Episode #21: Vix Meldrew on Blogging with Personality, Honest Money Chat & Quitting Her Day Job

Today I’m chatting with Vix Meldrew, who started blogging under a pen name and quit her teaching job last year to take it full time.

Show Notes

Today I’m chatting with Vix Meldrew, who started blogging under a pen name and quit her teaching job last year to take it full time. She is really open about what it takes to make that transition, and we chatted quite a bit about how much honesty there is surrounding money and privilege in the blogging industry. We also talk about building a business around your personality, trying lots of new things, finding your voice and doing it your way. Enjoy!

I didn’t quit teaching to go into another job where there were rules and regimented things and expectations and pressures. I quit to build something of my own and to make it of my own and to enjoy it. And if I’m not enjoying it I’m just not going to do it.

– Vix Meldrew

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How she got into blogging, took it full time in 2018 and quit teaching
  • Making the decision to leave a job she enjoyed, and the financial uncertainty of taking that leap
  • Why she started under a pen name and what happened when people in her real life figured it out
  • Some really honest chat about how much money bloggers are seen to be making vs reallymake, and the privilege that underlies a lot of how we talk about it
  • Dealing with criticism for being outspoken about the industry
  • Balancing & experimenting with blogging, podcasting, a weekly in depth newsletter, Youtube & more
  • How Vix found her distinct writing voice, and how what she talks about changes over time
  • Sharing openly about a wide range of topics, and where she chooses to draw the line
  • Her best advice for anyone wishing to build a brand or blog around their personality

Links from this episode:

In any kind of creative business, the minute you pigeonhole yourself and the minute you say “I’m only ever going to do this” you’re kind of stifling yourself

– Vix Meldrew

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