Cultivate – Email Marketing That Matters

If you were to ask me about my biggest business asset, I’d tell you that it was email marketing. Not my Instagram following, not my blog, but my email list. Hands down.

There’s one asset that I prioritise building over almost anything else in my business: my email list. You’d be forgiven for thinking it would be my Instagram audience. It’s not even really my blog readers. Although both do have a role to play in my business. But the goal, for me, is direct everyone to my email list. Why?

  1. Because my email list is mine and can’t be taken away from me (unlike social media followers). 
  2. Email marketing is intimate, it’s direct. The way I use it is creatively fulfilling, but it also helps me create a very sustainable livelihood.

I’ve heard many people put off building their email list because it’s overwhelming, icky or too “salesy”. But it needn’t be any of those things. 

It can be creative, fulfilling, engaging, powerful and completely honest, natural and human. And, in my experience, email is often the number one way to turn an engaged audience into a profitable business.

That is what my new email marketing course, Cultivate, will teach you to do.

Email Marketing That Matters…

I’ve been running my business from an email list for nearly a decade, but it’s only recently that I’ve started to help other creatives with their own businesses. And I was surprised to see people with huge Instagram followers struggling to make sales. The truth is I’ve always found it easier to get my “thing” in front of people via email.

Cultivate is for you if..

  • You don’t have time to be everywhere, so you want to effectively increase your income by working smarter, not harder
  • You’re a blogger, creative, coach, maker, small business owner… or someone wanting to create a more sustainable livelihood
  • You may already have a social presence that you want to transform into an asset for a current or future business (that can’t be taken away from you)
  • You may already have a list but get stuck on what to send/ don’t use it to its full potential OR you don’t have a list yet and want some accountability to get it done the right way from day one
  • You want to be very intentional about the way you market to your audience, and want it to feel good
  • You’re nervous about it, but you know it’ll help you spread your message and sell your thing

The course is open for enrolment now, and you’ll get a discount if you order before it begins.

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