1 hour 45 minute workshop where I'll break down my process for running fun, creative and effective challenges that grow your following, email list & your sales. And all in a way that leaves you feeling connected to your right people.

You’re here because you’ve got something to share with the world, you want to get it in front of more people, and you want to get well paid for it. And you need a community to do that. 

If you know your people are already hanging out on Instagram, then it's time for them to find you. And the easiest way to get noticed is by being creative and doing something different. Enter my fun & creative community challenge strategy…

I started my brand new Instagram account mid-2018, for a new business with no crossover from my pre-existing business. I started from scratch – zero followers and with no paid ads – and since then I launched my second successful business early 2019, my popular podcast, and my engaged email list, and I've sold my products & services to 100+ people who mainly found me via Instagram.

I now have 2200+ Instagram followers, which isn't huge, but they are incredibly engaged and – importantly – they buy what I have to sell. And I put much of my success in growing my community down to challenges & community events.

What is a community-boosting challenge?

It can mean many things, but it's really just a theme you come up with & invite people to share on for 3-7 days (sometimes they run up to a month). It creates a sense of community, gets people talking, and ultimately boosts visibility for you & your brand.

Here are some examples of challenges I've run: 7 days of journalling, 4 days to kickstart your email list, 3 days of spreading kindness and love across our communities.

Running my first simple (and fun!) challenge was responsible for my first real jump in followers. Since then I've run challenges that have boosted my email list by several hundred people, have led to course sales, and that have grown my following by a couple of hundred people each time.

Just as importantly, though, I have personally connected with incredible people through my challenges. People who have gone on to invite me onto their podcast, or who I have interviewed on mine. People who have become friends and clients.

I put most of it down to running fun, creative and fulfilling challenges and community events (as well as simple interaction with likeminded people!)

I am incredibly proud and grateful for my community, and the growth I've achieved over just 18 months. And I'll be sharing everything I did with you in this workshop (right down to the posts I wrote, graphics I shared & emails I sent!)

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So many people tell me that it's hard to find their people on Instagram, or that nobody is engaging with their posts. They're putting the effort into their grid posts but nobody is seeing them. I'm here to tell you that it can be easier… but you have to get creative!

In this workshop I will share with you how to run community-building challenges and events on Instagram, even if you only have a very small following right now. They're fun, they're creative, they're targeted to your right people and they are repeatable. And, crucially, they lead to sales! Sound good? 

What the workshop covers…

* More about what challenges actually are, how they generally work and how to come up with a winning idea, name & hashtag

* How to create them (and share them both in stories and/ or your feed) in a way that saves you time and effort, but maximises results

* How to get more leverage from your challenge than just follower growth

* Real life examples from my own challenges, including specific strategies, graphics I used, posts I created to promote them and more

* And how to repeat the process again and again, tweaking as you go to improve results

* Plus a workbook and 3 checklists to get you taking easy action and a download of all the slides for you to refer back to

Are you ready to boost your community in a fun and creative way?

This workshop is for you if…

* You want a fun and effective way to give your community a boost

* You may already have an established Instagram following, or you may have a new/ small account that you want to grow – it works either way

* You have something to sell now, are planning a launch in future and want to grow your community in the run up or want to boost your following for any other reason.

* And you're also a thoughtful person who wants to give genuine value to your followers – they are more than just “numbers” to you

This workshop is not for you if…

* You don't use (or don't want to use) social media in your business. If you don't use Instagram, it can be tweaked for use on other platforms but all references will be to Instagram.

* You're not willing to spend time engaging on social media and actually talking to people.

* You'd prefer a totally automated system where you can just hide away. This one requires some socialising (with boundaries – which we will discuss!)

important details

  • The training is 1 hour 45 minutes long. Bring a pen and paper to write down challenge ideas as we go along.
  • You’ll receive access to the video recording, all of the slides, an MP3 version of the training (so you can easily listen on the go) and a PDF checklist & worksheet with the key exercises.
  • This is an online workshop – you won't have to talk or show your face on video – don't worry!
  • This is the most affordable way to access my business mentorship.
  • There is no “pitch” or “upsell” at the end of this training.

How Much?

£94 GBP
Approximately $122 USD

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Feedback from a previous workshop I've run…

“You recognised that this stuff can be overwhelming and gave us a really clear way to rationalise and prioritise what we wanted to do – thank you!… it was just filled with value, ideas and support – this was a brilliant introduction to your work”
Jo Hooper