)
  • regular 1:1 Voxer office hours with Ruth 
  • weekly group coaching calls 
  • monthly group mindset sessions (& bonus guest sessions)
  • access to all of Ruth's programmes (£3000 value)
  • mindset techniques & prompts library 
  • weekly check-ins to identify support needs 
  • alternating calls to suit different schedules/ time zones
  • video, audio and text-based training & fillable workbooks
  • exclusive, intimate & likeminded FB group
  • [6 MONTHS ONLY] Ongoing access to all non-REST & Rise exclusive courses*
  • [6 MONTHS ONLY] Option to continue in REST & Rise beyond 6 months at 40% off
  • [VIP ONLY] Voxer access for 3-6 months – get Ruth in your back pocket! (worth £4000)

(or 3x £585)

or pay $1308/ 3x $783 in USD

Extended 4 month payment plan also available on request

6 months

  • 6 months of unique and hands on support in your business with an intimate group of business owners
  • 2x bonus bookable 1:1 session with Ruth (£888 value)
  • regular 1:1 Voxer office hours with Ruth 
  • weekly group coaching calls 
  • monthly group mindset sessions (& bonus guest sessions)
  • access to all of Ruth's programmes (£3000 value)
  • mindset techniques & prompts library 
  • weekly check-ins to identify support needs 
  • alternating calls to suit different schedules/ time zones
  • video, audio and text-based training & fillable workbooks
  • exclusive, intimate & likeminded FB group 
  • [6 MONTHS ONLY] Ongoing access to all non-REST & Rise exclusive courses*
  • [6 MONTHS ONLY] Option to continue in REST & Rise beyond 6 months at a discount
  • [VIP ONLY] Voxer access for 3-6 months – get Ruth in your back pocket! (worth £4000)

(or 6x £585)

or pay $4686/ 6x $783 in USD

Extended 8 month payment plan also available on request

Or upgrade to *VIP*

Everything you get with the options above PLUS…
✨Voxer access for 3 or 6 months – get Ruth in your back pocket! (worth £2600 – £5200)
✨Additional 1:1 mindset recoding session with Ruth for when you need it (£444 value)

This is me literally in your back pocket for 3-6 months – the best value way to work with me 1:1 at this time (especially since I'm currently fully booked for my 1:1 package!)

3 months VIP = £2875 or 3x £959
6 months VIP = £5750 or 6x £959

or pay in USD $3849 for 3 months or $7698 for 6 months (or monthly payments of $1284)

Limited spaces available (just 1 space for VIP). Applications open now.

New Option: Join for 3 OR 6 months.

Apply for REST & Rise

Listen to your inner nudge, apply below, and let's make sure we're a good fit. 


  • If the rollercoaster of running a business has you feeling like you're not good enough…
  • If all the ‘experts' and marketing advice out there has you feeling like a fraud…
  • If your work isn't exciting or fulfilling enough anymore…
  • If you’re longing for more, have big ambitions, and want to work towards them in a sustainable way that honours your wellbeing…

I want you to know that you ARE a real & incredible business owner, and you deserve to feel supported in what you do.

If you're willing to go deep, be radically honest with yourself, and take responsibility for your success – you CAN do things differently. By connecting more closely with yourself, and learning to trust and live in alignment with your own unique magic, your business can become more impactful, profitable, and more YOU than you ever thought possible.

It's time to get your business and personal needs met, to find the support you need to really flourish and feel good in what you do. The world needs you to tap into that beautiful potential and bring those ambitions to life.

Now is the time to be fully supported, seen & heard.

Because here's what happens when you are…

  • This kind of support creates a powerful message of positive reinforcement. That you are good enough, that your decisions are right, that your feelings are valid. You'll build a core of self-belief and a steady trust in doing things your own way – even if they look a little different from everyone else's.
  • You free yourself from the constant spiralling and questioning of doing it alone, granting yourself the time to build focus and momentum without being bogged down or turned around by self-doubt
  • As your confidence grows and your work begins to align fully with who you are, you'll be more open to the opportunities around you (even inviting more in with this mindset!), and you'll find yourself willing to take the risks your business needs to scale.
  • Being supported by people who truly understand you makes running a business FEEL GOOD – which is probably why you got into it in the first place, right?

My biggest takeaway from Rise is the idea that you can shape whatever sales and marketing works for you. And that just doing and trying is good and you have permission to change your mind. It was good to find someone with core values that I respect and relate to.

