1 hour 45 minute workshop where I break down the process to radically prioritise, tune into your needs, find the best idea to move forward with now, and create an ongoing business self-care plan.

From overwhelmed to empowered is an online, guided mentoring workshop to help you get clear on what you need to prioritise right now, and how best to serve your community, in a way that keeps your needs at the centre.

We are all feeling this right now. It’s not business as usual, but there is still so much we can do as business owners to keep things going in a positive way. This is an invitation to trust yourself and create a place of calm and certainty inside, when it feels anything but calm and certain outside.

“I really enjoyed this workshop. At the time it was delivered (during the pandemic) I’m guessing quite a few people were feeling especially unsure about how to approach their business or what to offer and how to. Your approach to all of this was like a sea of calm: reassuring and delivering tangible tips and advice on how to handle everything and keep on doing things the aligned way. Lots of value and I highly recommend anyone taking part.” – Susanne

Who is this for?

✨ business owners of any kind who are feeling uncertain, overwhelmed, confused
✨ those who want to create more space and more calm to keep things going, to stay financially secure, and to find the opportunities in an uncertain time
✨ &
 who want to do it all in a way that works best for them
✨ and
 for those who are feeling the need to trust in themselves and claim a little bit of extra support during this time

After the workshop you’ll come away with a plan for your business that leaves you feeling empowered, not overwhelmed. 

This isn’t me giving you a blueprint to follow. It’s me guiding you to gently create your own.

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“Very different to other marketing advice I’ve seen at the moment, very calm, the advice to tune into my own inner knowing is so, so helpful, and the guided prompts are a great way to access that.” – Katrina

What the workshop covers…

Above all else you’ll come away with a plan that leaves you feeling empowered, not overwhelmed.

* Getting crystal clear on your priorities for the next few weeks and months, finding a new rhythm that works for you, and being proactive rather than reactive during this uncertain time.

* How to create the space to tune back into your body, your emotions, your intuition and your expertise during a very noisy time.

* Plus a q&a session where I answered questions on pricing and selling during the pandemic.

* And you get a workbook to follow this through in your own time.

A note from me to you...

I have never been more sure in my belief in the power of online (and offline) businesses than I am now.

Keeping our businesses going, continuing to sell, planning what we’re doing next… it may feel frivolous. It may feel impossible. It may feel pointless. It may feel selfish. But it is none of those things.

Your business, your livelihood, it matters. Yes, plans may have to change. Yes, in person businesses will be adapting right now, and many will be in trouble (and I’m so sorry for that). Yes, many of us (me included) have less time now that we’re home with kids full time.

But there is still room for you to figure out a new plan, even if it’s slightly different to what you may have imagined. There is still a need for you to get paid for what you do and not give everything for free (which is why I’m charging for this workshop, albeit at a lower rate than usual). There is still an opportunity for you to make a difference in individual customers’ lives, and to the economy as a whole.

I am here to support you as you tune into what you and your business truly need during this time.

“I think we all need greater clarity and this was a quick win way of achieving that.” – Nicola

How Much?

£24 GBP (approx $30 USD)
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I have a small number of pay what you can places (minimum £5) for anyone who has been negatively affected by the pandemic – just choose that option on the checkout page (or click here for my free mini audio series instead)

important details

  • The training is 1 hour 45 minutes long. Bring a pen and paper to write down thoughts & ideas as we go along.
  • You’ll receive access to the video recording, all of the slides, an MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a PDF worksheet with the key exercises.
  • This is a pre-recorded online workshop – you won’t have to talk or show your face on video – don’t worry!
  • This is the most affordable way to access my business mentorship.
  • There is no “pitch” or “upsell” at the end of this training.