I believe that life is more meaningful
when we do work that fulfils us

…and for me, that means building an intentional business around my values

Hi! I’m Ruth and I’ve been making my living online as a writer and content creator since 2008 (more on that below). My business was successful financially, but it wasn’t fulfilling.

I spent my early years online trying to do everything the “right” way – all while ignoring what really mattered to me. I was unfulfilled, unmotivated and unsure of what I really wanted to do.

Starting in 2016 I made some big changes to how I work, how often I work, and what I believe about the “rules” of online business. It was part mindset shift, and part shift in the way I ran my business.

It’s your business. Do it your way.

Thankfully, I’ve figured out what really works – for me. It’s less about fads, one-size-fits all strategies and “shoulds” and more about aligning your business with your values, and implementing smart ways of working so that you don’t have to hustle and work all the time.

I am very much still learning – but I’m so happy to have you come along on my journey towards a more intentional and fulfilling life and business.

Above all, I now realise that our businesses don’t have to look like anybody else’s.
And our version of success can be anything we want it to be.

My Online business journey

My online business journey started in 2008. Back then things were quite tough: after graduating from university with a degree in Philosophy & History I quickly realised I had no idea what I wanted to do.

I ended up pulling out of my Master’s at the very last minute (it just didn’t feel right). Thanks to the recession, I had no job to fall back on and nobody would employ me. So I went online, I found some freelance writing jobs in a business forum, and I was amazed when I received money in my PayPal account the very same day.

I steadily and successfully grew my business, eventually managing my own team of writers providing content to website owners all around the world. I’ve even been able to support my husband as he started his own creative business journey as an ecopoet

It wasn’t long after starting my online career that I realised I couldn’t go back to “normal” working life. At this point, I feel I’m basically “unemployable” – there’s no way I could give up the freedom of thinking and working for myself. I’ve used that freedom to earn money when nobody would give me a traditional job, to spend a whole year travelling around Asia in 2012 and to give me the permission not to work to a traditional schedule (especially since having a baby!).

I’m so passionate about this kind of work, which is why I’m here to share my experience with people looking to achieve the same – like you!

About ruth

I’m Ruth and I currently live in the South of England, with my husband Chris and new baby Rowan. I’m a massive introvert, so it’s not easy for me to talk about myself!

When I’m not working, I love pottering about in the garden, going for a run along the seafront, or curling up in front of Netflix with a nice glass of red wine and some vegan junk food. (I also love to travel, but that’s been put on the back burner a bit since Rowan arrived!)