10 Free or Low Cost Offers Inside (From My Members)

Every month in the Soulful Sales Society membership I encourage my students to implement different selling strategies. This month was all about “soft selling” – going for behind-the-scenes low hanging fruit to make more sales between launchesAnd as a reward for doing it, I’m sharing some of their amazing freebies and low cost offers here!

Soft Selling = Selling More

I love to help my clients feel more comfortable selling every day. That’s right, every single day. Which can sound hard at first, but it gets so much easier when you implement strategies that help more people see your offers without you constantly asking for the sale.

Some examples:

  • Automated “evergreen” emails mentioning your always open offers
  • An “everything page” (like mine here) sharing all of your offers in one place (see Lizzy Goddard’s $9 training* for how to to this – *affiliate link)
  • Subtly selling other offers within existing courses
  • Sharing behind the scenes of your day including client work and/ or offers you’re working on, and mentioning the offer when it naturally comes up

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea! To celebrate my members taking action, I’m sharing some of their freebies and low cost offers with you below. Go check them out, they’re all awesome!

Offers from My Members
(All Free or Low Cost)

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Notion Course Dashboard Template

Michelle Pontvert

Monetize your knowledge with this stunningly simple Course Dashboard built in Notion that’s a fantastic alternative to the expensive course hosting alternatives.

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The Successful Writer Resource Library

Claire L. Fishback, PMP

YOUR WRITING LIFE, SIMPLIFIED. Using the resources in the resource library will help you create your best writing life! Beat negative self-talk, recover from taking time off, write through stress, plan for success, plan for anything, plan your writing life. Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to be!
Workbooks, guides, planners, and more! The best part? You get what’s inside PLUS anything new I create. Forever.

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Realistic Self-Care to Stay Calm

Anouk Brere-Godbout

The first step to finally be able to stay calm, even while your “emotionally intense” child is spiralling down
When you have “emotionally intense kids” it can be extra hard to take care of yourself…and you need it even more as it’s by staying calm yourself that you’ll be able to help your child manage their emotions and taking care of yourself is the first step to be able to stay calm.

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Power-Up Your Priorities

Jane Taylor

A 5-session adventure to support you to develop a deeper clarity and understanding of your own priorities, so you can take more aligned action in your personal and professional life.

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The Systems Backstage Pass

Moira Fuller

The Systems Backstage Pass takes you behind the scenes, to see all the secret tips I use to infuse systems into my business. With weekly diaries, you’ll see real examples of automations, leveraging offers, working with a VA, and the tools & resources I love – with screenshots, reflection and thoughts – not just theory If you’d love to layer in more systems in a chill way – this is for you.

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The You’re not a bad mom (just because you yell!) workshop experience

Nimisha Kantharia

Discover the unseen yet powerful reasons why you keep yelling at your kids (even thought you don’t want to!) and how to combat them using my R.A.G.E framework – in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea, by using one single tool that is free and that you already own. (This is my secret weapon to managing my own anger and is responsible for a more peaceful environment in my home.)

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Seasonal Planning Template

Rachel Shillcock (Rachilli)

Ditch the frustrating & unclear quarterly planning and create an intentional, actionable growth plan with this seasonal planning template for Notion.

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Voice Message Speaking Practice

Vickie Kelty

Improve your English speaking skills anytime, anywhere. Enjoy flexible English learning with weekly speaking topics and 1:1 conversations on Telegram. Get helpful feedback to advance your fluency. This program fits into your busy schedule, allowing you to practice regularly (no classes required). With just your phone, gain speaking confidence as you participate more in conversations with me, Vickie. Start speaking English better today!

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Task Batching Brain Dumps

Lynsey Wall, Quietly Conquer

Ready to finally get organised with your work?
Brain dump all of your ideas, tasks & responsibilities & then categorise them into smaller, achievable tasks.
Read the blog that guides you through each step – https://www.quietlyconquer.com/task-batching-for-productivity/

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Find, Attract & Captivate Your Perfect People

Jane Mucklow

Ever feel like you’re shouting into a void and no-one is listening? Or fed up with trying to think of something to post?
It’s time to get much clearer on who your ideal client/customer is!
Effortlessly attract them, engage them, and easily sell to them, when you know the right things about who they are.
Get my updated ultimate guide to nailing your niche and knowing your ideal client now >>>



What They Thought About The “Soft Selling” Challenge

“The more I’ve taken action and the more comfortable I feel selling, the more I instinctively sell without it having to be a struggle to find ways. A big a-ha was how past negative experiences have affected my selling and changing my mindset to think about how I would feel if my right people were changed by what I sell which gave me ideas for new ways to share my offer and then I did just that” ~ Vickie

“The key is doing what I’m comfortable but also feeling confident to step out of comfort zone. The fact I don’t need to show up on lives daily is always a relief to hear!” ~ Lynsey

“The extra push of the promotion always drives me to listen and implement.” ~ Nimisha