how does this all sound?

✨ You want an easier way to consistently sell what you do, in a way that doesn’t annoy people or feel icky to you.

✨ You want to save time on your marketing, and find a way to keep showing up even when you're away or need a break.

✨ You want to finally get around to building that engaged email list that's been on your to-do list for months (or years).

✨ You want to experience the power of email marketing that everyone keeps talking about – but you want to tie it into what you're already doing.

✨ You want to know what to send to your email subscribers, and how often to write to them, without annoying them.

✨ You want the confidence to know the value of what you do, and to share it with people who you need it (aka, selling!)

✨ You want a way to connect with people outside of social media (so you're not mercy to the algorithm, or the possibility of Zuckerberg closing down your account!)

✨ You want an easier way to make the money you need to make your business sustainable (aka profitable without requiring you to work 12 hour days)

This is how I have built my business. And I want the same for you too.

introducing... cultivate

The Easier Way to Sell More of What You Do (like a human who cares about people & wants to get well paid)

A six week live programme with me teaching you exactly what to do to go from overwhelmed, inconsistent or indecisive to simply and effectively connecting with your email subscribers and selling to them, often, without it ever feeling “icky”.

I have been running my online business since 2008. My simple and powerful email marketing system is the backbone of how I brought in over 6 figures a year.

And the way I do it is different to how most others do it. It’s fun, it’s creative, it connects with people, and it makes selling what I do easier (especially as an introvert!)

During our time together you’ll create your own unique email marketing system that you can use over and over again – just like I did – for the lifetime of your business. It’s the best way to bring in consistent sales without feeling like you have to hustle and show up in a way that doesn’t feel good to you.

I am a HUGE believer in keeping things simple, reducing overwhelm and taking imperfect action, which Cultivate is all about.

Hi, I’m Ruth. I've been earning a living online since 2008. I’ve been the breadwinner since 2016. And I’ve built a 6-figure business off the back of my email list, which I sell to often.

But here’s the thing – I have an amazing relationship with my subscribers. I have excellent open rates. People respond to my emails. AND they buy what I have to sell.

It hasn’t always been so easy for me. For the first few years of my business I struggled to reach people consistently, trying every marketing avenue under the sun. I stressed about paying the rent on time. I was overwhelmed. I burned myself out. I tried to follow everyone else’s way of marketing and it just felt icky.

Things had to change in my business. I had to make it work for me. I had to do it my way. I had to stop trying to be like all the other extroverted online marketers out there. Cultivating an engaged email list was the best decision I made on that journey.

Fast forward a few years and I was literally making sales when I was asleep, when I was on holiday, even when I was in labour, thanks to the power of email marketing (my way – the nice way!)

My values are at the absolute heart of my business – as I’m sure they are for you too – and one of those values is to do things in a way that feels good to me. I promise it is possible to sell with heart in your emails, in a way that still gives your subscribers tonnes of value, and to do it often – because it’s exactly what I do!

And that's everything I’ll share with you in Cultivate.

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Here's what we'll be covering, week by week, to take you from overwhelm and deadly silence to easily selling what you do by email…


The Mindset You Need to Sell What You Do with Ease

Understand the real reason you’re not selling as much as you want to sell – your feelings around selling and the value you offer – and what to do about this.

How to gain the confidence you need not to freak out about new subscribers, to start emailing them and to start selling (in a nice way!) from day one of the course.

Get crystal clear on the goal of your email list to help you truly know in your bones that the “numbers” aren’t what matters.


Connecting with Your Audience (So That They Engage AND Buy)

Know the difference between value emails and offer emails.

Figure out a system that includes both and doesn’t leave you wasting time trying to figure out what to send.

Learn how to make an impression on people, delight your subscribers and taking them on a journey with you over time (which = loyal customers).


How to Always Know What to Send (& Getting Clear on Your Value)

How to find the perfect balance between value emails and offer emails.

Examples of emails you can send, including prompts to get you moving quickly.

Never second-guess what you’re sending or when.


The Key Components of Effective Emails (That Get Opened AND Make Sales)

How to get your emails opened in the first place, and how to make sure people pay attention (without needing to be a great “writer”)

What to include inside to get them taking action or buying what it is you’re offering.

