5 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

A regular challenge I run inside my Soulful Sales Society membership is to practice selling every single day. And, as a reward for really showing up for their offers, I promise to share my student freebies and low-cost offers with you here. So here’s the latest batch – enjoy!

Why Sell Every Day? And Isn’t It Hard?!

Every month in my membership I run a live challenge to sell every day for at least a week. Why?

✨ To show member that it’s possible to sell all the time without the hustle or the ick
✨ To bring to the surface (& work through) any mindset gremlins getting in the way
✨ To make us all more money!

As an accountability incentive, I am sharing some of my members’ freebies and low cost offers with you below. Go check them out, they’re all awesome!

Offers from My Members
(All Free or Low Cost)

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From Meltdown to Connection

Anouk Briere-Godbout from Family Moments • FREE

Understanding Your Emotionally Intense Child Discover the 2 main triggers and 2 switches to transform meltdowns into moments of connection

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Daily Mindful Moments Journal


You don’t need to meditate to experience the benefits of mindfulness. You can experience peace and presence in under 5 minutes by following the prompts in this journal. And the best part is they can be done anytime, anywhere. No need to shut yourself up alone in a room, close your eyes, or focus on your breath. Get your copy of the Daily Mindful Moments Journal NOW to discover uncommon mindfulness practices that work.

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Create Your Own Brand Board

Marianne Touw • FREE

Learn how to create a consistent look and feel across your online presence. (goodbye overwhelm!) In this guide I will show you how to create a brand board that helps you being visible in an easy and effortless way so you can welcome in your right fit clients without getting burnt out.

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Confident Visibility Summit – Replay in May

Jane Mucklow, Picture Your Brand

Catch up on the 2024 Confident Visibility Summit with access to all 21 replays until the end of May! 21 experts sharing their introvert-friendly tips, actions, strategies and expertise with you, to help you feel more comfortable in that spotlight, more confident about showing up as yourself, and make getting more visible feel much easier for you. Including Ruth’s talk on how to journal your way to confident visibility!

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Top 20 Side Hustle Ideas for 2024

Semonna McNeil • FREE

Inside, you’ll find side hustle ideas based cost, education needed and skills. Find extra ways to diversify your income with your existing skills.



What They Thought About The “Sell Every Day” Challenge

“This is my 3rd time attending the challenge and 2nd time participating in it. And I was amazed at the ease with which I slipped into ‘selling mode’… Get the annual pass ASAP. Each element of the Soulful sales Society is worth the entire cost alone.” ~ Nimisha

“I love this challenge! It really helps to remind me that it is ok to sell every day, and the daily mindset chats in the private podcast are so helpful for making it all feel easier to do!” ~ Jane

“JOIN TODAY! Ruth Poundwhite makes you feel seen and heard wherever you are in your journey. ” ~ Claire

“I loved this challenge. It was so simple and practical, yet profound. It really helped me get out of my head and just sell.” ~ Semonna