How To Get Visible In Your Business In a Way That Feels Good (Even If You’re An Introvert)

This post will explore your feelings around getting visible, which can be a huge subject for those of us that have brands based on who we are.

Although I now have a podcast and regularly show my face in live videos and Stories, my own journey with visibility is a long and complicated one. A few years ago I didn’t feel I was the “right” person to show up and be seen online, and far from being confident around it, I suffered very real anxiety at the thought of showing my face.

You Have Something To Say (& I Mean This From the Bottom of My Heart)

I can’t say this enough: the world needs more people to show up, with different accents, from different backgrounds, with different struggles and different points of view. They may have heard the things you’re talking about before, but they often need to hear it from the right person before it sinks in. And that person, for so many people, will be YOU! You in all your imperfect and messy glory.

Here are some of the ways that you may choose to be more visible that can all have an impact on your business and getting your work or your message out into the world:

✨ Commenting more on other people’s posts

✨ Owning your experience and expertise, and sharing it

✨ Showing up more in communities you’re already a part of (like Facebook groups)

✨ Sending friendly DMs and emails to people you admire or who might be part of your target market

✨ Putting your face on your website or on social media

✨ Being more vulnerable and honest in what you share

✨ Letting people hear your voice

✨ Being bolder in sharing your opinions and what you stand for, and believing in what you have to say

✨ Selling what you do and making sure people know what it is that you offer

If any of that sounds scary, read on…

Remember: Comfort Zones Stretch (A Note About Scary Stuff)

The first time you do anything, especially as a shy or sensitive person, will make you cringe. The second time you do it will probably also make you cringe. But I think that if you can do it a first time, get through that feeling, then force yourself to do it a second time in quick succession, you’re already through a lot of the worst of it.

I’d really encourage you to set yourself a goal, like posting something every day on Instagram stories for a few weeks (which disappear after 24 hours and, let’s face it, don’t matter that much).

And remember this: if you don’t try you’ll never stretch that comfort zone, and trying once is not enough to make it feel natural.

I invite you to use journalling prompts to dig into some of the ways you’re afraid to show up, and be radically honest about whether you can push yourself and give it a try.

Over the years, journalling was one of many tools (alongside therapy and coaching) that has helped me to trust that some of the reasons why I was so afraid are actually what make me the right person for my right people. 

Journal Prompts:

As always, choose a prompt based on what feels good to you in this moment. Have a glance over them all and pick the one that feels right.

Journalling is for your eyes only. But you’ll often find that the prompts bring up incredible content ideas. Make a note of anything you want to revisit and share on social media. And it’s totally ok if you’d rather not share any of it.

As always, remember to take what works for you and leave the rest.

  1. Here’s how I feel about the way I’m showing up and getting visible in my business right now… Write down anything and everything, good and bad. Maybe you feel tired. Maybe you feel like you’re not doing your work justice. Maybe you’re showing up for likes vs speaking your truth. Be radically honest.
  2. Here’s why my voice is needed in what I do… Most things have been said before. Your industry may feel saturated. Get behind your uniqueness by writing down any reason why your voice is so needed right now.
  3. Here are some fears that are holding me back from being visible… This could be anything, from the fear of wasting time, to not feeling good enough, to being afraid to fail.
  4. Here’s what I would do if I wasn’t afraid… For a moment, pretend that you don’t have any of those fears. How would you choose to be showing up if you could set them aside. Is there something you’ve been avoiding out of fear of rejection? Let’s dig into that, and then get out there and try it!
  5. Here’s how my business needs me to be visible right now… What do you need in order to meet your income goals, make an impact on your right people, get your book into the world, or whatever else you’re doing and planning?

If things come up for you in your journalling, talking about it can help. Talk to a coach, mentor, business friend or come and ask for advice/ support in the Quietly Ambitious Business Owners Facebook group.


Try reading, writing out or listening to the following affirmations as part of your daily routine, and see how it makes you feel. Some may resonate with you more than others and that’s ok. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

  1. I am the right person for my right people and my right people are everywhere.
  2. My worth is not determined by the number of likes and comments I get. My truth matters more than any algorithm.
  3. I share what is true to me, even if others may feel differently.
  4. The more I take care of myself, the more I am able to tune into what I really want to share with my right people.
  5. I am wonderfully and uniquely imperfect, and my imperfections are what make other people feel connected to me and my brand.

Interested in using these processes but not sure how to integrate them into your life and business? My course, Journaling for Business Owners, can help!  It explores the journaling process and is full of additional insights about using it to boost your business and make you money. Find out more and sign up here!