What It Means to Create Connected Content

In November I ran the first round of my brand new programme, Connected Content. Creating content from a place of connection with myself, my feelings and the feelings of my right people has been key for me getting visible and building this business as a sensitive human and, importantly, making sales and calling in the perfect clients. Here are some examples of how my brilliant clients are doing it…

What Is Connected Content?

“Connected content” for me is content that comes from connecting with yourself, first and foremost. Because connecting with how you feel and why what you do matters to you can radically change the energy behind what you share with your right people. And, once you connect with yourself and your inner wisdom, you’ll be in a better position to connect with your offers and your right people.

It’s basically another practical application of owning your unique magic. And it’s especially powerful for sensitive business owners who have a lot of feelings, and find it hard to create stuff purely for the “strategy” (although connected content is absolutely still strategic!)

Connected Content is pretty simple when I put it this way, but it’s the journey you go on personally that can create discomfort and resistance along the way.

How To Start Creating Connected Content

Obviously, this is something I go into (in detail) in the Connected Content course. But for now, let me ask you a powerful question: what do you really want your right people to know? Are you saying it? And what would you say to them if you weren’t afraid? There’s more to it, of course, but I find that journalling on these questions alone can unlock some powerful stuff!

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5 Examples of Business Owners Writing From A Place of Connection

Everyone included below as been through my Connected Content course, and I wanted to showcase some of their beautiful content with you, all written in the spirit of connecting with yourself before anything else.


(1) Blaithin Dooley – “Are you living a life you love to look at?”

What I Do: Coaching women to have the courage and confidence to yes to what they really want and no to wat they don’t without guilt and beating themselves up.

What I Wrote About: Allowing yourself be fully you, create a life you love and let yourself truly enjoy it without worry. 

Can you let yourself truly enjoy life, your success and achievements, the future you are creating now?

Do you let yourself experience life’s joys and pleasures?

Are you living a life you love to look at?

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(2) Tamsin Williamson – “You don’t have to go it alone 🥰”

What I Do: The Parenthood Coach – life and mindset coach for Mums

What I Wrote About:An invitation to gently transition into the new year on your terms

You don’t have to go it alone 🥰

Looking back at the last year, how often did you censor or restrict yourself from doing what you truly wanted?

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(3) Jennifer Cockcroft – “I really do get to decide how I want to live”

What I Do: Practical Magic Facilitator and Creative Soul Alchemist

What I Wrote About: Go Your Own Way – a rallying cry for finding your individual path and sharing your unique magic

This is my life. My work. My calling.

And it’s my choice.

I really do get to decide how I want to live. What I want to do.

Who I want to be.

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(4) Anouk Godbout – “it’s hard but oh so important to focus on us when we choose our parenting path”

What I Do: I am a documentary family photographer focusing on the value of fully living and enjoying the present moment as a family.

What I Wrote About: Giving permission to be the parent we want to be

A little encouragment as we are heading to the end of year tiredness and comments from all the family that we might see more this year after a long time.

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(5) Urbi Bhaduri – “many of us have been in touch with existential anxiety in a way we have never been before”

What I Do: ‘Maps for Lost Writers’ are one-on-one conversations around writing and life. These conversations offer deep listening, empathy and encouragement for (people who identify as) women for whom writing is an integral part of their identity and dream of being human.

What I Wrote About: This is the story of how ‘Maps for Lost Writers’ emerged out of my personal battle with chronic illness, the grief of the pandemic, and grappling for purpose and meaning as a writer and a human being.

For those of us who feel compelled to express ourselves through the written word, the process of writing was hard enough, and then the pandemic struck. In the last six months, many of us have been in touch with existential anxiety in a way we have never been before.

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What They Thought About Connected Content

“For me is about connecting to my ideal client as well as what feels right for me, really steping into their shoes”
~ Blaithin

“I feel like I have an approach to tap into which could really help me tune into myself more. And also permission to just step away if I’m not feeling it.”
~ Tamsin

“I went in doubting that a single workshop could help me get over so many fears and blocks around sharing my work and connecting with my right people, but with just a few simple but incredibly powerful prompts, Ruth helped me unlock so much powerful truth and magic, and I’m excited again to talk about what I offer.”
~ Jennifer

“The course was a reminder to relax, be comfortable in my skin, sense into the present-moment awareness of just being me and trusting what emerged from that. Trusting that this could actually create magic and safety and witnessing and wisdom for my people.”
~ Urbi

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