Email-only Packages
for busy, SHY or Introverted humans

Perhaps you’re an introvert (like me!) who doesn’t like chatting on the phone. Maybe you work unusual hours, or you’re a busy parent and would find it easier to communicate by email.

Whatever your circumstances, one-to-one email mentoring is a way for you to do things on your terms, at your pace, but still make a decision to move your business forward in a way that feels good.

Note – I also offer more involved one-to-one mentoring via calls. Click here to read more.

The Details

Running a business on your own is never easy, even if you love what you do. With my one-to-one email mentoring package, you’ll have someone to check in with regularly. Someone who is on your side. You can share your struggles, your business strategy questions, your big goals, your small wins… anything that makes this experience of running a creative business a little easier and more sustainable.

Email Mentoring is for you if… 
…you’re a creative business owner (a writer, maker, service provider, coach etc.) who knows you’d benefit from help, support & basic strategy to move forward in your business.

Email Mentoring is not for you if… 
…you are not willing to do the work yourself. I can help, but I can’t do it for you, and it does take work. Though I can absolutely help you to simplify and work smarter instead of harder.

This is a very affordable mentoring option, but it is not as in-depth as my regular one-to-one mentoring packages.

Some Specific Areas I Can Help With…

I have over 10 years of experience running my own creative online business.

Some suggestions of how I can help…

With specific questions on areas like email marketing, outsourcing, content planning, course & eBook creation, blogging, podcasting, turning a freelance business into something bigger, maternity leave/ business + baby, working smarter (not harder), business systems, getting visible even as a very scared introvert, thinking bigger with your business.

I’m also here to talk to, bounce ideas off, hold you accountable, stop you spinning your wheels, tweak your strategy, help you set goals, break down big dreams, help you to find more detailed information or support that you need, or listen to your frustrations and wins. I’m simpy a business friend you’ll regularly chat to!

What You'll Get

For a small investment, you’ll get access to me via email every week. 

When you sign up, I’ll send you an email with some questions, and then you’ll reply. You can let me know your goals, your current plans, the strategies you need help with, or you can simply ask for a little encouragement when you’re stuck.

After each email you send me, I’ll send a reply with thoughts, suggestions, ideas, helpful resources or specific strategies I feel will move you forward (within the boundaries of 1-2 emails per week, during business hours)

Note: We’ll be in contact weekly, but I find that changing the focus every time is usually too much, so if you need help with something big, we’ll break it down and work on it over a period of many weeks. It’s moulded around you and what you need.

Your Investment

Email mentoring will save you time and money by helping you to move forward in your business with more confidence and less overwhelm. If you spend lots of time second-guessing your decisions, trying to figure everything out on your own or wondering what the next step should be, this will help. This is, by far, the most affordable way to work with me directly. I only have a very small number of spots available. 

Limited Launch Price: £150/ month
1 Space Available

This is a rolling subscription, but you choose how long you want our mentoring relationship to continue (I’ll check in with you about this regularly so there is no awkwardness about stopping!) This means you can hire me for help on a specific project, or as a business friend you’ll regularly check-in with.