Laura Sorvala | Illustrator

I felt really seen in the programme. I've felt so supported [during the pandemic] – being part of Rise has really been invaluable to me. I feel so much stronger in myself as a business owner

Astrid Bracke | Work-Life Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the REST & Rise programme?

REST & Rise is a truly unique blend of group coaching, strategic training (based on my own experience of running a successful business as a quietly ambitious human), and supportive community from an intimate group of sensitive, like-minded business owners.

Why do I need this?

If you're ready for more impact and income in your business, but afraid to reach for it at the cost of your wellbeing or happiness. If you’re getting exhausted with the constant push to find clients, or if you're feeling stuck with the business you've already built… I'm here to tell you, it's all possible. With the right support, you can find a way to run your business in a way that honours who you are as a person, and you can scale in way that feels truly good, without sacrificing yourself to get there.

When does this start?

You can start right away, or you can indicate a preferred start month on your application form (and you'll still benefit from today's price, even if it goes up by then).

Just before you start, you will receive some content to work through. Plus we'll have bonus Voxer office hours in the first 1-2 weeks, plus preliminary work to get you off to a powerful start once we get going.

Why 3-6+ months?

This is a journey, and although things can happen quickly, I've worked with many clients now and I've found that the deepest transformation and biggest uplevels happen when we get to work together for 6 months. It's long enough for you to launch multiple offers, grow your audience, and be supported in the “in between” bits too. Trust me.

That said, I now have an option to start at 3 months and potentially continue for an additional 3 months if that feels easier to commit to right now.

How much does REST & Rise cost?

REST & Rise is £585 per month for 3 or 6 months (or you can extend the plan to 12 months to reduce the payments, just ask). Whatever payment plan you choose, getting your application in now means you get the best price before it goes up again (and it will, because REST & Rise gives you access to everything)

If you wish to do so, you can also go VIP, which means you get everything included in the standard option plus 1:1 Voxer access to me throughout your time.

Can I pay off the payment plan early?

YES! In fact, that's exactly the position I hope you'll be in (though I have also made use of payment plans in the past – including very extended ones – and there is no shame in using that to get going).

I do not add loads of extra charges onto my payment plans, so whether you pay it off early or not, you won't be worse off financially. That said, there is a bonus 1:1 day of Voxer with me for those who pay in full. So if you decide to pay off your payment plan within the first 3 months of our time together, I'll honour that bonus for you. It's just a little incentive to make magic happen in your business 💫

How much time do I have to commit to make this investment worthwhile?

This programme is about getting the support you need, however you need it. It's important to remember that everyone's going to be cycling through different phases of their businesses at different times, so don't feel like you need to ‘keep up' or make every call or training. Use what you need, and leave the rest.

What if I can't make some of the weekly calls?

It's totally normal (and expected) that you'll miss some calls over the 6 months. Weekly calls are set at alternating times to offer maximum flexibility – so hopefully you'll be able to make many of them. You'll also be able to access recordings of each call through the private podcast, and I'll be inviting questions in advance – so you don't need to worry about missing the odd one or two.

And if you find that attending each and every call just isn’t for you? That’s totally okay! REST & Rise is all about you accessing the support you ACTUALLY need, not in making you feel behind or overwhelmed. There is SO much to this programme; the calls are just one branch of the support, community and training that’s here for you.

When will the weekly calls take place?

Calls are scheduled in at multiple times to suit different time zones and schedules:

Regular weekly calls take place on Tuesdays at 10am UK time or 7.30pm uk time (we alternate to accommodate all time zones).

On the third week of every month we have a bonus mindset session (again, alternating between 10am and 7.30pm)

Some months we may have an “integration week” with no calls (this usually happens if there's a 5 week month)

And remember what I said in the answer above: you’ll be invited to ask questions in advance, there will be recordings, and there is massive value to this programme even if you can’t make all of the calls.

There is SO much to this programme; the calls are just one branch of the support, community and training that’s here for you.

I'm not sure I can afford this right now...

This programme won't be for everyone, and you might not be at the right stage to invest this amount. But if it IS doable (and safe) financially for you, but still feels like a scary amount? Try asking yourself, ‘What do I have to gain here?' and looking at the investment from a different angle. It's always going to feel uncomfortable taking a chance on yourself in this way – but as business owners our decisions should be based on where we're going rather than just where we're at currently.

Try putting your magician's hat on and asking what this could make possible in your business? How can you put a plan in motion to make this money back (& more)?

Do you have pay what you can spaces?

Yes, in limited numbers. If you identify as from a marginalised group and you would not otherwise be able to access this level of support. Click here to apply. We may not have space right now but I will add you to the list for when we do.

