gain the confidence to show up in your business and make more money with prompts and affirmations that help you unpack & reframe whatever’s limiting you

Are you ready to gain more clarity, move past your limiting blocks & beliefs, and build unstoppable momentum in your business?

If you’re dreaming of more impact and more success, I want you to know how magical (and surprisingly simple) journalling can be in helping you get there.

It changes the energy we start our days with, the way we respond to problems or make decisions – even the way we set our prices.

forget worrying about what to journal about, with this package you’ll have 12 months laid out for you, done for you so you can get to the important stuff…

✨ boosting your self-belief,
✨ connecting with your big goals and desires,
✨& expanding what’s possible for you and your business

plus matching affirmations for every single topic to help you consciously rewire your thoughts

Introducing the $111 FREE For You…

Get a new package of prompts and training every month, covering all areas of your business from goals to money, visibility & content.

Affirmations & journal prompts are simple, quick to use, and powerful tools to help you:

✨ trust in yourself, who you are & how you do business
✨ believe in your products so you can show up & sell more
✨ recognise & work through your limiting beliefs & blocks
✨ follow your heart when it comes to your marketing, getting things done, being visible and how you feel about yourself

…& do all of that without sacrificing your income goals

join the year of prompts

“Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.” ~Tia Walker

Here’s Everything You Get

✨Instant access 12 month’s worth of prompts all ready to go (10-30 journalling prompts, and 10-30 affirmations) No more wasting time worrying about what to write about, you’ll have buckets of inspiration and lots of juicy, business-focused topics to dive into.

✨Each month explores a different topic, specifically targeted to business ownersTopics include: boosting self-belief, confidence in selling, connecting with your big goals & desires, visibility & showing up, and more.

✨For each topic you’ll also get a short video/audio guide from me introducing some key mindset shifts in the topic area.

Beautiful PDF download – print out the affirmations and stick them up around you.

✨Or listen on the go with audio versions (both with and without music, whatever you prefer).

BONUS 1: Journalling with oracle cards guide. Add an extra layer to your practice and delve a little deeper with this guide to oracle cards.

BONUS 2: A behind-the-scenes at my own business journalling practice, how it makes me money & more. An extra juicy look at how I manage my own mindset. I take you behind the curtain and share how powerful journalling has been in making my business a success.


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If you feel like you’re forever putting your own feelings and self-care to one side. If your own ambitions scare you a little. If you’re afraid to make changes, dream bigger; and you’re longing to do things on your own terms.

I hope you know that it’s all possible for you. Those answers ARE within you, you just need to learn how to listen. And once you’ve unlocked that magical, expansive intuition? You can start running your business your own way – and making more impact than you ever thought you could.

It’s time to access the higher self that your business has been waiting for.


This course is for heart-led humans who want to do the work that fulfils them and feels true to who they are. It’s for business owners (or want-to-be business owners) who are dreaming of putting themselves out there and doing things their own way. It’s for those of us who need to start listening to that wise higher self and trusting the ideas and vision we have.

This is a one-time sign up that you get for FREE as part of the Christmas Party. There are no monthly fees. There will be nothing more to pay.

Yes, they will all be delivered inside your member area. However you will receive one email per month highlighting a different topic to help you use this without overwhelm. The idea is to make this an easy but powerful part of your daily routine, not something else on your to-do list that never gets done.

Incorporate this into your usual self-care practice! Even journaling for 2 minutes can lead to powerful shifts. Personally I dip in and out of the prompts depending how I feel at different times. And you can listen to the affirmations in the background.

The journalling practice I teach is wildly different to the diaries we kept (or didn’t) as kids. In this course the focus is on exploring thoughts, feelings and ideas, rather than keeping a record of the day’s events. Most importantly though – it’s about unpacking the things that matter to you, and journalling YOUR way.

No matter what level you’re at (already running your business or just daring to dream), getting clear on your values, learning to listen to yourself, and most importantly – taking care of yourself, can be TRANSFORMATIONAL for the impact and success of your business.

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