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I'm ready to make more money being me

expand your impact, charge what you really want to charge, & market yourself with ease

…by strategically building your unique magic into every single part of your business (your offers, pricing, content & more)

give me the details!


Save 50% in the birthday sale and you’ll also get a free invite to the next live round happening later in 2024.

Time left to join at 50% off in the birthday sale…

Does this sound like you?

✨ You’re ready to feel totally confident in your (maybe higher) prices and for it all to start feeling easier

✨ You’re called to create something truly unique & impactful (both for your own life, and/ or the world)

✨ You’ve had times where you’ve blamed yourself for your own “self-sabotaging” ways, or for making it all feel harder than it needs to be

✨ You’re tired of forcing yourself to get it “just right” or overdelivering and getting burnt out in an effort to convince yourself that you “deserve” this

✨ & you’ve probably had moments when you’ve wondered whether you’re good enough to make it all happen (no matter what level of success you’ve already created, or not)

what if I told you that you already have everything you need to make all of this easier? (you just need to figure out how to really utilise it)

you don’t need to change who you are to amplify your success…

…you need to own it, in all areas of your business strategy and ways of being, no matter what level of business you’re currently at

the only thing getting in the way? the fact that who you really are (your essence, core, heart, soul… whatever you call it) is clouded by conditioning, by false meanings, by protective beliefs & fear.

& just watch the magic that happens when you learn to get past all of that & dare to put the real you in the driving seat

Imagine, after being supported to radically trust in your true self, you could…

✨ …grow your impact & effortlessly attract clients that are your perfect-fit – clients who love to hear what you have to say, ready to do the work, respect your boundaries, and gladly pay your prices

✨ …reach new income levels, having your first 5-figure launch, or 2x what you’re currently charging, simply by creating more aligned and totally unique offers and services

✨ …feel more secure and excited in your business… by utilising a business model that works with (not against) your unique magic, for your audience size, your income goals, your life

✨ …play BIG on your own terms? Working less than you currently do, trusting your need & desire to rest, empowering yourself to be bolder & speak your truth in your content, & more.

…all by loving & owning who you are as a human (to naturally draw your right people to you)

You’ll be supported to do & be all of this in my signature programme…


The experience for ambitious & heart-led business owners who want to get crystal clear on what makes you stand out, grounded in your unique brilliance and zone of magic (so that you can consistently market with ease, raise your rates & grow your impact & income, without extra work).


✨ Begin your reconditioning journey & let go of “self sabotage” forever

Know that you are worthy and deserving of earning great money by being yourself

✨ Become unstoppable by connecting with your core, true self (the one that is often, understandably, clouded by fear, false beliefs & conditioning)

✨ Learn to value and recognise yourself before anybody else will

✨ The key thoughts & behaviours to work on that might be “getting in the way”

✨ Alchemise your past experiences into tangible reasons for people to work with you

✨ Stand out from everybody else (the natural way)

✨ Know your unique sales proposition (without forcing yourself into un-aligned marketing strategies & “shoulds”)

✨ Prepare to create your unique methodology, and learn to confidently stay in your lane by focusing on the thing that ONLY YOU can do

✨ Become the best example of your own work, making selling so much easier

✨ Drastically reduce the overthinking or overcompensating and learn to share powerfully from the heart

✨ Trust yourself whenever you mess up, and learn to use it to your advantage 

✨ Unapologetically sell your way (without worrying you’ll “annoy” people or get negative feedback)

✨ Let go of the number one thing that gets in the way of you selling with ease, and learn to use selling as a manifestation of your unique magic

✨ Trust in the huge, life-changing transformations you offer (& value them appropriately in your content and pricing)

✨ Learn to embrace uncertainty & be with your emotions

✨ Prepare your nervous system for what comes next (both good and bad) for unstoppable momentum

✨ Create new & empowering patterns that serve the truest version of you

Covering each part of the framework of your zone of magic:

This is deep, life and business-changing work, so it makes sense that you’ll probably have questions about how this applies to you, or areas where you might get stuck. Lasting change takes work, after all!

This is why, as well as saving 50% now, you’ll also receive an invite to the live round coming later in 2024.

What makes this programme unique is that it’s not just telling you things – the mindset shifts & the strategy changes that make it all work. You also get to experience what it feels like to think & feel differently. And you get to shift the things that are getting in the way, in real time. 

These subconscious transformation techniques are usually reserved for my high-level 1:1 and group coaching clients, but you get them included as part of the self-study programme.

