The 15-Point Intentional Online Business Manifesto

I passionately believe in building an intentional online business that works around my life. But what does that mean to me? Here’s my online business manifesto. Hopefully, it helps give you the permission you need to create a business that works for you, too.

Dear Mama Easing Back Into Your Business After Having a Baby… (A Letter From Me to You)

I called this post a letter from me to you, but to be completely honest I’m writing it mainly for me. As I write this my baby is 5 months old and I am easing back into work. I am making tough decisions, I’m starting to understand the “juggle” many parents speak of, and I […]

How I Recovered from Entrepreneurial Burnout (Or… Why I Gave up the Hustle)

For a few years now you couldn’t browse the online business space without coming across a strong encouragement to hustle for your dreams. I used to think that this talk was motivational, but a couple of years ago I started to realise that it was actually detrimental to my productivity and my mental health. I’ve […]