Examples of specific sales emails and plenty of prompts to keep you taking action.


Your Unique System for Keeping It Simple, Sustainable AND Effective

Create your own unique system that keeps you moving, sending those emails, and doing it as easily as possible.

How to keep track of and repurpose old emails to save you time (and do so in a way that your audience will still enjoy)

And why your email list makes launching SO much easier and less overwhelming.


Keeping Up the Momentum & Making This Work for You

How to keep up momentum with your email list after the course is over.

How to tie your email list into everything else you’re doing to show up online.

Troubleshooting when things don’t work or feel hard.

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♦︎ Live Group Trainings, Including Q&A

Every Monday at 3.30pm UK time for 6 weeks (apart from week 3 which will be prerecorded) I’ll be going live to deliver the trainings (with slides that you can download for easy reference). At the end I’ll answer any questions you may have. You don’t need to attend live, there will be replays & slide downloads, and you can submit questions in advance.

♦︎ Private Facebook Group

The group opens on February 28th, and I’ll be there every weekday for the 6 weeks we spend together. Whether you’ve got questions about the training, need help with a subject line, or want feedback on an email you’ve written, I’ve got you covered. Feel free to share your wins & wobbles too – we're all there to support each other. Note: You don't need Facebook – everything else will be available on your membership side.

♦︎ Your Very Own Private Podcast

For the first time ever, all students will have access to a private course podcast! You’ll be able to listen to all lessons, q&as and mentoring call recordings on the go in your podcast player (or download the audio files to your computer). In my experience, this can make all the difference to you actually getting the work done.

♦︎ Supplementary Content to Help You Take Fast Action

Every week of the programme comes with its own checklist to help you get things done the simple way. There’s also a workbook and sometimes tutorials to get you taking action. And if you feel like you’re missing anything, just ask in the group.

♦︎ Lifetime Updates

You’ll get lifetime updates to the core trainings in a membership area of my website (which means you don’t have to use Facebook if you don’t want to). Things are always evolving online, and I’ll make sure you get the most up to date content.


♦︎ BONUS: Two Group Mentoring Calls

If you can't make the live trainings to ask questions, you have the chance to attend two bonus mentoring calls where we can talk, face to face, via online meeting service Zoom. Get on camera, use your mic, or submit questions in advance via the group – I don’t mind as long as you take advantage of this opportunity. 

Calls are at different times to suit different time zones:
CALL 1: Thurs 12th March 11.00am
CALL 2: Tues 31st March 4pm

♦︎ BONUS: Accountability Check-in

I really want you to do the work because I know how powerful this can be for your business, which is why I’m incorporating a super simple accountability check-in system to keep us all on track (which, by the way, doesn’t mean doing everything I teach you – it means doing the right thing for your business at this time).

Let's get this done – let's build this incredible asset for your business, together.


“Ruth's Cultivate course was such a game-changer for me. It gave me the confidence and inspiration to get my email list growing from scratch after I accidentally lost my old one – whoops! I have come back to her tips again and again and by following her advice I've grown my list from 0-1000+ and turned subscribers into customers too. I can't recommend it highly enough!”

Holly June Smith, celebrant and coach

“I’d been somewhat paralysed by fear of not wanting to bombard my mailing list… and it had gone dormant. So thank you for being the kick up the backside that I needed.”

Grania O’Brien, Ink & Paper Design

“My biggest area to work on was self-promotion (no surprise there then – that's all of us I guess!) and I love that you offered really aligned ways to address this.”

Helen Rebello, writer, podcaster & mentor

“Launching a newsletter is something I’ve needed to do for a long time, and the way you broke it down made it seem so doable!”

 Dr Georgina Green, book coach

“I now have an email strategy that will give long lasting effects throughout my business life.”

Fiona Barnett, Hiccups & Juice handmade clothing

“You recognised that this stuff can be overwhelming and gave us a really clear way to rationalise and prioritise what we wanted to do – thank you!”

Jo Hooper, mental health at work mentor

“I don’t think I would’ve understood fully the value of a mailing list without you!”

Meghan Hutchins, artist & virtual assistant

“Thank you for putting together a really simple way to knuckle down and get to grips with an email list.”

