Course Preview: Quiet Ambition

I’m sharing a small part of the content of my Quiet Ambition course in this blog post.

Welcome to This Course Preview for Quiet Ambition

Every time I open Quiet Ambition, the most important thing is that I do whatever feels fun for the launch. And it’s not polished, but I want to share a snippet of the content with you. Because that feels fun!

This snippet doesn’t include the exercises that follow for that day. And it’s a tiny fraction of the content you’ll get throughout the four weeks. But I trust that you will feel it if it’s for you. This day I’m including below is really all about recognising the layers we all wear. The entire course is about taking them off and getting to the core of who we are and what we really desire for our businesses.

Identifying Your Unique Glass Ceiling of Possibility

The glass ceiling theory references the invisible upper limit on the careers of women and minority groups. Today I’m expanding the concept: I want you to get to know your own glass ceiling.

As a business owner outside of the normal rules of professional advancement, you may feel as though the glass ceiling doesn’t apply to you. But we have all grown up with layers of identity, each coming with their own limitations:

  • As a sensitive human I’ve often felt my feelings were “too much” and learned to hide them away.
  • As an introvert, I felt as though I didn’t have the personality to market myself and put myself out there online.
  • As a woman, I felt as though my ambition was a negative quality.
  • As someone who suffers from anxiety, I’ve felt as though building a successful business wasn’t possible for me because it inevitably leads to hustling and burnout.
  • As a mother, I am fighting the ingrained narrative that it is selfish to work towards your own ambitions, or not care for your child 24/7.
  • As a shy but academic child, and the “brainy” one in the family, I started to equate my self-worth to my productivity, and have a deeply ingrained belief that I have to work hard to be successful.
  • As the breadwinner in our marriage, I’ve questioned everything I saw growing up about the division of household labour.
  • And so on… you get the idea!

These factors all influence my own unique glass ceiling of what I believe I’m allowed and what I think is possible for me.

Your glass ceiling will look different to mine. Maybe you’re a confident extrovert without any mental health issues, but you are a person of colour and are feeling the effects of generations of systemic oppression. Maybe you didn’t have access to a great education, or have parents who helped you to aim high as you were growing up. Maybe you married a man with very traditional ideas of what he wanted his wife to be, and maybe because that’s also what you saw your own mother doing, you’re finding it hard to be something different (even though you want to).

Whatever your unique set of identities may be, they all come together to create your very unique “glass ceiling”.

I want you to keep coming back to this concept as we go through the programme. Because each time I talk about desires, goals, what you’re allowed to receive, what you can allow in easily… your brain is going to fight it.

It’s going to say “I want x but I can’t do that because of y”. Or, “this would work for Susan but it wouldn’t work for me”.

Instead, I want you to ask: “how can I do x AND y”, or “if this worked for Susan, how can I make this work for me?”, or “I know there’s a possibility I’m not considering here, what can I do to find it?”

Do you see the subtle shift? It goes back to what I said right at the beginning of the course: you’re demonstrating a willingness to see things differently. And that’s the first step in expanding what is really possible for you.

Want (Much) More of This?

Quiet Ambition is a 4 week programme and challenge to help you intentionally and effectively push the limits of what you think is possible when it comes to the income and impact you can make in your business. Learn to access & trust your intuition, uncover the layers of what you want vs. what you think you want (or think you’re allowed to want), and massively expand what’s possible in your business.

No matter where you are in your journey, there are always new layers to uncover. There are always new desires that feel “too much” or “not possible”. Give me 4 weeks, and we’ll turn these beliefs on their head. Click here to read more.

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