I’ve been running my online business for over 10 years, but 18 months ago I decided to get visible. Even as an introvert, as an “awkward”, “nervous” and “shy” human, and one who doesn’t have much free time.

It was the best decision I made for my life & business! I learnt so much about myself, and I quickly grew a loyal following and customer base in a brand new business with no existing audience.

I figured out my own way to show up for my business, without conforming to all of the “rules”, and in a way that honours my time & personality (rather than doing everything to push against it).

People are always asking me how I do it – so I’m sharing the answer in a brand new live workshop.

You need to show up for your business to sell what you do, but you get to choose how to do that.

In this workshop I will share with you how to show up in a way that honours your personality, your energy levels, & the time you have available without sacrificing your income. So that you can get well paid for doing work you love. Sound good? Then keep reading for details.

What the workshop covers…

* Steps towards owning the power of you (how I’ve overcome complete anxiety around this to owning what I have to say, and the difference I can make)

* My practical strategies for showing up in a way that feels good so that you can sell more of your stuff in an easy way (even if you’re shy!)

* How to tune into your intuition (& why doing so makes all the difference)

* 3 key beliefs that keep me showing up, consistently

* This training was originally live and I answered some questions about common fears people have about putting themselves out there.

Are you ready to show up for your business, sell what you do & earn the money you want without feeling burned out or icky about the way you’re getting visible?

This workshop is for you if…

* You’re feeling called to share more but you’re afraid

* You feel like you can’t keep up with all the marketing strategies you “should” be doing

* You find it hard to believe that what you have to share is useful and needed

* You might feel a disconnect between how you feel inside and what you portray to your followers and customers

* You are inconsistent in the way you share online

* You’re an introvert, shy, nervous, busy or even just tired

This is not for you if…

* You don’t have an online-based business

* You aren’t willing to dig into the feelings as well as the practical strategies

* You don’t want to ever push yourself out of your comfort zone.

* You’re not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to do it your way (don’t worry, I’ll help you get there!)

* You feel like you’ve totally nailed the way you put yourself out there in your business 

Get instant access

5% of all purchases of my digital products will be donated to Client Earth, a charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it, by fighting against climate change and protecting nature and the environment.

All the details

  • The training is 90 minutes long. Bring a notepad and paper so you can work through it as you watch (I’ve included pauses for you to do the work)
  • You’ll receive access to the video recording, all of the slides, am MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a PDF checklist & worksheet with the key exercises.
  • It’s full of actionable strategies that you can quickly implement to create a more joyful and impactful business, starting now
  • This is the most affordable way to access my business mentorship
  • There is no “pitch” or “upsell” at the end of this training.

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