Episode #43: On Taking Breaks & Having Nothing to Say

Today’s episode is about those times when we feel like we have nothing to say. Not just about how to deal with that, but also the beauty of these times, learning to trust the phase you’re in, and asking the right questions about why you’re there.

Episode #42: On Failure

Today’s episode is all about failure, including 3 different ways I’ve failed in my own business (and what I learned from them). I also talk about what I refuse to see as a failure, and my thoughts on setting big goals and the fear of failing in public.

Episode #41: Journalling for Business Owners

In today’s solo episode I talk about all things journalling. And if you’re not into journalling… hear me out! Because I also talk a lot about taking care of yourself and accessing your intuition as a business owner – two things which I believe are hugely important in making things happen.