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Where do you connect with customers & followers most in your business? Is it Instagram? Or maybe your blog? Do you constantly feel like you need to be pushing out content in front of as many people as possible to get “your thing” into the world, and to make your business sustainable?

The truth is that my blog and social media both have an important role to play in my business. But the goal, for me, is always to direct everyone to my email list. 

Does that surprise you? And if you imagine doing the same, does it feel “icky” or like too much work? Let me explain why email is my goal…

  1. Because my email list is mine and can’t be taken away from me (unlike social media followers).
  2. Email marketing is intimate, it’s direct. The way I use it is creatively fulfilling, but it also helps me create a very sustainable livelihood without constantly being “on” social media.
  3. My email list is all about quality vs quantity. I can market to a much smaller, but much more engaged group of people, to sell more of what I do

Despite all that, I still hear people saying that email is way too icky, it’s pushy, it’s something marketers do but not creatives!

Please believe me when I say it needn’t be any of those things. 

It can be creative, fulfilling, engaging, powerful and completely honest, natural and human. And, in my experience, email is often the number one way to turn an engaged audience into a profitable business (with less work).

That is what you’ll learn in my new email marketing course, Cultivate.

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Cultivate is a course for: bloggers, creatives, coaches, makers, small business owners… anyone who wants to create a more sustainable livelihood, protect their following should anything happen to their social accounts, & sell more easily in a way that feels good.

It’s designed to give you both the practical and philosophical tools you need to start or grow an email list that is engaged, fulfilling and profitable… in a way that works for your unique business.

You do not need to do “all the things” to have an email list that makes you money. And you certainly don’t need to do anything that makes you feel “icky”.

Selling with heart

My values are at the absolute heart of my business – as I’m sure they are for you too – and one of those values is to do things in a way that feels good to me.

It is possible to sell with heart in your emails. It’s not at all about spamming people with constant offers, products and sales copy. 

It’s about making a connection with our subscribers, talking about why we love what we do, sharing our excitement with them, making them a part of our business “conversation”, sometimes including links to buy our “thing”, and always giving value.

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You’ll find the full curriculum below, but here’s a summary of what you’ll come away with:

  • The security of having an asset that’s completely yours (unlike social media followers)
  • The amazing feeling of knowing you’re boosting your livelihood in a way that feels good
  • The confidence you need start & grow your email list with intention
  • The ability to write useful, creative emails that nurture relationships and also sell what you do
  • The satisfaction that comes from learning to work smarter, not harder (I’ve got some “advanced” lessons for this)
  • Time-saving strategies & a philosophy that helps you tie email marketing into everything you’re already doing

Cultivate is for you If...

  • You don’t have time to be everywhere, so you want to effectively increase your income by working smarter, not harder
  • You’re a blogger, creative, coach, maker, small business owner… or someone wanting to create a more sustainable livelihood
  • You may already have a social presence that you want to transform into an asset for a current or future business (that can’t be taken away from you)
  • You may already have a list but get stuck on what to send/ don’t use it to its full potential OR you don’t have a list yet and want some accountability to get it done
  • You want to be very intentional about the way you market to your audience, and want it to feel good
  • You’re nervous about it, but you know it’ll help you spread your message and sell your thing

here's the course curriculum

There’s a suggested homework exercise for each week to keep you moving forward at a pace that feels good.

This is a self-paced course, which will be available to access from Monday, November 26th. Content will then be released every week, with a break for Christmas and New Year.

Introduction: Setting the Stage

In this introductory module, which will be available before the course starts, you’ll learn why you’re doing one of the best things you can do for your business by setting up an email list. You’ll also hear some of my philosophy about numbers, overwhelm and what to do if you don’t have a website, a following, or any tech skills!

Week 1: Starting with Intention

This week has something to offer whether you’re starting from scratch or already have an email list. We will cover your aims & intentions, creating first opt-in forms, free subscriber gifts and thank you pages.

Week 2: Nurturing Relationships

This week sets the stage for an engaged, fruitful and long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. It’s all about the way you communicate. We cover what to do when people subscribe, how to contact old subscribers after a break, welcome sequences, newsletters and ways to cultivate real relationships.

Week 3: Soulful Growth

This week is all about getting more people to sign up to your mailing list, in a way that feels good and totally “non icky”! We will talk about specific list-building methods, like landing pages, advanced freebies, running courses & challenges etc.

