Episode #4: Kat Nicholls on Self-Worth, Mental Health & Starting Something New

My latest podcast guest is Kat Nicholls. She’s been writing and blogging for a while and has just launched her self-worth coaching services. She’s super-honest about her mental health journey – we don’t get into too many details, but Kat does mention her eating disorder and anxiety, so this episode comes with a trigger warning.

Episode #2: Rabya Lomas on Prioritising Creativity & Playful Living

My latest podcast guest is Rabya Lomas, who I chatted to about her playful living philosophy and creative inspiration. We also spoke about cutting yourself some slack, and staying safe when you share your life online.

Episode #1: Ray Dodd on Finding Your Zone of Genius, Internal Stories & Taking Up Space

The first episode of the podcast is finally here, and it’s with the amazing Ray Dodd. We chat about moving into your zone of genius, the internal stories we have about ourselves (and why they probably aren’t true), and what it means to take up space as a woman.