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Running a business is never easy, even if you love what you do. And one thing I’ve realised over my 11-year online business journey is that support from somebody who “gets it” can make all the difference to the fear, the overwhelm and what you believe is really possible.

My one-to-one power sessions are designed to help you make a shift in your business, in whatever way you need. That could mean getting feedback on your ideas, breaking down some big scary goals, figuring out how to fit your work around your life, your values & your personality, creating an action plan, feeling supported with a decision or getting the help you need to stop spinning your wheels and set up something new in your business.

One-to-one focused strategy sessions are for you if…

  • You want to move the needle in your business in a specific way
  • You’ve found yourself spinning your wheels or stuck in a particular area of your business
  • There’s something specific you’re working on, or want to work on, that you could use some feedback, ideas and practical advice on.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the noise, rules and ‘blueprints’ and just need to get things done

Note: This is not the same as ongoing mentoring. It’s about moving the needle forward in a specific area of your business. Ongoing mentoring is really useful for staying accountable to make things happen over time, making larger mindset shifts, building your confidence and making bigger changes.

Some things we can work on together...

“Taking advice from someone you don’t know can be a tricky path to navigate – will they understand my perspective? What do they really know about my business? Will they be able to tap into my thought-process? Ruth’s experience and balanced approach to her own businesses means she can cut through to what really matters and put me at ease immediately. She researched my business before our call and gave honest feedback to my questions and concerns. She has a skill for truly listening, processing and giving sensible, solid advice.” 

Jo McCarthy of Firain

Here’s how it works…

Click the button below to pay for or book in your call (feel free to send me an email first if you have questions or need a payment plan)

You answer a brief questionnaire when you book so I understand your issue

I send you a more detailed form to fill in with all the info so that we can get right to business in the call

After the call, I send you a detailed action plan (plus notes of what we talked about, and sometimes links to useful resources)

Then I check in with you 2 weeks later to keep you accountable/ share your wins/ help you with your fears or answer any questions.

✓ The idea is that you’ll be taking solid action after the call & follow up to move your business forward.

A few more details…

It’s a 75-minute call – usually conducted via video – and, believe me, we can pack a lot  into this

Your investment includes the pre-call questionnaires, the call itself, the notes/ action plan & the check-in via email

We spend the call dedicated to something you want to move forward with. It could be something you’ve been wanting to progress with for a while, or a brand new idea75 minute one-to-one call (conducted online via video or audio, whatever you prefer)

This is a chance to get one-on-one support from somebody with has 11 years of online business experience, and who totally gets how difficult it can be (because I’m in the unique package of running a 10+ year old business while simultaneously starting a brand new one with no crossover audience!)

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*only 2 spaces left – bookings close Friday, November 22nd*

You choose the topic: it could be email marketing (starting/ growing/ nurturing your list), growing an engaged community (especially as an introvert), running challenges, creating/ launching courses, launching a podcast, content strategy (planning topics, repurposing etc. this is a huge superpower of mine that I don’t mention enough), big picture business thinking, all the mindset stuff, or pick my brain about transitioning to coaching/ mentoring, or anything else I do.

“It was great to have Ruth actually go through my website and give me practical advice improvements and her thoughts. I found her tips on improving sales very useful and would like to think I’ll be working with her again in the near future.” 

Safiyyah Choycha of Safiyyah Studio

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between this and longer-term mentoring?

This is not the same as ongoing mentoring. It’s about moving the needle forward in a specific area of your business. Ongoing mentoring is really useful for staying accountable to make things happen over time, making larger mindset shifts, building your confidence and making bigger changes. Strategy sessions are really useful for knuckling down and taking the right action in a specific area of your business now. They are both useful!

Do you offer payment plans?

I can split the cost into 2 payments of £125, but I ask that your payments are completed before the call takes place. Just contact me if you’d like to do this.

What happens next?
  1. You make a payment to secure this offer and either book your call in right away or pay without booking a time (and contact me if none of my listed times work for you).
  2. Fill in the questionnaire with as much detail as you can when you book!
  3. Then I’ll read through it and send you a follow-up questionnaire before the call. Again, please fill this in with as much detail as possible.
  4. If you want me to look over any specific areas of your online presence, e.g. your email newsletter or your Instagram profile, please send me the links on this form
  5. We’ll have the call and get through as much as possible! Because you’ve done the detailed forms, we get right down to business!
  6. I will send you a typed action plan, notes & call recording within 24 hours (on business days)
  7. You get to work!
  8. Then I follow up with you two weeks later for final clarifications/ feedback/ support

“My call with Ruth was really helpful as she gave me lots of advice and tips to help me move forwards on some areas I was feeling a bit stuck on. I love how approachable and encouraging Ruth is, and I love her approach to building a business on your own terms. I finished our call feeling uplifted and like I had some practical steps to start putting into action. Thanks Ruth!”

Eloise Rickman of Frida Be Mighty

Not sure whether you want to work one-on-one, or which package is for you? Get in touch and I’ll help you figure out the best option.

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