release the sales pressure and learn to sell daily with grace and ease (without feeling pushy and without the need to physically be visible every day)

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How would it feel if I asked you to sell multiple times a day?

You know you need to sell as a business owner, but there are limits! 

✗ the idea of being “salesy” makes you want to hide

✗ maybe you wouldn’t have a clue how to actually sell every day without repeating yourself over and over

✗ you don’t want to burn out your audience (or you!) by selling “too much”

The good news is that selling gets to be soft, and you get to sell more often without the hustle & stress ✨

I ask for the sale and I make sales almost daily, and I barely even think about it.

This is part practical – I know how I sell best, and have solid strategies to sell for me between higher energy launches, even when I’m not physically there.

And it’s part mindset – I totally trust I’m delivering huge value every time I sell something, whether someone buys my offer or simply consumes my sales content.

…I’m also very sensitive, I care a lot about what people think, I struggled for years to market myself online and have never been a massively confident person.

“Soft selling” is what took me from scared and burnt out to daily, relaxed sales.

I’ll share all of my lessons with you in this brand new training.

Here’s what the soulful selling shift leads to…

✨ You’ll make more sales with less effort, in between bigger launches, by weaving sales into what you’re already doing and keeping your offers front of mind

✨ You’ll feel better about selling, by building that sales muscle and realising that asking for the sale multiple times a day doesn’t have to mean what you think

✨ You’ll have more of an impact with your work, by making it crystal clear how the right people can work with you, in a way that completely aligns with your values

And you’ll set yourself up for the holy grail of online business… daily, random sales notifications (even when you’re not physically working!)

The Soft Selling training will cover:

Part 1: The Mindset of Soft Selling

  • The number 1 thing you need to shift to embrace daily selling, fully trusting that you aren’t being pushy or overwhelming your audience
  • And how to do it all in full alignment with your unique personality, values and energy.

Part 2: The Strategy of Soft Selling

  • A real list of practical daily actions to make selling a natural part of your life (without feeling like you need to hide away afterwards)
  • My favourite technique for selling daily even when I’m not physically “there”, whether I’m on holiday or just don’t have the capacity
  • How to tie selling seamlessly into what you’re already doing, so that extra sales don’t have to mean extra work for you

By the end of the training, you will have already experienced a shift in how you see sales. Plus you’ll have a list of quick-fire actions to start implementing daily, soft sales into your business right away (this guide is something you’ll refer back to again and again).

➕ Q&A session (with the ability to pre-submit questions even if you can’t be there live)

➕ And you have 3 ways to access the content:

✨ Join in live on June 12th, 4pm UK (11am ET/ 8am PT)
✨ Watch the replay with ongoing access
✨ Listen to the private podcast version of the replay

The training will last between 90-120 minutes

Let’s talk sales values for a sec…

It’s one thing learning the strategy, it’s quite another implementing it if it doesn’t feel like “you”.

If you’ve avoided traditional sales trainings because they feel, well, “icky” or “pushy” I get it!

My core philosophy is that we get to make more sales in alignment with our values, with who we are, with what we need and how we work best.

This is not one-size-fits all and there are plenty of opportunities throughout the training to:

(a) tailor your soft selling activities to you as the unique human you are

(b) dig into any feelings it all brings up (because, soft as selling gets to be, putting our work into the world is always going to bring up feelings!)

READY FOR MORE sales, with grace & Ease?
Get your ticket to “soft selling”

release the sales pressure and learn to sell daily with grace and ease (without feeling pushy and without the need to physically be visible every day)

Just $147 $49 (for 24 hours only)


**NOTE: Soulful Sales Society members don’t need to purchase this separately**

This offer is new so I can’t share testimonials (yet) but here’s what past clients have to say about working with me on sales…

“Ruth’s approach supports you to shift how you think about selling (in a gentle but powerful way), which means you’ll do a lot more of it!”

