Why I’m So Passionate About Online Business

I need to be honest with you.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about building businesses (especially for women and other marginalised groups) is that it offers freedom, in so many aspects of life.

The definition of freedom varies but generally it’s something along the lines of:

The right to be able or allowed to do, say, think etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited” 

Does that sound like something within reach for you, your business, your life?  Have you felt controlled or limited by the situation you find yourself in juggling work and family life?

Because of the way I’ve built and grown my own business, my family has a level of freedom and flexibility that most don’t have. I am highly aware of that immense privilege.

What do I mean by freedom and flexibility?

Well, thanks to my business..

⭐️ I have the freedom to work around my energy and mental health

⭐️ My husband had the freedom to quit his job and start his own creative business journey as an ecopoet.

⭐️ I had the freedom to travel for a year at 25, without much money in the bank

⭐️ I had the freedom to radically prioritise and take on more childcare during lockdown

⭐️ My little boy gets to see his parents taking an equal role (not necessarily 50-50 in all areas, but equally considering the happiness of each other and the needs of the family as a whole)

I find this hard to share because I know it is a privilege and I know that so many of you don’t have this (yet), but would love nothing more than to be afforded the freedom you deserve.  Because of this, I know that I must talk about it.

The definition of freedom varies but generally it’s something along the lines of:

Because I want for all of us to have choices, to give our family choices.

I want to model a way of working that is a step towards breaking free from our traditional capitalist patriarchy – an outdated system that we’ve been led to believe is the right way of doing things – one that honours our physical, mental and emotional needs.

During these times we’re seeing a huge rise in flexible and home working that was previously denied to so many. We’re seeing that just because things have always been done a certain way, they don’t have to continue that way.

My business is a tool to question and dismantle ‘the way it is’, and it’s an opportunity to search for a new way.

And so is yours, even if you’re nowhere near that place yet.

Remember…as feminist business owners we are already changing the world just by showing up and doing our work in a system that wasn’t designed for us.

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