there's a sensitive, impactful & FUN way to grow your audience and sell to your right people: free masterclasses!

✨ As a sensitive introvert, these free masterclasses have been the perfect way for me to connect with my right people.

✨ They're really useful for my people (not just one long sales pitch!) and positively impact the growth of my business.

✨ Every time I run a free masterclass, I get a big spike in my audience growth(specifically my email list).

✨They are perfect for creating a “buzz” when I don't have the energy/ don't feel like showing up for a free challenge.

✨ I have successfully used free masterclasses to promote both high ticket group programmes & lower ticket courses.

✨ And I do them in a way that's perfect for my energy, values & personality.

In short, free masterclasses are a very simple, repeatable, soulful way for me to grow, nurture & sell. And I want to share that process with you!

Here's what you'll learn in this self-study course:

  • coming up with the perfect topic & title to boost signups
  • what to do before & after your free class for maximum impact on your signups, audience growth, shares & income
  • what to share in your masterclass (& what to leave out) to ensure that both your attendees and your business benefits
  • the simple way to tie this strategy into a “launch” to increase sales
…& how to do this all as a sensitive human who doesn't always want to be loud & visible!

You're in the right place to benefit from Masterclass Magic if

* You know you want to do something like a free masterclass/ webinar to launch or grow your audience, but as a sensitive human you don't like the way you see others teach it

* You could be brand new to free masterclasses or you could have run them before. They key is that you're interested in my unique take on them as a quietly ambitious & sensitive introvert!

* You might be a little nervous about this kind of visibility but you're totally ready to learn, grow and stretch your comfort zone in the name of your bigger goals (just like I have!)

This might not be the right choice for you right now if…

* You aren't willing to dig into the feelings as well as the practical strategies

* You feel like you've totally 100% nailed the way you run free masterclasses and it's working to bring you sales

* You're not willing to ultimately believe that this is your business and therefore you get to do it your way (don't worry, I'll help you get there!)

It doesn't matter what stage you're at with your business, if this is a strategy you want to try (and you want to do it the sensitive way), this training is for you.

Here's what's included…

  • 6 modules of easy-to-digest lessons (provided as video, audio and text to make this more accessible)
  • Powerful workbook to hit the ground running with your free masterclass
  • Checklists for every stage of the process
  • Plus bonus templates & examples from my own free masterclasses:
    ✨webinar slide template
    ✨email templates for before & after the masterclass
    ✨landing page copy examples

What They Thought About The “Masterclass Magic” Course

“Ruth has created such a detailed masterclass on this topic – no stone was left unturned! The workbook and Q&A were also extremely supportive and the whole experience gave me so much more confidence to run my own.”

Tamsin Williamson

“Ruth did a great job of dissolving this block [around selling as part of a free workshop]! I think the other big thing that I took away was that the whole process could actually be fun and motivating in its own right. I also loved the idea of repurposing masterclasses as mini-courses .”

Sophy Dale

“Caught up on this last night – SO inspired. I already knew that I was going to do my masterclass on, but ended up writing the entire sales page after watching the session, and have so many ideas for it. Thanks!”

Katie Sadler

Here are your options…

For access to the self-study programme for the lifetime of the programme (aka until I “retire” it)

Pay in GBP ::

1x payment of £222
or 2x payments of £111

Pay in USD ::

1x payment of $311
or 2x payments of $155.50


Save £111 and buy this course + Grow With Challenges

1x payment of £333 ($466)
or 3x payments of £111 ($156)