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Is It Too Late to Start Something New Online? (My Instagram Journey)

When we're able to see how well other people are doing on social media, it's very easy to get caught up in the idea that we may have left things too late to ever achieve that same level of “success”. I've just started something completely new myself, so I thought it’d make for an interesting blog post, about why we start new things and what we do when we feel like we’ve “missed the boat”.

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Imagine You Are Writing to “Past You” (A Blogging Tip)

Ever struggled with “fraudy feelings” i.e. the feeling that you're an imposter, you don't really know enough/ aren't good enough/ aren't important enough to do what you do? That nobody will find your writing useful or interesting? Yep, me too. But this tip always helps get me back in the present and back to creating again.

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How to Stop Freaking Out About Money in Your Business

Being in business for yourself can be a real rollercoaster ride, and one of the biggest issues is money. In a job, at least you knew you’d have a particular amount coming into the bank every month. In your business, your income can vary massively. If you tend to freak out about money like me, this is the post for you (and it includes some pretty specific ways in which I’ve dealt with this over the last 8 years).

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