Episode #25: How to Keep Showing Up (Even When It’s Hard)

In this solo episode I talk about how to keep showing up for yourself and your business, even when it’s hard.

Show Notes

In this solo episode I talk about how to keep showing up for yourself and your business, even when it’s hard. Showing up for me is essential to making this work, but it’s hard when you doubt whether what you’re doing works, when you doubt yourself, or when you suffer setbacks. So I talk about how I’ve learnt to navigate these feelings myself over the years. I’d love to hear from you on this one on Instagram or my Facebook Group.

“Showing up for me means having this resilience, and having this faith, that even if things aren’t working out now, they will work out in future”

Some of the things I talk about:

  • Why ‘keep showing up’ is a really helpful guiding mantra in my business
  • What showing up means to me (and why it’s different to visibility or consistency)
  • Showing up for myself vs. for my business
  • Resiliency and dealing with setbacks or uncertainty that your business is working
  • Taking a practical step back to look at your business more objectively (aka having a “business meeting with yourself)
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome and not feeling good enough
  • Why showing up sometimes looks like hiding away
  • The importance of talking about your feelings to other people who get it

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“I’ve found that when I’m more honest and able to freely share when I’m really in that pit of self-doubt then I get a lot of reassurance back, but when I try and hide it it makes everything harder”

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