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Want to get more visible as your true & imperfect self to grow your ready-to-buy audience of right people?

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yes, I want to join as a founding member! yes, I want to join as a founding member!

Does this sound like you?

You sometimes think you need to be more confident, extroverted, organised or [fill in the blank] to effectively market your business & grow your audience 

You’re tired of feeling like you’re shouting into the void, in a space that feels oversaturated. You’re ready to be heard.

You feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the marketing strategies you “should” be implementing

You don’t want to add to the online “noise” – you want to share knowing it’s truly useful and needed 

You might be navigating unique challenges that affect your capacity to show up – eg. sensitivity, neurodivergence, chronic illness, or caregiving responsibilities etc.

Are you done with forcing yourself into marketing strategies that just don’t feel like you?

I know just how draining it is to squeeze yourself into a marketing box that doesn’t fit. It’s time to discover a path that aligns with your values & personality to…

…cultivate the (quiet) confidence to be visible as yourself to market & sell without worrying that you’ll annoy people or get it wrong

…design a personalised system for consistently growing your audience of perfect, ready-to-buy clients in a way that feels authentic

…create a sustainable & thriving business without sacrificing your well-being, supporting your energy & life outside of business

You can have all of these things without changing the unique, brilliant and imperfect human that you are (even if you are anxious, awkward, sensitive, neurodivergent or anything between)

The best part? It gets to be easier, more fulfilling & FUN!

I grew my audience and client roster by thousands once I started marketing my way

I used to avoid being visible at all costs…

When I started out as a copywriter in 2008 I was so terrified to put myself out there that I avoided sharing my personality (& my voice) and used this as my profile picture >> that’s right, you can barely see my face!

I was only 21 and I had zero confidence as a shy, neurodivergent introvert. I struggled for years to force myself to market in a way that wasn’t me. It was draining at best and totally icky at worst. 

Things had to change in my business. I was tired, unfulfilled and my marketing felt inauthentic. It chipped away at my soul – I knew I had to start doing it my way.

Eventually I quit that first business and started again from scratch (with zero audience crossover), to build an engaged following and work with thousands of customers in the space of 4 years.

I credit that growth that to my authentic visibility & marketing strategies. They don’t require being “everywhere” or doing “all the things”, and they lead to fulfilling and meaningful connection.

I figured out marketing – my way – and it worked. And I’ve now supported thousands of other business owners to do the same.

Here’s a snapshot of my email subscriber growth over the last 3-ish years, almost all organic…

to create my ALIGNED, SUSTAINABLE and PROFITABLE marketing & growth strategy…

My Quiet Visibility Process

Trusting my way of doing things & knowing exactly what makes me unique in a crowded market.

Grow, Nurture & Sell

Instead of trying to do all the things, designing my aligned & sustainable marketing strategy.

Heart-led & Brave Growth

Overcoming my visibility fears & seeking growth opportunities in alignment with my bigger vision.

Strategy & support to get visible as your unique and imperfect self to call in more perfect-fit followers and clients.

✨ Access to my trainings to help you grow & nurture your audience your way.

Including: Quiet Visibility workshop (not available to purchase separately), Sustainable Marketing full course (usually $49) and my “Spark” content planning ebook and worksheets (usually $14)

✨ Journal/ content prompts & monthly creation sessions starting in Jan.

Spend 30 minutes together live/ on replay to prioritise some journalling using prompts that’ve been described by clients as “the best journaling prompts I’ve ever used” – they’re designed for business owners and make for incredible content too.

✨ Support from me

Inside the Facebook group with other likeminded humans, plus there’s a monthly pre-recorded q&a too – you can submit questions throughout the month. 

plus these incredible bonuses…

✓ Private podcast feed to make it easy to consume the trainings/ replays

✓ Discount on related courses & extra coaching with Ruth

✓ Community promotion & collaboration opportunities

…all for $7/ month with no minimum contract

I'm ready to grow the soulful way

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This membership is brand new so I can’t share testimonials yet so…

here's what past students & clients have said about working with me

“I sent one email using [your content creation process] and immediately got over 70 signups to my workshop”

Past Course Student

“I went in doubting this could help me get over so many fears and blocks around sharing my work and connecting with my right people, but with just a few simple but incredibly powerful prompts, Ruth helped me unlock so much powerful truth and magic, and I’m excited again to talk about what I offer”

Past Course Student

“Your course transformed the ways I think about sales and marketing – from work that didn’t feel like me to thinking about ways of connecting, serving, and building relationships!”

