Episode #34: On Making An ‘Everyday’ Difference

In this short solo episode I encourage you to think about how you already are making an ‘everyday’ difference with your business or online platforms, and I talk about the exciting project that I’m running throughout July.

Episode #33: Gigi Rodgers on Going Viral, Being Yourself and Learning from Setbacks

Today’s guest is Gigi Rodgers and we talk about getting your content out there, repurposing to reach more people, pushing your comfort zone, showing up on Instagram stories, and building resilience after failing as a business owner. 

Episode #31: Maria Evans on Cultivating A Healthy Relationship with Social Media (for Adults & Children)

Today I’m interviewing Maria Evans, a coach and mentor for teenagers. I was really keen to talk to Maria because I feel like a lot of the issues affecting teenagers are also really relevant to us as adults – especially how addicted we may feel to our phones, and the way we compare ourselves and […]

Episode #30: On Being An Introvert in Online Business (And This Applies to the Extroverts Too)

In this solo episode I talk about my experience of figuring out what it meant to be an introvert, and how I have shaped my business around my personality (which will apply to the extroverts, too!)