✵ An activating visualisation to help you embody and more easily call on your unique magic whenever you need it (I’ve had incredible feedback from this one)

✵ Journal prompt collection – usually only available to my 1:1 and group clients – to help you explore more deeply (this stuff also makes for content gold if you choose to share!)

✵ Affirmations to rewire your beliefs and remind you of what’s really true over time

✵ An EFT demonstration and unique tapping script, for physical and subconscious releasing of the untrue beliefs that can block us owning our magic

☑️ 6 life-and-business-changing video & audio modules plus a private podcast so you can listen on the go

☑️ 50% off andfree invite to the live round later in 2024

☑️ Subconscious transformation techniques that lead to lasting change and how to apply it all to the practical side of your business (offers, marketing, sales & more)

☑️ Powerful workbook & notes to integrate what you learn

☑️ Lifetime access to the course lessons in your account

What clients have said about working on me to fully ownknow their magic…

I made the most money I ever have in my business with Ruth while also inviting in space to look after my health. I have trusted myself to make money from a place of confidence.”

Agnes Becker

“The support you gave me made me feel comforted, held, understood, but also that I could be proud of myself and could achieve big things that felt impossible.

Thank you for your kindness, your understanding, for knowing what I needed better than I did. Thank you for letting me cry, be angry, be frustrated and for helping me not feel that way whenever we finished a session.”

Jo Hooper

Everyone should do this course! Ruth leads you to tap into everything that has shaped you into the magical human you are, so that you can go and bravely share it with the world. Thank you Ruth, you’ve done it again!”

Jennifer Cockroft

“I love that it isn’t ONLY about making money and seeing the tangible results in business – it’s about embodying your business as an extension of your deeper self, and cultivating a strong and beautiful relationship with yourself with complete freedom.

Working with Ruth is not just an investment in yourself as a business owner, it’s an investment in your whole self.

Tamsin Williamson

Internally everything has changed. I’m in a very different place than I was at the beginning, and I know things can only get better from here.”

Past Group Coaching Client

Everything has been transformed to prioritise joy, alignment, rest. I’ve fallen in love with my 1:1 programme, I’ve found joy in creating content, I trust my own needs/feelings/deciscions more, I have manifested feeling relaxed and inspired, I am trusting in the future, I am going after my big dream, I am genuinely a happier human being.

Working with Ruth has felt like being truly seen for the first time as an entrepreneur/business owner (and a complete human). It has been incredible (life-changing) to feel supported in taking action fully based on what feels good to me.

And I’m more clear on what my magic is than ever before.

Isis Sturtewagen

“Since working with Ruth, I now look at myself now as a really important voice in the chronic illness space, and trust my knowledge and what I have to say and teach people. “

Alana Holloway

“I’ve always felt seen and understood, which has helped me shed the layers of ‘not me’ and stand stronger in the woman I was always meant to be.

If you’re thinking about working with Ruth , I whole-heartedly encourage you to take the leap. The investment might seem high, but the pay off is worth so much more. I feel so deeply rooted in myself and my business, and have developed a powerful trust in my ability to adapt and grow. To me, that’s priceless.”

Lisa Harmer

“This work has completely turned my view of what I do and why I do it around… Love it, love it, love it. It has been the kick up the arse I needed to find my voice and put my authentic self out there.”

Rachel Friedli

“Ruth untangled knots of self-doubt, self-judgement, self-worth, and all the icky feelings that keep us small. Learning that sensitivity is a superpower is life- and business-changing!”

Deborah Blackwell

“I love the way you combine really practical support with quite a deeply intuitive approach… you seem to know exactly what people are needing but conveyed in a really grounded, accessible way. You have helped me gain confidence in a really authentic way that feels grounded and not short lived… thank you”

Sarah Gray

“Your belief in me has really helped me to strengthen my own self-belief and self-trust, and walk my own walk – as a coach, a business owner and a human.

I feel more ‘me’ than ever and that has so much to do with the amazing way you have helped me to clarify my own sense of self and keep on moving forwards with my eye on the goal (even in the face of huge discomfort and resistance).

The tools, exercises and practices you have shared have opened me up to myself with honesty, vulnerability and compassion, and created transformational breakthroughs that will honestly stay with me forever.

Your approach / philosophy is deeply special and unique and it has been a key to unlocking the truest parts of myself, in ways I never knew possible. I would honestly tell people to trust and believe that you will guide them where they need to go and show up in the world as who they need to be. They just need to be open to taking that journey – and the rest will follow.”

Tamsin Williamson

“Ruth is all about helping you create a pathway to your desires and goals so it works for YOU… getting to the heart of what’s holding you back so you can see yourself in a new light… in a way that feels powerful and gentle at the same time. I most loved her ability to share the unvarnished truth with 100% kindness!”