Roanne, Art By Roanne

join now for just $7 month

No minimum commitment, cancel any time.


Absolutely! I have worked with many clients who were either nervous to get visible in the first place, or who needed support to find their authentic voice and truly connect with their right people in the way that they wanted to. The membership will provide you with the tools and skills you need to grow in the best way for you, right from the start.

Yes! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced online business owner, the program will provide you with resources, templates, planners, community, support, networking and mindset training to take your visibility & content to the next level. Clients of all stages have loved my prompts and way of doing things. Test it for yourself for just $7 and see how it feels!

It depends. We aren’t going to cover the ins and outs of offer creation or the tech side of putting it together. This is about growing your community of right people, who are ready to buy, rather than creating the offer from scratch. I do plan on adding a “minimum viable offer” training in due course, but if you need hand-holding from scratch, this isn’t the thing to do that. It WILL help you get out there and promote your brand and your work though!

You will get your questions answered in the group usually within 48 hours on weekdays, plus there is monthly opportunity ask me questions in the pre-recorded q&a, plus regular live guided journalling/ content creation sessions.

Although you get access to the core quiet visibility and sustainable marketing course materials, this is not your average course. This is a membership community not just with support but with added accountability through regular guided journalling sessions and support from me.

You’ll get immediate access to the new membership kickstart trainings, the community and your first set of soulful growth trainings. This is just the beginning and I have a lot of plans for additional resources to be added every month.

Core trainings and q&a replays and bonus resources (including planners, templates, visualisations etc) will be available as long as you’re a member. If there are any time-sensitive resources added, this will be clearly marked in the member area. 

I have a huge vision to support as many business owners as possible this year (& beyond). I have offers ranging from $7-$10K, and this membership is my way of reaching as many people as possible. Because I believe in the world-changing power of thoughtful business owners building their platform of right people and being their authentic selves as they do it.

No! The Soulful Growth Club is for any heart-led online business owner who wants to grow their audience in a way that aligns with their values and personality. Ruth works with business owners of all types, as long as you’re based mainly online, and you want to consistently sell more in alignment with who you are.

Yes, although if there are any limited bonuses or discounts these will be removed.

Yes. The community element of the membership is hosted on Facebook, so for those who don’t use it there will be a form in the member area to submit your questions for the monthly q&a, and all trainings will also be available to watch outside of Facebook.

Because this isn’t about forcing you into a model that wasn’t designed for you – this is about growing online your way your way – in alignment with your values and personality. Many clients find that once they find what’s truly aligned, things start coming together in a way they never have before.

No! The program is beginner and budget-friendly. We focus on mindset, strategy, and community support, rather than complex tools or software.

If you’re not quite sure the membership applies to your unique business, firstly feel free to send me a message using the chat box on the corner of the page. There is also a 7-day refund policy for all new members. If you sign up, take a look and realise the membership doesn’t quite fit your unique business, then you’ll receive a full refund as long as you let us know within 7 days.

Note: This refund policy does not cover a change of mind or change of circumstances. Click here for the full terms & conditions. Upon receiving your refund request, we will ask for feedback to understand why the membership didn’t meet your needs and/ or expectations, to help us improve in future.

Yes, of course! There is no minimum term, simply cancel before your billing date. We don’t make anyone jump through any hoops to cancel, it’s all clearly signposted from the member area. You’re also welcome to re-join in future, although doors will not always be open and the price may have gone up.

No problem! Shoot an email over to team@ruthpoundwhite.com and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

“Ruth is all about helping you create a pathway to your desires and goals so it works for YOU… in a way that feels powerful and gentle at the same time.”

Past 1:1 Client

join for just $7/ month

No minimum commitment, cancel any time.

Get more visible as your true & imperfect self, to grow your aligned audience of ready-to-buy people

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