Episode #49: Q&A: Staying in Your Lane, Running 2 Businesses & Growing Your Audience

In today’s episode I’m answering your questions about putting yourself out there and building a business your way.


Show Notes

Today’s episode is the final episode of season 3! At the beginning I share with you what I have planned for the podcast, and then I dive into a q&a including topics like how to keep going when you’re discouraged, how to stay in your own lane, my tips for building an engaged audience & more.

“What would Lady Gaga do?”

Some of the things I talk about:

  • Why I choose to put my 1:1 prices on my website
  • Whether I think we should still focus on SEO (or not)
  • The importance of directing followers to something we have control of (i.e. your email list)
  • My experience hiring a Pinterest VA
  • How I keep going when I feel discouraged
  • How to direct more people to your Etsy products via social media
  • How I am personally juggling my responsibilities given that I’m running two businesses
  • Whether to keep two lines of business separate, or to merge them
  • How to go about growing an engaged audience
  • How to stay in your own lane

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