Powerful live training: Wednesday 14th July, 11am BST
(that's 6am EDT, 6pm SGT, 8pm AEGT)

There is limitless power in being yourself as a sensitive business owner…

✨You become the right person for your right people, magnetising clients to you and increasing your sales

✨ You lean into worthiness and enoughness, which are essential for growth (financially and otherwise!)

✨ You set yourself up for creating your own unique system and methodology for the way you work, and gain the confidence of knowing that nobody can do what you do

✨ You become the best example of your own work, making selling so much easier

✨You get to charge more, because people aren't choosing whether or not to work with you based on price – it's based on who you are

…& all of this has a huge ripple effect on your life as a whole ✨

Here's what I'll share with you in this new, live workshop on wed 14th july (& yes, there's a replay):

  • how to stand out from everybody else that does what you do
  • how to sell in the easiest way possible for you
  • key practices to own your sensitivity as your superpower
  • potent mindset shifts to unlock the limitless power of you
  • + bonus visualisation mp3 to rewire your thoughts around this

And – spoiler alert! – all of this will increase your income, increase your impact & increase your JOY.

Are you ready to set yourself up to charge more, call in your right clients, and grow with more ease (no matter what level of business you're currently at)?

You're in the right place to tap into the magic of you if…

* You're feeling called to share more of your highest self, but you're afraid

* You have a nudge that you're here to create something truly unique, and you want to tap into what that could be

* You find it hard to believe that what you have to share is useful and needed when so many others out there do what you do

* You're ready to do the work to start trusting that you're the right person for your right people, charging what you want to charge & saying what you really want to say

This might not be the right choice for you right now if…

* Your brand is not based on you as a person

* You aren't willing to dig into the feelings as well as the practical strategies

* You don't want to ever push yourself out of your comfort zone.

* You're not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to do it your way (don't worry, I'll help you get there!)

* You feel like you've totally 100% nailed the way you put yourself out there in your business

NOTE: this workshop is designed for sensitive online business owners, service providers, coaches, mentors, therapists, course creators, and other “infopreneurs”. Product-based business owners will find massive value too, but there may be some information that doesn't apply.

Here's how this magical experience will work…

  • The training will take place live, and will last 90-120 minutes
  • There'll be opportunity to ask me your questions, even if you can't be there live.
  • It's value-packed, so bring a notepad and paper so you can work through it as you watch.
  • You'll receive access to the replay video, all of the slides, an MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a workbook with the key exercises.
  • This is the lowest price this course will ever be – take advantage while you can!

Here are your options…

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