Huma Qureshi, writer & online course creator

Cultivate is for you if…

  • You don’t have time to be everywhere, so you want to effectively increase your income by working smarter, not harder
  • You’re a blogger, creative, coach, maker, small business owner… or someone wanting to create a more sustainable livelihood
  • You may already have a social presence that you want to transform into an asset for a current or future business (that can’t be taken away from you)
  • You may already have a list but get stuck on what to send/ don’t use it to its full potential OR you don’t have a list yet and want some accountability to get it done the right way from day one
  • You want to be very intentional about the way you market to your audience, and want it to feel good
  • You’re nervous about it, but you know it’ll help you spread your message and sell your thing

Cultivate is not for you if…

  • You want to follow a one-size-fits all blueprint of email templates and sales sequences
  • You don’t want to put in the work involved to cultivate long-lasting and fruitful relationships with your subscribers
  • You only want to learn how to grow your list (this is a course about how to write your emails and sell what you do, it doesn’t include growth tactics)

frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

Week 1 starts on Monday, March 2nd. There will be new content every week for 6 weeks. The course finishes on Friday, April 10th. You have access to me in the group the entire time!

Who is the course for?

For bloggers, creatives, coaches, makers, service providers, small business owners… anyone who wants to utilise the power of an email list to build connections with their audience and to sell what they do in an easier way.

I’m brand new/ suck at tech/ don’t have a website - is this course for me?

Yes, yes and yes! I’ve designed each step to build on the last in a simple way, suitable for anyone who is new or not that tech-y (though, inevitably, there are some techy things that you need to do, but I’ve included some tutorials to help, and it's really a one-time hurdle to overcome). In fact this is less about the tech than it is (a) cultivating the mindset you need to believe in your work and sell what you do and (b) build a real connecting with your audience.

And if you don’t yet have a website (perhaps you’ve got a social media following instead), you can still cultivate and sell to an engaged list, so the lessons still apply.

Is this a self-study course or a group mentoring programme?

This is absolutely a group mentoring programme, meaning that you have my direct support and input throughout the duration of our 6 weeks together. My smallest mentoring package is currently £1750, so this is a really affordable way to get access to me. After the course is over, you can continue to access the training materials at any time (and they will be updated if I never make any changes), but you won't have access to me.

I already have an email list. Is the course for me?

Yes! If you have a list but want to learn how to better communicate with that list, and to sell with heart & ease, the course is for you.

Will this course teach me how to get new subscribers?

This is not a course about list growth and tactics. It’s a course about how you write emails, what you send to your subscribers and how to sell with more ease. There will be some content that touches on growing, but it's not the main focus.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

This really depends on what you want to achieve and what level you’re already at. You’ll want at least an hour a week just to read through the lessons, but more time for implementing what you learn. I know we are all busy so I have two things to say: firstly, you won’t need to implement absolutely everything right away. You’ll develop a plan that works for you. Secondly, you do have lifetime access to the course (for as long as I run it), so you have time to catch up. I'm also adding a brand new private podcast option so you can listen on the go!

How much money do I need to spend on email marketing?

You’ll need to sign up to an email marketing service provider. The one I use – ConvertKit, is $29 per month for the basic plan (they also have a limited free plan). I also recommend MailerLite which has a completely free plan – yay!

How long will I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to future updates of the core course content. I will add a disclaimer here – lifetime means for however long I keep the course up for sale. It does not guarantee that you’ll have access until you’re 100! It also does not include access to group mentoring calls that may be added as bonuses.

When will you run the course again?

I will most likely run the course again, but have no current plans to do so. Now is definitely the best time join.

Any other questions?

Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram. The quickest way to get in touch is to use the kittle chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom left of the screen.

A note from ruth...

I know you’ve probably bought lots of courses and wondered whether they’d work for you.

The thing about Cultivate – and the way I do email marketing and selling in general – is that it fits around who you are as a person. Introvert? I’ve got you covered! Low on time? We’ll prioritise the easiest route to your goal. Don’t like certain marketing tactics? You don’t have to do them!

I’m going to show you that there is a better way to do all this.

So if you’ve tried and failed at other things before, it’s probably because they didn’t take you into account.

So if you’re ready to start letting things be easier in your business, to start radically trusting yourself as a business owner, and to change the way you market your business for the better, I’d love to have you!