Episode #32 (Part 2): Soulful & Creative Email Marketing Q&A with Ruth Poundwhite

In this q&a episode I continue the conversation about doing email marketing in a soulful, simple and creative way.

Show Notes

In this q&a episode I continue the conversation about doing email marketing in a soulful, simple and creative way. For a general overview of my heartful email marketing philosophy, listen to part one of this episode (#32). And if you want to build up momentum with your email list, join in with my free 4-day creative email challenge.

“Email marketing at first can feel really slow… but trust me, email marketing is so powerful in so many ways. It’s direct but it’s also really great if you’re an introvert who just doesn’t want to be on social media all the time.”

The questions I answer in this episode:

  • How often should you show up in people’s inboxes?
  • How do you generate content ideas/ plan for content?
  • How to choose which content goes on the blog/ instagram/ newsletter/ podcast?
  • What are your favourite emails to receive?
  • What are the absolute basics? Where to start?
  • How do you go about creating a privacy policy for collecting emails?
  • How to create an email marketing strategy based on client needs – or should you write from the heart and send whatever I want?

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“It is possible to do email marketing – it’s possible to do any kind of marketing – in your own way”

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