One-to-one creative business mentoring

I am wildly passionate about supporting you in your creative business, to get your message or your product out into the world in a way that fits around your life and values. Through one-to-one mentoring, I will draw on my decade of online business experience to help you achieve your vision.

This offer is designed for creative business owners (writers, makers, service providers, coaches etc.) who could benefit from help, support or encouragement to move forward. I specialise in online marketing strategy.

The Details

Running a business on your own is never easy, even if you love what you do. With my one-to-one mentoring package, you’ll have someone to set goals with, strategise with, and to check in with regularly. Someone who is on your side. We can work on specific projects, like starting a podcast or launching a course, or we can take a deeper look at the way you run your business and make it work around your life & values.

Mentoring is for you if… 
…you’re a creative business owner (a writer, maker, service provider, coach etc.) who knows you’d benefit from help, support & strategy, from someone who has been there, to move you forward. And you have, or want to have, an online element to your business (see my specialities below).

Mentoring isn’t for you if… 
…you want a step by step blueprint or magic formula. I will point you in the right direction, I will help you develop a strategy, I will teach you what I know, but there is no set formula. You must also be willing to do the work yourself, though I will absolutely encourage you all the way!

Some Specific Areas I Can Help With…

With specific strategy in areas like email marketing, outsourcing, content planning, course & eBook creation, blogging, podcasting, turning a freelance business into something bigger, maternity leave/ business + baby, working smarter (not harder), business systems, getting visible even as a very scared introvert, thinking bigger with your business.

I’m also here to talk to, bounce ideas off, hold you accountable, stop you spinning your wheels, tweak your strategy, help you set goals, break down big dreams, help you to find more detailed information or support that you need, or listen to your frustrations and wins. And, if it’s what you need, I can simply be a business friend.

Your Options & Investment

Option 1: ‘Spark’
One Power Session Together
taking calls now

We’ll dive into what you need right now for your business. Whether that’s brainstorming ideas, figuring our your next step, setting some big goals or a specific plan, such as launching a course.

Book 'Spark'

Your Investment: £150

You get: 1x 90-minute call & 2 weeks of email followup

Option 2: ‘Build’
1-Month Focused Package
very limited space

A more intense mentoring experience designed to get you moving intentionally & quickly on a specific project or goal. (It’s important that you have space in your schedule to make things happen over the month)

Get In Touch

Your Investment: £440
or 2x monthly payments of £230

You get: 3×60 minute calls (rough timeline: one at the start of the month, one half way through, one at the end).

Option 3: ‘Flourish’
3-Month Package
space available now

This is your chance to go deeper, to get the support you really need for a thriving business. We can prioritise, plan, and set big ideas into motion. And I’m always here for encouragement too. 

Get In Touch

Your Investment: £850
or 3x monthly payments of £293

You get: 6x 60-minute calls, every 2-3 weeks, email support between calls & free access to my course – Clarify: Your Big Picture Business Planning Kit

If you have a busy schedule and would find it hard to fit calls in – or maybe you’re an introvert like me who prefers writing to talking – then click here to see my email-only packages.

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