#79: Accepting Our Self-Doubt, Letting Go of the Shoulds & Defining Success on Your Own Terms with Kelsey Mech

Today I’m chatting with Kelsey Mech, a clinical counsellor and trauma therapist, who is passionate about exploring the intersections between mental health and living a more intentional life. We talk about how anxiety and self-doubt show up in our creative work and businesses, being authentic and having boundaries, the societal expectations that impact our mental […]

#76: Why Raising Rates is Good for Mental Health with Fiona Thomas

Today I’m chatting with Fiona Thomas all about why raising rates is good for our mental health. We touch on what happens when we undercharge, why we undercharge, how to feel confident enough to charge more, and all the wonderful reasons why you (probably) should charge more.

#73: How Social Media Affects Creativity & Confidence with Helen Redfern

Today I’m chatting to Helen Redfern, a self-confessed unconfident writer, who is constantly pushing herself to become braver with her writing and creativity. As you can imagine, we dove right into the topic of creating confidence to share your creative work with the world, and the role social media plays in that (both positive and […]

How I Journal for Self-Care and Boundaries in my Business (and how you can too!)

Journalling is the thing that keeps me going when my business gets hard. That helps me dig into what I need and set intentions and important boundaries. I’d love to tell you about how I use journaling as a business owner as part of your own self-care practice.

Episode #65: Overcoming Burnout & Prioritising Your Energy with Imogen Roy

Today’s episode is all about going through burnout and deciding to do things radically differently. I chat with Imogen Roy about prioritising your energy, prioritising your body, doing what makes you feel good and ultimately, how all of that leads to good things for your business (even though it feels scary). Strategy coach Imogen Roy […]

Episode #50: Simplicity & the Power of Doing Less in Business with Josephine Brooks

Today’s guest is planning & productivity mentor, Josephine Brooks. Neither of us buy into the traditional conversation on productivity, and believe that simplicity is better for our work and for us.