120-minute workshop to learn my strategies for starting & growing your email list in a way that feels good & not overwhelming so that you can market what you do with greater ease, sell more without having to constantly be online!


There's a secret weapon in my business...

✓ It's something that makes selling way easier (and not icky at all)

✓ It's something I really own, that can't be taken away from me.

✓ It doesn't require me to have to “show up” when I don't feel like it (suiting my introverted personality!)

✓ It's allows me to get permission to communicate MORE with my followers.

✓ It's strategic & profitable and fun & creative

✓ It doesn't require me to figure out ways to “beat” an algorithm.

…it's email marketing

I have a successful 11-year old business that's based mainly on email marketing, and in 2018 I started again completely from scratch here on this website (with no crossover audience, and no paid ads).

And every single week, without fail, my mailing list has grown (and, yes, I double checked in my account to make sure!)

I regularly sell my products and services via email, I find it easy to grow my list from the ways I'm already showing up online and, better yet, I frequently get replies from subscribers saying how much they appreciate my emails!

Starting my email list was the very best decision I made in my business. Not only was it an asset I had 100% control over (unlike social media), but it meant I didn't feel like I had to show up all the time. I could make things easier for my introverted personality (and, thanks to a pre-scheduled email, I even made money while I was in labour!)

Email marketing, the way I do it, isn't overly complicated. It isn't “icky” or too salesly. It's fun, it's creative and it's profitable. And in this live workshop I'll be sharing how you can achieve the same.

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“You recognised that this stuff can be overwhelming and gave us a really clear way to rationalise and prioritise what we wanted to do – thank you!… it was just filled with value, ideas and support – this was a brilliant introduction to your work”
Jo Hooper

So many people tell me they want to build an email list to make their business & life easier but they're too overwhelmed, too scared to send emails, too put off by the tech… I'm here to tell you that it can be easy, creative, fun & profitable.

In this workshop I will share with you how to start & grow an email list straight away, in a way that honours your personality, is simple to get going, and works around everything you're already doing online. So that you can market what you do with greater ease, sell more without having to constantly be online! Sound good? Then keep reading for details.

“I've gone from having a signup form hidden on my site to actually talking about my email list, showing people how to sign up, and inviting people to subscribe. And they did!”
Suzy Darke, Copywriting Coach

What the workshop covers…

* The groundwork you need to make your email list profitable, sustainable, and valuable to both you & your subscribers

* How to get started (or to build up some momentum) without the overwhelm

* Figuring out the value you'll offer subscribers (hint: it doesn't necessarily need to be a “freebie”)

* How to get your next (or first!) subscribers, hopefully this week – this includes freebies, hashtags, challenges & creative ideas I've used that feel easy

* And what you need to do when you have them

* This training was originally live and lasted 2 hours. I answered lots of bonus questions about what to send to your list and how to promote it

“It felt like a friendly chat with a cuppa, rather than a 2 hour monologue about tech!” – Ashleigh Moir

Are you ready to build some momentum with what could become the biggest asset in your business, and to do it all the simple way, the way that fits in with everything else you're already doing?

“I’d been somewhat paralysed by fear of not wanting to bombard my mailing list… and it had gone dormant. So thank you for being the kick up the backside that I needed.”
Grania O'Brien, Ink & Paper Design

This workshop is for you if…

* You want an easier way to market your business, cultivate relationships with your followers, and sell what you do

* You may have tried and failed to set up an email list in the past, or have one you're not doing much with because you're overwhelmed

* You don't want to put all your efforts into social media platforms that are at the mercy of an algorithm

* But you're also a thoughtful person who wants to give genuine value to your subscribers

* You’re an introvert, ambivert, busy or even just tired (email marketing makes it so much easier to “show up” on your terms)

This workshop is not for you if…

* You're not willing to learn a really small amount of tech in the beginning that will set you up for a long-lasting email marketing asset

* You don't need any help getting new subscribers, and you mostly want help on sending sales emails (this workshop focuses on growth more than sending emails, check out my Cultivate course if you need the latter)

* You don't believe email marketing is for you (but let me say this: you get to do email marketing in your unique way. Even if you're not a “writer”, even if you can't send a newsletter weekly, I'd still argue that you'll find a way that works for you – don’t worry, I’ll help you get there!)

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5% of all purchases of my digital products will be donated to Client Earth, a charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it, by fighting against climate change and protecting nature and the environment.

“Launching a newsletter is something I've needed to do for a long time, and the way you broke it down made it seem so doable!”
 Dr Georgina Green, Book Coach

important details

  • The training is 120 minutes long. Bring a notepad and paper so you can pause, make notes and fill in the workbook as you go.
  • You’ll receive access to the video recording, all of the slides, am MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a PDF checklist & worksheet with the key exercises.
  • This is an online workshop – you won't have to talk or show your face on video – don't worry!
  • It's full of actionable tips that'll get you growing your list immediately.
  • This is the most affordable way to access my business mentorship.
  • There is no “pitch” or “upsell” at the end of this training.

How Much?

£74 GBP
Approximately $97 USD

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More testimonials

“I don’t think I would’ve understood fully the value of a mailing list without you!” Meghan Hutchins, Artist & VA

“Thank you for putting together a really simple way to knuckle down and get to grips with an email list. It spurred me on to make some simple but effective changes and I've had 26 new subscribers in four days!”
Huma Qureshi, Writer

Before the training I was feeling somewhat meh! I've had my smallish list for a long time and organic growth is a slow pathway. Afterwards I was feeling excited to revisit it with fresh eyes and an open heart.
Helen Rebello

“Before the training I was feeling as if I was doing this okay, but didn't really know whether I was doing it ‘right', or whether I was missing something. After the training I feel more positive.”
Astrid Bracke

“Getting access to the slides, in addition to the workbook, was VERY HELPFUL – I was able to work with it all together and make notes about slides and workbook pages as I made notes while watching the reply, so referencing the material will be easier as I continue to review the training. I hope to join a different live session with Ruth, she has a lovely demeanor, I felt soothed as she went through the training, no stress or overwhelm!” – Monica the Creative Beast