Are you ready to set yourself up to charge more, call in your right clients, and grow with more ease (no matter what level of business you're currently at)?

Is your business brand based on who you are as a person?

Then it's time to own the magic of you…

There is limitless power in being yourself as a sensitive business owner…

✨You become the right person for your right people, magnetising clients to you and increasing your sales

✨ You lean into worthiness and enoughness, which are essential for growth (financially and otherwise!)

✨ You set yourself up for creating your own unique system and methodology for the way you work, and gain the confidence of knowing that nobody can do what you do

✨ You become the best example of your own work, making selling so much easier

✨You get to charge more, because people aren't choosing whether or not to work with you based on price – it's based on who you are

…& all of this has a huge ripple effect on your life as a whole ✨

owning my unique magic hasn't just been great for business, it's been an essential part of my own healing

In 2019 I started a brand new business (my 2nd) from scratch. I was terrified to show my face, I didn't believe I was capable or that I had anything special to share, and I had very little confidence.

I have now worked with thousands of clients, created incredible from-the-heart programmes (like this!) and have dreams for this business that I never ever would have even let myself imagine before.

Leaning into my unique magic has changed everything

You’ll Get All Of This In…

The 6 modules of digestible lessons cover:

  • how to stand out from everybody else that does what you do
  • how to sell in the easiest way possible for you
  • the key thing that gets in the way (& what to do about it)
  • how to own your sensitivity as your superpower
  • potent mindset shifts to unlock the limitless power of you

With 3 ways to access the content:

✨ Watch the videos
✨ Listen to the private podcast
✨ Or read the text notes

…with a powerful 20-page workbook to integrate what you learn, dig deeper into the magic of you & magnetise more perfect clients to you

…plus a transformational mindset module that includes…

🔮 An activating visualisation to help you embody and more easily call on your unique magic whenever you need it (I've had incredible feedback from this one)

🔮 Journal prompt collection – usually only available to my 1:1 and group clients – to help you explore more deeply (this stuff also makes for content gold if you choose to share!)

🔮 Affirmations to rewire your beliefs and remind you of what's really true over time

🔮 An EFT demonstration and unique tapping script, for physical and subconscious releasing of the untrue beliefs that can block us owning our magic

And – spoiler alert! – all of this will increase your income, increase your impact & increase your JOY.

What They Thought About The “Magic of You” Course…

“This training has completely turned my view of what I do and why I do it, around. I have really been able to focus in on what I want and why as well as how to put it into words. Love it, love it, love it. It has been the kick up the arse I needed to find my voice and put my authentic self out there.

Rachel Friedli

“It can be so hard to tap in and own my magic, and so it's invaluable to have the encouragement of someone else 100% cheerleading in my corner as I dig deep.”

Sarah Lynas

Everyone should do this course! I really believe there's no more important work we can do than to really understand and embrace who we truly are, in all our uniquely wonderful ways – and in this course Ruth leads you through powerful exercises (with some reassuring reminders) to tap into everything that has shaped you into the magical human you are, so that you can go and bravely share it with the world. Thank you Ruth, you've done it again!”

Jennifer Cockroft

“It made me think soooo deeply! I found thinking about my challenges over the different periods of my life and then reframing them especially powerful”

Tamsin Williamson

You're in the right place to tap into the magic of you if…

✨ You're feeling called to share more of your highest self, but you're afraid, hesitating, or not sure how to tap into it

✨ You have a nudge that you're here to create something truly unique, and you want to tap into what that could be

✨ You want to believe that what you have to share is useful and needed when so many others out there do what you do

✨ You're ready to do the work to start trusting that you're the right person for your right people, charging what you want to charge & saying what you really want to say

✨ You might have already done some of this before but you're ready to access another level of being yourself

This might not be the right choice for you right now if…

🙅‍♀️ Your brand is not based on you as a person, or you feel like you've totally 100% nailed the way you put yourself out there in your business.

🙅‍♀️ You aren't ready to dig into the feelings as well as the practical strategies

🙅‍♀️ You don't want to ever push yourself out of your comfort zone.

🙅‍♀️ You're not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to do it your way (don't worry, I'll help you get there!)

NOTE: this course is designed for sensitive online business owners who have a brand that's based on them as a person. Including (but not limited to): service providers, coaches, mentors, therapists, course creators, and other “infopreneurs”. Product-based business owners will find massive value too, but there may be some information that doesn't apply.

Are you ready to really own who you are to grow your business with grace & ease?

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own who you are as a sensitive business owner to magnetise your right people to you


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