(And please only apply for this if you genuinely need it. If the regular access is a stretch but doable – or involves an awkward conversation with a partner – I encourage you to figure out how you can make it happen 💫)

Do you offer refunds or a guarantee?

REST & Rise is a high touch programme offering a lot of support and training to help you scale your business. Please consider your investment carefully as no refunds will be given.

Who is REST & Rise for?

REST & Rise is for sensitive business owners who are already earning some money from selling services, courses or digital products online. It's for quietly ambitious humans who want to SCALE and GROW, but not at the cost of their values or wellbeing, and it's for those who want support to do business on their own terms.

I'm not sure if I qualify?

Ideally, you should be earning some money (it may not yet be consistent), have some momentum, be selling services or digital products online & be ready for growth (in a way that suits you).

REST & Rise can support business owners at various stages but it won't cover absolute basics like how to set up a website, making a traditional business plan etc. You should have some foundations already and be ready to go DEEP.

Don't quite fit that, or not sure if you do?

That's totally ok. Click here to fill in a quick form to tell me about you & we can chat.

I only just started my biz, can I join?

REST & Rise is for sensitive business owners who have already started earning some money from selling services, courses or digital products online (though maybe not consistently). And who have some sort of existing online presence. If that's you, even if it's not yet consistent, then you could be a good fit for REST & Rise. Equally, you'll be a good fit for R&R if you have a more established business that you are looking to grow and scale with grace & ease.

Do I have to be an introvert to join?

Not at all. I have worked with so many sensitive humans, including plenty of beautiful extroverts. Sensitivity looks different for all us. We feel our feelings deeply and are usually questioners and thinkers, whether we are loud or quiet, extrovert or introvert, outgoing or shy.

How will you keep me accountable?

We'll be having weekly check-ins to make sure you're moving forwards (and in the direction you actually want), and that you're noticing and getting unstuck whenever you veer off course. There's also the exclusive FB group for you to drop in and get support from your peers as needed – so there's plenty to keep you motivated and on track.

However, this programme is all about being proactive and taking responsibility for your own success (in a way that is full of self-kindness). If you're looking for a quick-fix or ready-made business formula to follow or do the work for you – it won't be a good fit for you.

Do I get immediate access to all trainings?

This programme is so much more than a course, but it does come with actionable, practical trainings and mindset strategy. Some are available for you to get started on right away, some will be delivered live and spread throughout the programme  use what you need or pick a route to guide you with one of my special roadmaps.

You will receive access to all trainings on your official start date (that can either be ASAP or you can select a future month on the application form).

What does my business have to gain from launching an aligned offer during the 6 months?

More money! Although I can't guarantee individual results, in learning how to create an offer that's totally unique to you AND that works with your audience size and business model, you should be seeing the benefits reflected in your income. The beauty of aligned offers is that they work to your strengths and are carefully tailored to your audience – therefore often feeling like less work to sell (I'll be showing you how to experiment with launching in a way that feels good to you, too!).

I'm worried about overwhelm...

I'm all about cutting overwhelm and honouring the ebbs and flows of our energy, so please know you won't be expected to be going all-out in launch mode for the whole 6 months – that would be impossible! I encourage you to take responsibility over your own ambitions and success (whatever they look like for you), and move forwards with clarity, focus and prioritisation – I won't be flooding you with excess information or unnecessary trainings.

To help guide you through the content you REALLY need, I’m making special roadmaps to help you navigate the trainings with focus, and to get you putting them into practise by launching an aligned offer.

Do I have to follow the 5 pillar framework?

No. There is no One Right Way to do business. Think of this more as a training library (with a few different roadmaps to follow) vs a training programme or course. Some lessons may not apply to you & every Riser's business is different.

That said, there are a few core points I will always bring you back to:

  • Ensuring your business ecosystem is aligned with your goals & sensitivity 
  • Continuously checking in with & caring for yourself as a human
  • Always starting with alignment & the ultimate transformation when creating your offers (which could mean course, services etc)
I've already taken one/several of your courses, how is this different?

REST & Rise is a comprehensive programme which covers my core pillars for building a sustainable, profitable and impactful business, but it ALSO includes a lot of high touch support with weekly group coaching AND a wonderful, intimate community of likeminded people. It's a blend of practical strategy, & deep and radical mindset work – all from the perspective of being fully seen and heard as the sensitive business owner you are. It gives you the space, freedom and room to grow, with 6 months of all the support you need, as you need it.

Any other questions?

That's totally ok. Click here to fill in a quick form to tell me about you or click here to book a time to chat.

Or use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

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