The Origin Collective Membership – from Kate Northrup – is a place where you can learn to create a business without burnout using the “do less” and cyclical working philosophies and understand that tending to our precious bodies is the vessels/source of our most powerful, most sustainable work 

I have personally learned so much from Kate over the last few years about cyclical living & working, and honouring my body and my energy. ​ Kate is a huge influence on my own work, and I can’t wait to see you inside her wonderful community.

“Body first, business second ~ Kate Northrup

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I’ve been a member myself for 3+ years, and just love the space Kate has created. You have from now until October 20th at 8pm Eastern to sign up.

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Here’s how you can take part in the Manifesting Experiment…

You simply have to be a student of my journalling course or my launch journalling course. They’re both currently on sale until we start on Monday, January 17th. Choose whichever option suits you best, or buy both for an even bigger discount.

(If you already have at least one of these, you’re already in! But you’re welcome to take advantage of the sale and purchase another course that you don’t have yet)

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No, you can buy one or the other. There’s simply the option to buy both at a discount if you wish to!

This is going to take roughly 10 mins a day. Honestly, this is the work so many of us avoid. So join in, set aside 10 mins a day, and see what happens!

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Just use the chat box on the bottom right hand side of this page (or email hi (at) and I’ll be happy to answer them. 

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