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How to Start and Grow Your Email List With No Money

I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll repeat it again now: my email list is my best business investment and I highly encourage you to start building your own as soon as possible. However, I fully understand that not everyone can afford a monthly email marketing service. So, if the cost is putting you off starting, here’s how to get started for free while you build your business.

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5 Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging

It’s fair to say I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to blogging. I’ve been creating websites since the early noughties, and blogging on WordPress since 2008, so it’s easy to look back and see where I did things wrong. Truthfully, I made way more mistakes than I cover in this post, but these are some of the big ones that I thought might help you avoid them. The good news is, though, that every mistake is an opportunity to learn – and I’ve learnt a lot!

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My Top 5 Systems & Apps for Minimizing Distractions and Getting Sh*t Done!

One of my biggest struggles over the years of running my business has been productivity and procrastination. Seriously, I have wasted a lot of time! So lately I decided to take matters into my hands and take control of my days. Here’s are some of the apps and systems I’m using to help…

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