Episode #19: Maria Betsworth on Instagram Growth, Other People’s Opinions & Empowering Breastfeeding Women

Today’s guest is Maria Betsworth, aka @littlepeachlondon, who helps women around the world to breastfeed with her incredibly valuable online resource.


Show Notes

Today’s guest is Maria Betsworth, aka @littlepeachlondon, who helps women around the world to breastfeed with her incredibly valuable online resource. At the time of release I have been breastfeeding my son for 13 months and counting, and although breastfeeding is now mostly easy, without people like Maria normalising breastfeeding and sharing honest experiences, I know I would have struggled to continue in the early days. As well as talking about her passion for the work that she does, I also asked Maria about how she manages to plan and create so much incredible content for Instagram, her work/ life boundaries, her other business “Milk Making Mama” where she sells clothing, pins and accessories to celebrate the breastfeeding journey, and we also discuss the isolation and importance of online communities in the tough days of parenting.

What brought me to this place where I really wanted to create something online was the isolation I felt when i had my first daughter

– Maria Betsworth

Some of the things we talked about:

  • Why Maria is so passionate about what she does, including giving breastfeeding support for free
  • Normalising breastfeeding and pumping through sharing online
  • How she deals with people’s opinions, especially as her account grows in follower numbers
  • Receiving strength and inspiration from her own followers
  • How she has planned & posted a daily post, which Maria calls a “peach”, for over 18 months
  • Creating an important, accessible online community & library
  • We also talk about Maria’s online shop “Milk Making Mama” with accessories that celebrate breastfeeding, and how that provides a creative escape for her
  • How she finds the time for all of this, especially while raising her daughters
  • On doing fulfilling work to empower women

Links from this episode:

When you surround yourself online with the right community it can really change the way your journey is going

– Maria Betsworth

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