Week 4: Selling (with Heart)

This week is what you need to know if you want to make money from your list in a way that feels right. We’ll talk about how to write to your list and make selling a part of what you do. We’ll also talk about non-sleazy sales funnels and your customer journey, and selling without annoying.

Week 5: Break

Week 6: Advanced Module (Working Smarter, Not Harder)

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to work smarter, not harder. You’ll learn about tagging, segmenting, automation, re-engaging subscribers who stop reading, deleting subscribers plus analysis and tracking. Does this sound a bit too advanced? Don’t worry, that’s why it’s the final week!

Week 7: Q&A

If you have any questions, I’ll answer them for you in this final week.

Plus Bonuses…

Email marketing glossary, tutorials, GDPR lesson and a useful resources list.

What's Included

  • 5 weeks of practical and thoughtful content (plus one week break and one q&a week to wrap up)
  • Delivered in a mixture of text and video tutorials
  • Practical homework tasks to keep you moving & avoid overwhelm
  • Examples and lessons from my own decade of experience
  • A chance to ask any questions in a q&a session with me
  • A members area that you can go back to even after the course ends

My experience of the power of email marketing...

The course is built on my own decade of experience using email marketing as my number one strategy in a very profitable business. Here are some facts about my email list:
  • I didn’t start building my list right away because of the cost (but I wish I did, because there are free solutions available)
  • When I did start paying for it, my subscribers paid for themselves
  • I sold both services (like freelance content creation) and digital products (eBooks and a course) via email
  • I didn’t have much of a blogging or social media presence – email marketing was my main sales tool
  • I started making money with under 100 subscribers (and not much of a blog/ social presence at all)
  • I was making a healthy income on under 1000 subscribers
  • I continued to grow that list and turn it into a healthy 6-figure business (I don’t normally talk numbers, but I want to show you how impactful it can be)

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This is a self-paced course which will be available to access from November 26th. Content will be dripped out on a weekly basis to help you focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a self-paced course. The content will be drip-released, week by week, starting Monday, November 26th 2018, but you can go through it entirely at your own pace. We will have 4 weeks of content, released each Monday, and then we will break for Christmas on December 24th. The final advanced module will be released on Wednesday, January 2nd 2019.

Who is the course for?
For bloggers, creatives, coaches, makers, small business owners… anyone who wants to utilise the power of an email list but in a way that feels good.

I’m brand new/ don’t have a website/ am not very techy – is this course for me?
Yes, yes, and yes! I’ve designed each step to build on the last in a simple way, suitable for anyone who is new or not that tech-y (though, inevitably, there are some techy things that you need to do, but I’ve included some tutorials to help). And if you don’t yet have a website (perhaps you’ve got a social media following instead), I’ve included some workarounds and most lessons still apply.

I already have an email list. Is the course for me?
Yes! If you have a list but feel like you would like to grow it, work smarter instead of harder, or learn how to better communicate with that list, the course is for you. I am always learning, and I want to share that with you too. Of course, there are a few lessons on the basics that you can skip, but you’ll find plenty of goodness in the rest.

Will this course get me a list of [insert very high number of subscribers here]?
Honestly? You get out what you put in. But even more honestly, I want you to forget about the numbers. Instead, I want you to build a list of real, engaged people who actually listen to what you have to say and buy what you’re selling. That is why the course is all about. I won’t promise anything in terms of subscriber numbers.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
This really depends on what you want to achieve and what level you’re already at. You’ll want at least an hour a week just to read through the lessons, but more time for implementing what you learn. I know we are all busy so I have two things to say: firstly, you won’t need to implement absolutely everything right away. You’ll develop a plan that works for you. Secondly, you do have lifetime access to the course (for as long as I run it), so you have time to catch up.

How much money do I need to spend on email marketing?
You’ll need to sign up to an email marketing service provider. The one I use – ConvertKit, is $29 per month for the basic plan. I also recommend Mailchimp which has a completely free plan – yay!

How long will I have access to the course?
You get lifetime access, which includes future updates. And when I run it again, you’re very welcome to join in! I will add a disclaimer here – lifetime means for however long I keep the course up for sale. It does not guarantee that you’ll have access until you’re 100!

When will you run the course again?
This is the very first time I’ve run the course, so I’ll take time to gather feedback and tweak the material as necessary (a good reason to join the first round!) Based on this, it’ll probably be March 2019 at the earliest.

Any other questions?
Click here to send me an email, or feel free to DM me on Instagram (I don’t use Facebook and Twitter much so it’s best not to message me there!)