how to *quickly* create transformational questions, workbook exercises, journal prompts & affirmations for your clients

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Course creators & coaches: want to inspire action to boost student success?

One of the hardest parts of your job as a coach or course creator is inspiring your clients to actually take action & see tangible results.

Getting people enrolled in your courses or coaching offers is just the beginning…

🚫 you can’t force them to do the work
🚫 you can’t control how committed they are
🚫 you can’t guarantee results

but there is a way you can set them up for success 💡

…introduce them to powerful prompts that get them thinking different AND translate to next step actions.

Introducing the $9 Course…

Transformation and change doesn’t come from watching course videos or listening to you speak. It’s about what comes AFTER that.

Which is why “Create Powerful Prompts” teaches you how to *quickly* create transformational questions, workbook exercises, journal prompts & affirmations for your clients.

For Just $9 You Will ::

💭 discover 10+ easy ways to craft impactful prompts
💭 learn to spark client action & boost success
💭 easily write unique, mindset-shifting affirmations
💭 upgrade your workbooks to ignite action, not just thought
💭 set your courses & coaching apart from the rest

…plus these prompts & questions can even be packaged as standalone offers (1300+ people have my prompt offers 😲)

get the powerful process for $9

What My Clients Have To Say
About My Prompts…

“The prompts, affirmations & all the mind work you put in your courses is amazing! It’s one of the reasons I love your courses, to reprogram the way I do things”


“You have the best journaling prompts I’ve ever used”

“Your actionable prompts really drilled down to the true emotions behind what I was feeling related to my business” 

“With just a few simple but incredibly powerful prompts, Ruth helped me unlock so much powerful truth and magic, and I’m excited again to talk about what I offer”


☑️ Instant access after ordering + ongoing lifetime access

☑️ Digestible, bite-sized lessons with video, lesson notes & a private podcast (consume it however works best for you)

☑️ Ideas to suit all niches, with 11 ways to create your own prompts, questions and affirmations (including worksheets making this super quick and easy) pus 7 ways to create additional prompts for personal use

☑️ Plus extra lessons on: how to get students to take action, how to prepare them to use your prompts, & how to package prompts as standalone offers

☑️ Private podcast version of the course, making it easy to listen on the go so that there are no excuses not to take immediate action

☑️ Invite to my client/ student-only group The Inside – for extra support & community if you want it

…& yes, all of this for just $9 😯

upgrade your client results for $9



I’m Ruth – a 6-figure copywriter turned business coach & mentor to heart-led & driven service-based business owners and coaches, author of the book ‘quietly ambitious’, and host of the quietly ambitious podcast.

I believe in business as a vehicle for self-expression and meaningful impact in the world. And to make that possible, you need to market your business in integrity with your full self (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between). Magic can happen when you break the rules and do things differently! 

PS. I’m also a massive introvert, feminist, and 90s-music fan. I currently live in the South East of England, with my husband Chris and my son Rowan.


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