Episode #23: Sarah Von Bargen on 11 Years of Blogging, Selling Courses the “Wrong” Way & Habits for Happiness

The Creatively Human podcast is back for a second season! And to kick things off we have an interview with professional blogger and online course creator, Sarah Von Bargen.


Show Notes

The first interview of season 2 is with Sarah Von Bargen who, in her own words, helps people spend their time, money and energy on purpose. She has been blogging since 2008 at Yes and Yes, “a lifestyle blog for smart, funny people”, and runs several courses on the topics of money and habit. It was really interesting to talk to her about how she built this business her own way, and how she still does many things which marketing gurus would say was “wrong”. She also spoke about some simple but powerful habits that make for a happier life and business. She really is brilliant, so I know you’ll enjoy this episode!

“A lot of us have spent a lot of time, energy and money pursuing a version of happiness that we haven’t necessarily taken time to examine.” – Sarah Von Bargen

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How Sarah got started by writing the blog she wanted to read
  • What 11 years of blogging looks like: consistency, comparison, discouragement and perseverance, and the difference between simple & easy
  • Building up a variety of income streams & taking the blog full time after ghostwriting for other people
  • How she chose the topics for her courses and teaching what comes naturally
  • Sarah’s philosophy of spending, saving and earning and money tips for business owners
  • How Sarah chooses to do a lot of things “wrong” in her business, like running courses live and keeping prices low
  • Understanding how you learn best to help you effectively invest in your business
  • The most important habits that serve her life and business, including her simple morning & evening routine
  • Her monthly DIY writing retreat process (which I love!)

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On selling courses: “Whatever the thing is that you think is so obvious, it’s not. There are hundreds of thousands of pope out there who need you to tell them that incredibly obvious thing” – Sarah Von Bargen

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