Episode #31: Maria Evans on Cultivating A Healthy Relationship with Social Media (for Adults & Children)

Today I’m interviewing Maria Evans, a coach and mentor for teenagers. I was really keen to talk to Maria because I feel like a lot of the issues affecting teenagers are also really relevant to us as adults – especially how addicted we may feel to our phones, and the way we compare ourselves and […]

Episode #28: Greta Solomon on Creative Self-Expression & Fully Accepting Yourself Through Writing & Journalling

Today I’m chatting to Greta Solomon, who is a writing coach who specialises in helping people to fully express themselves. We talked about journalling, mindset blocks to creativity, healing old wounds, being honest and vulnerable as highly sensitive introverts and more.

How and Why “The Golden Rule” Has Become an Essential Part of My Business

I’ve never had any formal business training, in fact my degree was Philosophy & History. I used to think it was a waste of time because it didn’t lead to a job, but now I see it as totally relevant to everything I do. Surprisingly, though, this is the first time I’m actually talking about […]

Episode #8: Anna Considine on Body Confidence, Psychosis and Work-Life Balance

This week’s interview is with Anna Considine and we talk about so much in this episode. I have a trigger warning, as she speaks very openly about her experience of psychosis. Plus we chat body confidence photo shoots, running a multifaceted business online and much more.