Past 1:1 Client

“Since working with Ruth I have a lot more curiosity and compassion for myself. We all need help and support. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and you will truly get so much from investing and believing in yourself by going for it.”

Vicky Shilling

I have been able to adjust my business to better fit my values and how I love to work. I’ve been able to successfully bring in new services, and hit new income levels in my business too.

And you listen! REALLY listen.

During our time working together I had my biggest monthly income to date, got fully booked with 1:1 clients 3 months in advance, and had a £13k launch of my new programme that you played a big part in helping me to develop. And I feel I could trust you to handle anything I brought up with kindness and compassion.”

Lucy Green

“If it feels right, if your intuition and body is telling you it’s a yes – trust that, and do it. It will probably be hard at times, but it will absolutely be worth it for what you’ll learn about yourself and your capabilities, and what you can offer your own people.”

Jennifer Cockcroft

If you’re in, and you’re ready to own who you are more than ever before, here are your options

for 6 life-and-business-changing modules & transformation techniques to help you make more money by being (more of) who you really are


Save 50% in the birthday sale and you’ll also get a free invite to the next live round happening later in 2024.

Time left to join at 50% off in the birthday sale…


• 6 Teaching Modules & Subconscious Transformation Sessions

• Lifetime Access to Recordings

• 50% off in the sale and free invite to the live round later in 2024 to receive extra support & coaching

• Pay In Full Discount & 2x Bonuses: Free Access to 2x Private Trainings (Previously Reserved for 1:1 Clients Only)

  – Listening To & Trusting Your Intuition In Business
  – Becoming A Leader (& Redefining What That Means) – this one was game changing for me!

3x payments of $355 $177

Or 6x $178 $93

sign up here


• 6 Teaching Modules & Subconscious Transformation Sessions

• Lifetime Access to Recordings

• 50% off in the sale and free invite to the live round later in 2024 to receive extra support & coaching

Pay In Full Discount & 2x Bonuses: Free Access to 2x Private Trainings (Previously Reserved for 1:1 Clients Only)

  – Listening To & Trusting Your Intuition In Business
  – Becoming A Leader (& Redefining What That Means) – this one was game changing for me!

1 Payment of $998 $499

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✵ GO VIP ✵

• Everything included in the standard option (including the pay in full bonuses)

•  PLUS a month of access to me 1:1 on Voxer (Mon-Thurs, starting between now & Jul 8)

•  VERY LIMITED spots available

(Voxer is a voice and text messaging app, it’s super fun & impactful! Note that this is powerful support, but it requires you to be proactive and ask me questions or share your learnings and feelings – I’ll check in twice a day as long as you do)

1 Payment of $1999 $1299

Or 2x payments of $999.50 $649.50

*if you choose the payment plan, coaching will start after both payments are made*

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Got questions? Have a read of the FAQ below or send me a message using the chat pop up on the bottom left of the screen

I’d been earning a living online since 2008, going from freelance copywriter to six-figure business owner in the space of a few years, and I found I’d built something I didn’t want.

It looked successful from the outside, but the truth is…

  • I spent years beating myself up about my inability to figure out how to work with, instead of against, my sensitive nature. (Which I now know wasn’t my fault.)
  • I was stuck in this unfulfilling, exhausting work, frustrated but afraid to allow myself to want more.
  • I was ignoring some of my most basic needs – for rest, self-reflection, intentional solitude and deep support…
  • I didn’t believe what was possible for me (or accept my desire to go bigger)

None of this was aligned to my core value of personal freedom (and, honestly, it was eating away at me).

I now know that business can be the most RADICAL vehicle for self-actualisation and expression.

I’ve come to think of my business as a way to dig deep into who I am and figure out how to live in alignment with that. Trusting myself includes all areas of my life, not just my business & the money I want to make.


✨ You run an online business where you are the face of the business or brand

You could be at the start of your journey OR an established business owner who wants to feel more confident in what you charge, how you work & the value you offer. (This applies at all levels)

✨ You have a nudge that you’re here to create something truly unique, and you want to tap into what that could be (moving through any fears that might get in the way)

✨ You want to show up with the energy of KNOWING that your clients are lucky to get to work with you (no matter how many “competitors” might be out there doing something similar)

✨ You’re tired of feeling stuck and exhausted, working in a way that’s designed for someone else. You want to sell in a way that FEELS GOOD and do the work that truly excites you. 

… & you’re ready to dig deep to transform limiting patterns, be with your feelings and take radical responsibility for what you create


🙅‍♀️ Your brand is not based on you as a person, or you feel like you’ve totally 100% nailed the way you put yourself out there in your business.

