120-minute workshop where I'll break marketing down into its simplest form, help you figure out where to focus, how to set your intentions, and make a plan for 2020 that works for you.

You're here because you've got something to share with the world, you want to get it in front of more people, and you want to get well paid for it.

But “marketing” what you do can feel hard, complicated, icky, too time-consuming, not like “you”… I get it, because I used to feel that way too. But now I genuinely love marketing online, because I get to do it my way.

“I am so excited to get started, this is the first time I have ever felt this way about ‘marketing’!!” – workshop participant

Over the years I've built up an engaged follower base, and very loyal customer base, without being “everywhere” or doing “all the things”. I figured out marketing my way, and it worked. 

The marketing I do sells for me, yes, but it's also more about connecting with others, and my own personal and creative fulfilment.

And I have now helped hundreds of other business owners with their marketing content & strategy.

Online marketing isn't as complicated as it may seem. And it can be creative, too. As Seth Godin says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell” – doesn't that sound fun?!

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“Before the workshop I often wondered if I was doing “enough” or doing it the “right way.” After the workshop I felt awesome and excited!”
Kendall Norman

When you are the face of your brand it all falls on you to put your products and services out there. If you don't show up, you don't get paid, and that's a lot of pressure. That's why it's so important to simplify, prioritise, and let go of what doesn't work for you (even though it may work for others).

In this workshop I will take marketing back to basics, and help you find a way to market your business that is true to you. Because I ultimately believe that's the only way it'll (a) be sustainable in the long term and (b) attract the right clients and customers for what you do. Sound good? Then keep reading for details.

What the workshop covers…

* The marketing basics that you need to know, that'll help you figure out what you need to do (and what you don't!)

* Choosing the right marketing channels for you, and setting intentions for wherever you show up

* Figuring out the “story” you share with your followers and the way you stand out

* We'll create a simple plan for how you want to show up in 2020 – one that you'll actually stick to. This won't mean more work: it's about doing less, but better.

* And underlying it all, the importance of trusting your own intuition and tuning out the online noise

* This training was originally live and lasted 2 hours. I answered lots of bonus questions about selling what you do online.

Are you ready to get your business seen online in 2020?

This workshop is for you if…

* You want a simpler way to understand marketing, and the permission you need to do it your way

* You may have tried and failed at different marketing methods in the past

* You have been putting effort into marketing your business but you feel you're spread too thin

* You sometimes find yourself spinning your wheels because of all the different advice online

* You're also a thoughtful person who wants to give genuine value to your followers and get well paid for your work

This workshop is not for you if…

* You are looking for a one-size-fits-all marketing blueprint. I can't give you that, sorry!

* You aren't willing to put the work in to show up. It's not about hustle, but I do still expect you to put some consistent work in, and give it time to make a difference.

* You want detailed help with specific tactics like Facebook ads. This is a 90-120 minute workshop, so there's not time to teach everything about every method. It's more about the foundations & creating your unique plan (and that's different for everyone).

* You don't really want to market your business online and are looking for in-person marketing advice instead.

important details

  • The training is 120 minutes long. Bring a pen & paper so you can pause, make notes and fill in the workbook as you go.
  • You’ll receive access to the video recording, all of the slides, am MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a PDF checklist & worksheet with the key exercises.
  • This is an online workshop – you won't have to talk or show your face on video – don't worry!
  • This is the most affordable way to access my business mentorship.
  • There is no “pitch” or “upsell” at the end of this training.

How Much?

£74 GBP
Approximately $97 USD

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A percentage of all purchases of my digital products will be donated to Client Earth, a charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it, by fighting against climate change and protecting nature and the environment.

“I am so excited to get started, this is the first time I have ever felt this way about ‘marketing’!!” – workshop participant