You’re here because you’ve got something to share with the world, you want to get it in front of more people, and you want to get well paid for it. And you need a community to do that. 

You may also happen to be sensitive, or have limited time, energy or capacity for doing “all the things”. It's time to help your people find you, and what you do, in the easiest way possible. 

Enter my fun & creative challenge strategy, for growing & selling to your right people (which works on or off social media, within launches & outside of launches – it's really quite magical!)

I used free challenges to grow my audience & email list when I started from zero, with no paid ads.

Since then I have had 5-figure launches off the back of challenges.

They're really useful for my people (not just one long sales pitch!) and positively impact the growth of my business.

✨ Every time I run a free challenge, I get a big spike in my audience growth (specifically my email list).

✨They are perfect for engaging & interacting with my right people in the most magical way

 And, as a sensitive introvert, I do them in a way that's perfect for my energy, values & personality.

Most of my sales, since starting my business in 2019, have come from challenges

(including working with over 1000 clients & course students)

In 2019 I started a brand new business (my 2nd) from scratch – zero followers, no paid ads. I now have ~3000 email subscribers, and ~3000 Instagram followers who mostly found me via challenges.

This isn't huge by any means – and it was even smaller when I started making consistent £5K months from this business in 2020 – but what matters is that they are incredibly engaged and – importantly – they buy what I have to sell.

You’ll Get All Of This In…

How to use challenges to grow your community of right people so you can sell more – especially as a sensitive business owner

I'll teach you my exact challenge strategy, and how to work it around your personality, that has led to huge audience growth & 5-figure launches.


This is an overwhelm-free & super-actionable course. The digestible lessons cover:

  • How powerful challenges work & how to come up with a winning idea
  • How to create them in a way that saves you effort but maximises results
  • How to get more leverage from your challenge than just audience growth
  • Real life examples from my own challenges, including graphics, strategies etc.
  • How to repeat the process again & again, tweaking & improving
  • BONUS: Juicy debrief of my 2021 email challenge that led to 300+ subscribers
  • NEW: during this live round I'll also add my 5-figure challenge launch lessons

With 3 ways to access the content:

✨ Watch the videos
✨ Listen to the private podcast
✨ Or read the text notes


Detailed debrief of my 2021 email challenge – I had 300 signups, half of which were brand new to my email list, & tied it into a paid launch.

+ lessons from my challenges that lead to 5-figure launches.

+ These Powerful (But Limited Time) Bonuses…


Benefit from: NEW updates with my lessons from 2x 5-figure challenge launches in 2021, plus optional co-working sessions, 1:1 office hours for direct coaching around your challenge & optional Facebook group for support

Cherry on top bonus: share your challenge details with me by Weds 23rd Feb and I'll share it with my whole audience!

PS. This is the only time I'm planning to do a live round of this course this year, so join now to access this support from me while you can!


Get access to the new & updated course as I share my lessons from the 5-figure challenge launches I've had since I first created this programme. This is powerful stuff!


Get the work done in optional co-working calls, plus direct support with 1:1 office hours & an optional, Facebook community to share & be supported. (This is worth many times more than current price of the course)

What They Thought About The “Grow With Challenges” Course…

“I went from “maybe a challenge might be a thing I want to do in anticipation of my next launch” to basically creating the whole thing in 15 minutes after binging the whole course and thinking how much easier it would be than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to it so much!” ~ Asha

“Informative, supportive and loads of content! My biggest ah-ha was the joy & playfulness that can be had with challenges”


Grow With Challenges is for you if…

✨ You want to grow your audience and get incredible engagement for a launch

✨ You want to grow your audience in general

✨ You might already have an established email list/ following, or you may not – it works either way

✨ You don't use (or don't want to rely on) social media in your business – it works on or off social media, though social can add extra engagement

✨ And you're also a thoughtful person who wants to give genuine value to your people – they are more than just “numbers” to you

This course is not for you if…

🙅‍♀️ You don't want to take time to engage with people during the challenge (I mean, you can run it with zero engagement, but it won't do as well)

🙅‍♀️ You only want to run an in-person challenge. This stuff is all online-based!

🙅‍♀️ You'd prefer a totally automated system where you can just hide away. This one requires some socialising (with boundaries – which we will discuss!)

Are you ready to boost your community
in a fun and creative way?


Here are your options…

Join in with the live round starting Mon, Feb 7th… now is absolutely the best time to join!


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Live round starts in…




What is a challenge?

It can mean many things, but it's really just a theme you come up with & invite people to share on – or do focused work on – for 3-7 days (sometimes they run up to a month). It creates a sense of community, gets people talking, and ultimately boosts visibility for you & your brand.

Here are some examples of challenges I've run:

* 7 days of journalling
* 5 days to kickstart your email list
3 days of spreading kindness & love across our communities
5 pillars of profit for sensitive business owners.

Sometimes these challenges lead to a paid product launch, sometimes not (& I'll share more about how I personally use them in launches inside the course)

How much time will this take?

Running a challenge is easiest when you decide ahead of time what you're doing. And the course will make this easy-peasy!

One student recently shared this about how easy it all is: “I basically created the whole thing in 15 minutes after binging the course and thinking how much easier it would be than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to it so much!”

(And the course is easy to binge since you can either watch the videos, read the notes, or listen to the podcast version – and there's no fluff!)

Yes, there is energy required when you're holding space during the challenge – but you get to set the boundaries around what that will look like (I'll talk more about this in the course)

So take advantage of the co-working sessions to get the work done, plus support from the group and in the 1:1 office hours in between, and get excited about what running a challenge will do for your business!

Is this a self-study or group programme?

This is a self-study course, meaning you get access to everything when you sign up and can work through it at your pace. AND I am running a one-off live round of the programme in February 2022. This means I'm around for support during a 2 week period (both in the Facebook group and during Voxer office hours). This is definitely the best time to join! 

PS. You also get lifetime access to the programme.

What are the dates/ times for the live round?

You'll be let into the Facebook group on Monday Feb 7th, which is when the live round starts 🎉 The live round runs for 2 weeks, until Monday 21st. (After which, you're welcome to join my VIP client-only group for ongoing support & community)

Here are all the dates for your diary:
If you can't make any of the co-working sessions you can still receive support in the group and/ or in the office hours

  • Mon 7th Feb – live round starts & everyone is let into the group
  • Thurs 10th, 2pm GMT – optional 1 hr co-working session
  • Mon 14th, 10am GMT – optional 1 hr co-working session
  • Thurs 17th Feb – optional 1:1 office hours (all day, via Voxer)
  • Mon 21st Feb – live round ends and the pop-up group closes
  • Weds 23rd – (optional) deadline to submit your challenge for me to share with my audience
Can I run challenges without using social media?

You can run challenges without using social media. The course does reference using social as a way to get community engagement, but I also give powerful alternatives (and will talk about this more in the updated version for the 2022 live round).

How accessible is the course content?

The content in this course is delivered via both video and audio, with detailed notes for all of the lessons, and auto-generated transcripts. We are still working on closed captions.

I'm brand new/ suck at tech/ don't have a website. Is this course for me?

Yes, yes and yes! I started doing challenges when I didn't even have a proper offer yet! And I continue to use them now my audience is much bigger and my business is far more established. There are different ways of running them within the course, so pick and choose the right way for you.

When will you run the course again?

I am not planning to run this course live again, however it will be available to sign up to any time for self-study but at a higher price. Now is definitely the best time to join.


Benefit from: NEW updates with my lessons from 2x 5-figure challenge launches in 2021, plus optional co-working sessions1:1 office hours for direct coaching around your challenge


Live round runs from Feb 7th-21st