How To Use Seasons and Cycles To Transform Your Life and Business

This post is all about honouring the seasons, the moon cycle and (if you menstruate) your own internal cycle.

This post is all about honouring the seasons, the moon cycle and (if you menstruate) your own internal cycle.

The four seasons of nature have been naturally linked to two other cycles that can have a powerful impact in our lives: the menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle. And this is the focus of this month’s guide & prompts.

We all have a general feeling of what the different seasons mean for the energy of our creativity, visibility, culmination and rest in our body and in our business. 

Seasons, Cycles, Ritual & “Woo”

Personally, I find tuning into the seasons and cycles most powerful as a ritual and a natural checkpoint. Some people also believe that different phases of the moon are powerful times to manifest what you want to call in over the next cycle. Even if you’re not “woo”, I want you to know just how relaxing and grounding it feels to tune into natural cycles. So I invite you to continue with this month’s content with an open mind!

A Guide to Each of the Seasons & Cycles

Disclaimer: before I describe each of the seasons, please know I’m no medical or moon expert! Use these as a guide for your own exploration. And remember, not everyone identifies with the feelings and energies listed below, and that’s ok.

  • Winter is the “fertile void” where, on the surface, it may not appear as though much is happening, but a lot of work is going on unseen. It lasts from day 1 of the cycle (if you menstruate – the start of the bleed) for up to 7 days, where it is normal to feel tired and energetically that you’re “letting go”. In terms of the lunar cycle, it includes the days leading up to, during and just after the new moon (when there is no visible moon in the sky). When it comes to manifestation, the new moon is seen as the most powerful time to set intentions on what you want to manifest over the coming cycle.
  • Eventually that activity becomes evident in spring, where nature quite rapidly ‘springs’ into action. It corresponds with nature’s spring, where energy is visibly speeding up and things are growing – and the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle when eggs start to mature in the ovaries in preparation for ovulation. This phase is all about starting to feel more energised and motivated again, perhaps letting new ideas emerge that you might feel ready to take action on. 
  • The green shoots appear, the flowers start to bloom, and it all reaches a climax throughout the summer, when the days are long and we all have much more productive time to enjoy. Everything is at its peak! Including the menstrual cycle, where an egg is released and energy levels are usually at their highest. (If you have a 28-day cycle, ovulation happens around day 14) This is linked to the full moon phase of the lunar cycle, where the moon is big and bright, and many of us will feel more energised and less able to sleep soundly. The full moon is seen as a powerful time to let go of what no longer serves you.  Whether you’re an extrovert or not, summer will usually be when you feel your most outgoing. But be wary of making too many plans while you’re full of energy – try to pace yourself in anticipation of the upcoming autumn/ fall.
  • Things – literally and metaphorically – culminate and are ready to be harvested come autumn, before dying back again for winter. This stage begins just after ovulation. In the lunar cycle, this is the waning moon – as we head back towards another new moon.The inner autumn can sometimes be challenging for people, but the more you lean into it and track it, the more you can utilise its power. As a business owner, you may not feel like being so visible during this phase, and your mind may start to make you doubt your work. Trust is hugely important during this stage – trust your past self for the plans they put in place, and trust your future self for their ability to execute them well.

Running Your Business Around the Seasons

There are two reasons why this can work:

(1) your energy may be different during certain seasons and moon phases. By planning to run or launch services and programmes at different times, you can maximise the times when you feel most visible, and give yourself more time to rest when you need it.

(2) there are so many decisions to make as a business owner. If you’re unsure about how long a programme should be, or when to start it, why not let the moon phases help you decide?!

In reality, it might be hard to organise your calendar completely around the moon or the menstrual cycle, but this doesn’t mean you can’t organise some of your activities around it. Just have fun and play with it! If you have the choice, try launching during ovulation when you are at your most magnetic, or try starting a new group experience on a new moon where you can all set intentions together. Give yourself permission to see how it all goes!

Cycle-Led Journal Prompts

Choose a prompt based on what feels good to you in this moment – take what works for you and leave the rest.

Winter/ New Moon/ Menstrual Phase

  • What do I need to surrender to in my life & business right now?
  • What do I need to do to rest right now?
  • What do I wish to let go of from the last cycle?
  • Here’s my intention for the coming cycle…

Spring/ Waxing Moon/ Follicular Phase

  • What ideas do I feel like acting on right now?
  • What project or plans do I desire to get started on?
  • How can I take action on my ideas in a playful way?

Summer/ Full Moon/ Ovulation Phase

  • What bold action could I take in the direction of my dreams?
  • How can I show up as my most magnetic self right now?
  • What am I calling in right now? Here’s what I wish to receive…
  • How can I stay grounded during this time?

Autumn/ Waning Moon/ Luteal Phase

  • How can I slow down and trust that everything I want & need is coming (or already here)?
  • What stories, fears or limiting beliefs do I need to work through right now?
  • Here are some goals, actions or plans that I am no longer aligned to and choose to let go of…
  • What do I need to postpone while I honour my inner autumn?

Cycle-Led Affirmations

Try reading, writing out or listening to the following affirmations as part of your daily routine, and see how it makes you feel. 

Winter/ New Moon/ Menstrual Phase

  1. I embrace the new beginning of this cycle. Today is the start of whatever I want.
  2. I honour my need to rest and recharge.
  3. I listen to and honour my body, how it feels and what it needs.
  4. I am deeply supported as I move into this next cycle.

Spring/ Waxing Moon/ Follicular Phase

  1. I trust the ideas that come to me intuitively.
  2. I give myself permission to play with my ideas at this time. I take action from a place of curiosity.
  3. I listen to and honour my body as I take action on my new ideas.
  4. I pay attention to how I feel, always.

Summer/ Full Moon/ Ovulation Phase

  1. I am ready and willing to take bold action in the direction of my dreams.
  2. I am healthy, happy, vibrant and radiant. I am filled with energy to do the work I most love to do.
  3. I stay grounded and adaptable to whatever comes up.
  4. It is safe for me to say no to some opportunities. It is safe for me to protect my future energy.

Autumn/ Waning Moon/ Luteal Phase

  1. I trust my desire to slow down. I have all the time I need, and I create the space I need to take care of me. Rest is part of the work.
  2. I am perfect, whole and complete, right now and always.
  3. I am grateful for all of the lessons I am learning at this time.
  4. I can do hard things. When times feel difficult, I trust that they will get better.

If you’re interested in these ideas and processes, you might be interested in joining my course to delve a little deeper – Journaling for Business Owners.   It explores journaling as a business owner and has loads of tips about how to integrate it into your personal and business life to have an impact.