Soulful Sales Society Member

“Lightbulb moment – I get to create sales processes that are totally suited to my ideal clients, while also looking after my own time and energy. I feel like I have a better relationship with selling now.”

Soulful Sales Summit Participant

“Your course transformed the ways I think about sales and marketing – from work that didn’t feel like me to thinking about ways of connecting, serving, and building relationships!”

Roanne, Art By Roanne

Selling can be gentle and a daily activity. That’s a huge transformation for me.”

Moira Fuller, Soulful Sales Society Member

Everything has been transformed to prioritise joy, alignment, rest. I’ve fallen in love with my 1:1 programme, I’ve found joy in creating content, I trust my own needs/feelings/decisions more, I am going after my big dream, I am genuinely a happier human being.”

Isis Sturtewagen, Coach

“Ruth is all about helping you create a pathway to your desires and goals so it works for YOU… in a way that feels powerful and gentle at the same time.”

Past 1:1 Client


I’m Ruth – a 6-figure copywriter turned business coach & mentor to heart-led & driven service-based business owners and coaches, author of the book ‘quietly ambitious’, and host of the Soulful Sales Show.

I believe in business as a vehicle for self-expression and meaningful impact in the world. And to make that possible, you need to market your business in integrity with your full self (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between).

Magic can happen when you break the rules and do things differently! 

PS. I’m also a massive introvert, feminist, and 90s-music fan. I currently live in the South East of England, with my husband Chris and my son Rowan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft selling does not include audience growth or offer creation lessons, so you will need to make sure you have those covered elsewhere. 

You’ll be able to see results sooner if you already have an offer(s) and an audience, but the training will still serve you if you’re new. It’s part practical strategy, part mindset shift.

By the way, I do have a $7 membership called the Soulful Growth Club if you want to dive into audience growth and visibility.

The training itself will last between 90-120 minutes, and is designed to help you experience the soft selling mindset shift as you go through it.

The strategies themselves are mostly very quick and easy, and mainly about practice and building the soft selling muscle.

The good news is that soft selling is more about incorporating selling into what you’re already doing, so there’s not necessarily loads of extra implementation.

Plus you get ongoing access to the replay, and my suggestion is to revisit the workbook and layer on new strategies over time, between bigger launches.

The training is happening live on June 12th, 4pm UK (11am ET/ 8am PT). It will last between 90-120 mins, including a  q&a portion.

However, it’s normal for many of my students to catch up on replay, either in the member area or private podcast, and I also have an option to pre-submit questions so you don’t miss out on the q&a.

I work with clients all over the world, so it’s very common that many can’t attend live. Which is why I allow you to submit questions in advance, and make sure the replay is up inside the member area within 24 hours (usually sooner). There’ll also be a private podcast version of the replay to listen on the go.

Soft selling works for business owners at all stages. It works particularly well if you already have offers and an audience and want to sell more often to them, without being pushy about it.

That said, it’s also a mindset shift that will serve you really well if you’re new. We won’t cover audience growth in the training, but we will cover how to sell from day 1.

The people I work with tend to be heart-led, and often describe themselves as sensitive or neurodivergent. If you’re looking to sell and do business in a way that truly honors yourself—your energy, your personality, and your version of success—then you’re in the right place.

Soft selling works with any kind of offer. That said, physical products are not my area of expertise, although I do believe many of the principles still apply.

No, because soft selling is not the same as “launching”. Here’s the difference:

Launching = a focused short-term period of more intense promotion and visibility to boost sales in a concentrated time period, usually requiring more energy and preparation

Soft Selling =  a gentle, ongoing approach that works to boost your sales and product awareness in between launches, and feels like a natural extension of what you already do.

I do have a separate “Laidback Launch” training here.

Yes, however this is a one-off very discounted pre-launch price. In future, the training will sell for $147+ and won’t be run live, so you won’t be able to ask questions. This is an exclusive pre-order discount. And even if you can’t come live, you can submit your questions in advance if you have any.