If you’d like me to speak as a guest expert at your online event, to your membership community, or be a guest on your podcast, please email me to get in touch.

*Please note, I have an inclusivity rider which means that for any speaking or guest expert engagements, I will only work with individuals or organisations who represent a diverse range of people and under-represented groups.

Guest Posts, Features & Interviews


Anxiety-Proof Her podcast
with Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, May 21


The Simple Things article “Speak Up”
Nov 20

Let It Shine podcast
with Danielle Brooker, Sept 20

How to Create Content That Connects
on the Just Start Now Podcast with Vicky Shilling, Apr 20

Contributor to the Community Project: What If Life Were Meant to Be Easy?
with Julia Barnickle, Jan 20

Simply Thriving Entrepreneurs Interview
with Julia Davies


Showing Up As An Introverted, Shy Creative Online
on the Living Your Truth Podcast with Hira Ahmed, Dec 19

Intentional Solitude, Owning Your Value & Doing Things Differently
on the Let It Shine Podcast with Danielle Brooker

Running A Business As An Introvert
on the Fearless Hustle Collective Podcast with Anna Dunleavy, Nov 19

Guest Expert on Email Marketing with Heart
in the Fearless Members Club by Anna Dunleavy, Aug 19

The Everyday Power of Being Yourself 
on the Three Sixty Conversations Podcast with Tamu Thomas, July 19

Being An Introvert & Doing Things That Scare You 
on the Being Heard Podcast with Karen Andrews, May 19

Contributor to the ‘Redefining Community’ Project 
with Eli Trier, April 19

Guest Expert on ‘Kindness & Boundaries’
in Creatively Connected by Sophy Dale, April 19

10 Year Challenge Celebrates More Than Just Looks 
in Happiful Magazine, Jan 19

The Realities of Freelance Life Interview on Katie Morwenna, Dec 18
Power to the Mother Interview on the Family Collective, Nov 18

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Ruth Poundwhite is quietly ambitious — and proud of it! She is a certified coach, NLP practitioner and feminist marketer who supports highly sensitive humans to scale their businesses without sacrificing who they are. She is particularly passionate about helping women to trust in themselves to build businesses that prioritise both their physical and mental wellbeing. Clients have described the way Ruth works as “nurturing,” “kind” and “deeply intuitive.”

As host of the Creatively Human podcast, and through her courses and group programs, Ruth has helped thousands of service-based business owners gain confidence, increase their bookings, create aligned offers, and have their first 5+ figure launches. Her book, Quietly Ambitious, is scheduled for release later this year.

Ruth lives by the sea in the South-East of England with her husband and son. You can listen to the podcast at ruthpoundwhite.com/podcast and find her on Instagram @ruthpoundwhite

Website: https://ruthpoundwhite.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthpoundwhite/
Creatively Human Podcast: https://ruthpoundwhite.com/podcast/