Episode #24: Laurie Collins on Building a Business on Instagram, Outsourcing and Ethical Clothing

Today’s interview is with Laurie, who has been on an incredible journey with her business: she started sewing clothes for herself, then sold them on Instagram, and then turned it into a successful business.

Episode #20: Our Businesses Can Change the World (If We Give Ourselves Permission to Believe It)

In this solo episode of Creatively Human, I share some of my thoughts on what it means to change the world, and why I think we are all already doing just that by the very act of starting a business.

Episode #14: Lucy Lucraft on Judgement-Free Online Activism, Veganism & Low Waste Lifestyle

Today’s guest is Lucy Lucraft who started as a travel blogger but who now focuses mainly on living a low impact lifestyle through veganism and zero waste. I really wanted to ask her about why she’s so passionate about using her platform in this way, and we got quite deep in this chat!

Episode #11: Pragya Agarwal on Social Enterprise, Eco-Friendly Business & Multi-Passionate Careers

Today’s chat with Pragya was just so inspiring. She is an academic, a writer, an artist, a mother and a feminist, and has just been named as 1 of 100 women in social enterprise.