🙅‍♀️ You aren’t ready to dig into the feelings as well as the practical strategies

🙅‍♀️ You don’t want to ever push yourself out of your comfort zone or want handholding around getting your website running etc (this is not a business basics course)

🙅‍♀️ You’re not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to do it your way (don’t worry, I’ll help you get there!)

NOTE: this course is designed for sensitive online business owners who have a brand that’s based on them as a person. Including (but not limited to): service providers, coaches, mentors, therapists, course creators, and other “infopreneurs”. Product-based business owners will find massive value too, but there may be some information that doesn’t apply.

Are you ready to really own who you are to expand your impact, charge what you really want to, & market yourself with grace & ease?

…by strategically building your unique magic into every single part of your business (your offers, pricing, content & more)

The Magic of You, Unleashed, is for all humans who run an online business – at any level – that is based on who they are as a person in some way. 

This is not a beginner-level “how to find your niche” course (although if you are just getting started, it’ll still help).

This is about cultivating a deep grounding in your unique magic and brilliance as a human and business owner. A bodily knowing that will give you the courage to show up with greater confidence, align to your prices, trust in the value of your transformation and ultimately work in the way you want – and this applies to business owners at all levels.

It’s about confidently BEING your own niche, embodying your work and living your values.

That said, you may find that after going through this process you discover a new layer of the work you are meant to do in this work (the thing that lights you up and creates the greatest impact).

Both! You’ll get access to the self-study version as part of the birthday sale, and later in 2024 you’ll get a free invite to a live round where you can benefit from group coaching and community support.

For the self-study version, you can ask simple questions inside my client-only FB group. Or add-on 1:1 coaching if you want to go deeper.

During the live round (which will happen later in 2024), it really depends on how much you want. It’s totally fine to just watch replays and go through at your own pace.

That said, if you come live there are opportunities for hotseat coaching (you can also submit questions if you can’t come live) plus I’ll be around in the Facebook group to support you, plus there will be 1:1 Voxer office hours.

The live round isn’t scheduled in yet, but is likely to take place near October 2024.

I recommend you set aside 3-4 hours a week for this work, 1 hour at a minimum.

That said, if you can’t come live or keep up with all the “homework” in real time, it’s still worth signing up to now to take advantage of the discount on the self-study version.

Yes if you know you are not fully trusting in the value of what you do.

  • Maybe you still want to raise your prices but can’t fully align to it
  • Maybe you want to scale, which means less direct 1:1 client support, but you’re afraid they won’t get the same “value” and you’re making yourself too available
  • Maybe you’ve recognised that you’re overdelivering in your current offers, and want to work in a way that is more supportive to you, trusting you can still fully support your clients that way
  • Maybe you get the feeling you’re not quite working in your zone of magic and want to uncover what that really is

This is not a beginner-level course. The experience of being fully grounded in your greatness and brilliance will shift and change at every new level of your business, every new layer of understanding who you are and what you are here to do.

It’s about confidently BEING your own niche, embodying your work and living your values, whatever stage of business you are at.

This course is for business owners of all levels. It took me years and years to figure out this stuff for myself, so you’ll be ahead of the game in terms of creating the very best foundation for showing up with confidence, charging what you really want to charge, and working in a way that is deeply aligned with who you are.

It’s about confidently BEING your own niche, embodying your work and living your values, whatever stage of business you are at.

We do cover things like marketing, pricing and offers. That said, we don’t cover absolute basics like how to set up your website or anything related to tech. 

It depends! If the course you’re on does not cover the mindset & feelings side of things, or is in a completely different area but you still want to work infusing your greatness into all areas of your business, then you will still very much benefit from the Magic of You, Unleashed group programme. (Plus you also get lifetime access to the recorded trainings, and hands on support later in 2024 in the live round) 

If you’re not sure, send me a message or Voxer me @ruthpoundwhite

This programme won’t be for everyone, and you might not be at the right stage to invest this amount. But if it IS doable (and safe) financially for you, but still feels like a scary amount? Try asking yourself, ‘What do I have to gain here?’ and looking at the investment from a different angle. It’s always going to feel uncomfortable taking a chance on yourself in this way – but as business owners our decisions should be based on where we’re going rather than just where we’re at currently.

Try putting your magician’s hat on and asking what this could make possible in your business? How can you put a plan in motion to make this money back (& more)?

Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram. The quickest way to get in touch is to use the little chat widget you should see hovering in the bottom right of the screen.

Save 50% when you join in the birthday sale plus you’ll also get a free invite to the live round later in 2024


I'm ready to make more money being me