This is your time to Rise.

I know it is possible to build & run a successful business without sacrificing what you need, who you are, or what you value. You can work in a way that totally honours who you are as a person (thoughtful, complex, brave, scared, overwhelmed, ambitious, awkward, & everything in between). And you can get well paid for it.

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You can feel the Rise when it's about to happen (or already in motion)…

✨ It’s in the decision that you’re ready. That you can’t not do this.

✨ It’s the knowledge that the big goal you’re working towards is happening. It’s already real. You just don’t know when yet. And you're not willing to compromise on what you really want (however big or small that may be).

✨ It’s that subtle shift in the way you feel about yourself. It’s in the owning of who you are. Beautiful, imperfect you. It’s a knowing that something has changed, even if you don’t know what.

✨ It’s the deep longing to connect with your people, to see them rise too and to have them support you as you rise. And it’s accepting the impact you want to create, together and as individuals, even if that feels big and scary.

✨ It’s in that moment that you decide to bet on this working, rather than you failing (because like I said, you have no other choice, you can't not do this)

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

My new group experience is coming later in 2021. Very limited places available. Enter your email to request further info.

This programme is about rising above your internal doubts, fears and perceived limitations to follow the path that is uniquely yours, and to build a business that supports your life & your mission. It’s about earning the money you want, and building the business you want, without sacrifice. As a group, we all rise together.

The group programme is both a business framework, complete with training, and an intimate support & coaching container to support you with your quietly ambitious goals.

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Here's what past 'risers' have to say...

“it's been the best thing I've done so far for my business”
Julia Davies, coach to quiet rebels

“I've gained clarity in ways I hadn't considered when we started” – Nicola Fisher, A Gentler Pace

“Ruth is quiet and she is also fierce. She exudes a calm confidence and doesn't hold back from challenging you when she knows it will move you on. She totally embodies what she shares with others and you can tell. I highly recommend working with her.” – Lisa Harmer, dramatherapist

“Being part of Rise has really been invaluable to me. I feel so much stronger in myself as a business owner.” – Astrid Bracke, Productivity & Rest Coach

“I have launched workshops, developed and launched a course, run a really successful Instagram challenge and am learning to trust myself. Ruth is nurturing, honest and thoughtful. During my time working with Ruth I’ve found my focus, developed and launched stuff in a way that feels good to me and found some real momentum. I’ve loved working with Ruth!” – Jo Hooper, mentor at Mad & Sad Club

“Ruth is a great role model in being able to make a lucrative but value based business work and flourish. I’m glad to have met Ruth and know she is out there doing what she is doing”  – Sarah Gray, herbalist

Whether your heart is already saying yes, or you've got some questions, I invite you to book a free 20-30 minute chat using the button below (with zero pressure) & we'll make sure we're a good fit together before moving forward.

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a little note from me to you...

This is a big step for you!

Investing in a coach/mentor is exciting but it can also be scary. So let me share my journey with you. I started my business in 2008 and I had very little confidence in my abilities as a business owner. It took me years to invest in 1:1 support. And when I finally found the right person to support me, the money felt big.

But it also felt like the right step. The first time I was choosing to believe in myself as the business owner I already was, not the business owner I could be, if only I were more outgoing, more confident, more, more more…

I learnt to stretch my comfort zone based on what was in my heart, not based on comparing myself to what other people were doing.

I have never looked back from that first investment, and I'm never now without the support of a coach, mentor or mastermind group. Even though the money still feels scary at times. Because having the space for other people to truly hear you is priceless. And making all those decisions and stretching your comfort zone alone is hard.

So if it feels scary, know that this is partly what makes the investment so powerful. You'll have a reason to show up, and trust that your intuition has led you to the right person who truly sees you and knows how to push you in the right way.

I would be honoured to support you on your journey to make even bigger and better things happen in your life and business.

You've got this.

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