Episode #11: Pragya Agarwal on Social Enterprise, Eco-Friendly Business & Multi-Passionate Careers

Today’s chat with Pragya was just so inspiring. She is an academic, a writer, an artist, a mother and a feminist, and has just been named as 1 of 100 women in social enterprise.

Episode #10: Jen Carrington on Creativity, Finding Your Voice, & “Secret Weapon” Content

Today’s guest is the brilliant Jen Carrington, who has taught me so much about doing work that truly fits around me. This interview is full of so much goodness! We spoke a lot about writing and developing a strong voice across a “content ecosystem”, finding your “secret weapon” content, being creative outside of our work, starting a business […]

How and Why “The Golden Rule” Has Become an Essential Part of My Business

I’ve never had any formal business training, in fact my degree was Philosophy & History. I used to think it was a waste of time because it didn’t lead to a job, but now I see it as totally relevant to everything I do. Surprisingly, though, this is the first time I’m actually talking about […]

Episode #9: Surrender, Kindness & Creativity: My Reflections on Business, Pregnancy & Motherhood

In this solo episode on Creatively Human, I reflect on my first year of motherhood, as my baby boy is turning one next week! I talk about how pregnancy, maternity leave and motherhood in general have impacted my business, and how we are handling things as a family.

Episode #8: Anna Considine on Body Confidence, Psychosis and Work-Life Balance

This week’s interview is with Anna Considine and we talk about so much in this episode. I have a trigger warning, as she speaks very openly about her experience of psychosis. Plus we chat body confidence photo shoots, running a multifaceted business online and much more.

Episode #7: Gabrielle Treanor on Overthinking, Being Your Own Best Friend & Getting More Visible

Today’s chat is with Gabrielle, who specialises in freeing people of overthinking and worry to live life with more ease and joy. In this interview, Gabrielle gives us some concrete strategies to overcome the kind of overthinking that creative business owners are prone to, as well as sharing her own story and her experiences of […]